1. -^v--JesyMynce™ Frost Queen Mynce--v^-

    Hello there,
    I am Frost Queen Mynce. Most would know me/remember me/or have seen me in-game as one quite independent PvP-er and PvE-er. I used to play WoW: Cataclysm on Neltharion for a couple of years, before Moltdown happened. After the events I moved on with WoW: Mists of Pandaria, where I spent one year actively playing.
    Atm I am not currently very active (it's been almost 1 year and a half, I guess).

    I am the former of JMynce™, a small YouTube community covering a very big part of projects and ideas. I am very dedicated to the things I am creating, approving, developing and having fun with, because I cannot be myself if I don't do the things I enjoy doing, and I've struggled my way to be able to get to the point I've reached now.
    Why you're underrated? No idea! Perhaps, because people prefer watching Pewdiepie's ******ry than something more mature. :D
    I am underrated only from subscription perspective, not from views one. Everyone of us have seen random big YouTube channels flooded of people who make a reclame about their channels and work in the comment sections. I've never been one of these people, because that's not a fair way for me to gain viewers and subscriptions, by using other peoples channels to reclame your own. I've always wanted viewers to find me and if like to subscribe.
    I could have become an official member of 'Machinima' and other similar companies, but I wasn't very attracted by the requirements (I've always been an independent trend, and joining a big community who wants to take over the copyright of the things I do never really fitted me :D).

    Who are we?

    Why we? Because when I created JMTM it was meant to be 'One channel, two LIVEstreamers'. Plans changed with the time for many reasons.
    Speaking of me - I am generally a positive and friendly person, as long as somebody doesn't start tickling under my skin. :D I think that knowing this about me is enough. :P

    What do I do?

    I've always enjoyed doing the things I love doing, and a lot of people in fact do, but many of these people who have passion about one thing are unable to turn attention to it.
    The transition between how I started with the things I've always enjoyed developing, up to taking them to another level is very colourful. I've evolved a lot through the years, and that had it's influence over the way I think, over my manners, basically over my life, along with my experiences. Because without the experiences, one person is unable to develop. So that's first of all the connection between the things I do and how JMynce™ turned into something more than just a name.

    I called it 'Playing with Soul' (JMynce - partually refering to my name) - because I lay my soul into doing the things I do. I do it from and with passion. :)
    The channel is being weekly updated with a variety of content - Gameplay/Walkthrough/Playthrough videos, Machinimas (videos expressing emotions and other interesting stuff), interesting guides, updates, information around my personal projects, releasing my writings, poetry, ART and vision on things.
    I love maintaining my channel, and introducing new things almost everytime I take on a step of going further. Some of the things introduced are extremely in deep, but they always have positive messages behind them.
    One of these messages - things I've always stood for is Equality. Being yourself no matter what. People can diss you, they can tell you you're nothing, although they see that you have potential, but they will try to break you down. Well that simply doesn't work with everyone. :P I've been there, and I struggled through that as well. Cruel world huh?
    I wouldn't have imagined that one day I'd be as confident as today to sit and speak out my mind in such honesty, without any barriers, having in mind how silent I usually used to be as a kid, mainly absorbing what's happening around me, but never publicly reacting to it. Now I am a loudmouth when it comes to being fair. Guess going through heartaches opens you up, well...chance...it really does, but if I flashback I realize that I haven't changed as much.
    There is a difference between changing and developing. I managed to keep my heart, no matter how hard things could become, so in general I let my characteristics flow, and develop, instead pick parts of it, substract them and replace them. :)



    Gaming has always been a part of me. The first types of games I ever played were strategy games, then I slowly started discovering the other parts of gaming which actually started developing by that time. I took on the Action-Adventure games. The first such type of game after the strategies I played was Tomb Raider. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan. I've played all old and new games through the time gaming slowly graduated into something more. Lara Croft turned into my icon/idol since I was a child. That's where my gaming roots started as well. The passion for it.
    In 2007-2008 I started creating videos, that's when I finally unlocked that part of me and decided to show people what I can do. I was rather successful with very well assembled videos, with a lot of senses behind them. Then I created, later on becoming the biggest, Tomb Raider fan website in my country, which in fact opened a lot of gates for me. Because thanks to the website, the mother blogger of Tomb Raider - Stella's Tomb Raider - the first Tomb Raider blogger, I managed to get to know a lot of people in that sphere, as much as Stella herself. In return my website was added in the list of official Tomb Raider fan websites. That was the best experience for me.
    But it didn't last long. I had choices to make, should I keep maintaining the website all alone. At that time I started getting tired of doing it, because of the lack of time, and after 2 years of having the website up, I decided to disband it. And that's how I put and end to that era of mine.
    But I returned with new ideas, my 'sanctuary' YouTube channel, with ART, my writings, and suprirses. It was created on the 6th of August 2011 and it is still up and running in it's full glory from 4 years, but always taking one step further, because of the new things I keep introducing. :)

    I owe a lot to the people who have always been beside me from years, supporting me with my work, and the 'extraordinary' and yet very simple, in my eyes way I like introducing things, as much as to my Subscribers!

    When I started the channel long ago, I was just a viewer. I loved watching the such type of things I actually have on my channel now. And it was a big step for me, when I decided that I am going to get things in my hands, and work to achieve the goal I wanted to achieve. There are still a lot more things I'd love to achieve through my channel, but everything with it's time. :D
    When I released my ever first 'masterpiece' I wasn't even thinking of having followers. For me my channel was never about the quantity of people following me. My channel is my way of communicating and showing the way I think. My channel is my sanctuary where I can be myself without any limits. SOon enough my first followers came in and things took on a new direction.

    I also have a LIVEstreaming channel on Twitch, Google+ galleries where you can find Wallpapers created by me, stories, and in-game screenshots, as well as everything that is being posted on YouTube announced. You can also check my Twitter for more updates, although twitter is the media I use the least.

    I can talk whole day long about the trend, the meaning behind it, the messages, everything related with it, but I don't want to bore the crap out of the readers (people are not very interested in reading a lot these days).

    My character and playstyle

    In short to say something about my character and playstyle, which very often makes people angry.

    Frost Queen Mynce is the second character I've ever created when I started playing WoW for the first time. Soon enough Mynce turned into my main character, and that stays the same way until today.
    The name Mynce bears a lot of meanings and messages as well. I relate the name Mynce to The Moon, and The Moon symbolises Emotion, Intuition, Femininity, Cycles (coming with Progression), honesty. If I have to literally translate the name Mynce - it will mean Moonlight.
    In fact later on, I started connecting the name I gave to my character with the race I've picked up. Why did I pick up a Draenei? I have no idea in fact. When I first opened the character creation menu I slided to these creatures and since then I was captured by them. SO that's how I started playing Draenei, my ultimate race choice.
    How does the name Moonlight (Mynce) connects with the race? It connects extremely well in fact, because if someone have read LORE (I haven't read much), but Draeneis have always been described as the creatures from the distance, 'they fell from the sky' (I can relate it from the moon). And that's the way I in fact started thinking later on upon the name Mynce, so I can create a more reasonable connection between the race and the character's story.

    I am also a CLICKER! Yes! I am a clicker, and that never stopped me from achieving the things in-game I've wanted to achieve. One of the reasons I stayed a clicker is because I am a living example that whoever says clickers are bad, and cannot progress in-game are wrong. I am the example keeping the PRO clicker slogan alive, and one of my purposes playing WoW has always been proving that.
    For me clicking is more than just a style. Clicking is the name of the challenge. In times when people start getting bored of the game, instead giving it up, slightly changing your playstyle might make the game more challenging and interesting for you. I love challenges, and clicking is the best option for me. I took clicking to another level, because of the amount of time I spent clicking - 7 years. The longer you play and adopt to the playstyle you like, the more in-game tactics and senses you master. It's a play of patience. :)

    If you have any questions, please hand them over by writing a message to my channels email. Creating Fan stuff, like Fan Art is always appreciated, as drawing, painting, producing and many other 'Artsy' stuff have always been my hobby and passion. So feel free to send your Fan Stuff to JMTM's email. You might end up having your Fan Art posted in a video! You never know! ;)
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  2. Here are ss from Cataclysm. I am going to update one for MoP. There are also funny ones screenshotted! Enjoy! :)

    Cataclysm gallery 1

    Spoiler: Show

    Cataclysm Gallery 2 (One of MY MOST FAV GALLERIES)

    Spoiler: Show

    Cataclysm gallery 3 (another of my other MOST fav ones)

    Spoiler: Show

  3. As I said in the previous post I am going to update slowly the post everytime. Here is my first update. Starting from the latest projects first.

    I've been working from some time on that old idea - creating an authentic Frost Queen Mynce LORE story. The story hasn't been finished yet, but the ideas about it are a lot. I created a poll not long ago, asking my viewers if they would like to see a full illustrated book with the Frost Queen Mynce Novel, also known as World of Warcraft: The Heart of the Fjords.

    World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords

    'Time to Shatter All Barriers'

    The new Howling Fjord includes severe and dynamic environmental changes.

    Meet the changed parts of Howling Fjords Heart:

    Forest of Frost
    Frozen Lake
    Windspike Fields
    Howling Peaks
    Fjords Heart

    Including new dungeon content replacing Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle, now known as Frost Keep and Windspike Pinnacle entangled in the story of the Frost Queen pushed far away from the native Alliance ground, for becoming an ambassador between The Alliance and The Horde.

    Exclusive PvP zone: Windspike Fjords

    Unique environmental enhancement, dynamic weather which changes through the playtime.
    Scald through the Howling Fjords Heart in deep snow interactive severe environment, snowstorms, howling storms. Meet the inhabitants of The Heart and complete the brand new quest chains unlocking unique abilities, only for the ones who make it to the end!
    Follow the story of the Frost Queen in the Heart of the Fjords!


    World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords follows the story of Frost Queen Mynce, a draenei mage who forms a rebellion guild known as Insignia of The Lion, operated by both Alliance and Horde members. The leading Horde figure in the story is Red-Eye, an orphan orc, who meets Mynce under unusual circumstances. Instead destroying each other, they found another way of cooperation between The Horde and The Alliance, but for how long?
    Frost Queen Mynce, the most powerful Frost Mage in the universe is being punished by The Alliance for using her rank to make a rebellion and plot together with The Hordes. But no one ever suspected what was awaiting after the punishment The Frost Queen suffered, only for trying to prevent a War.

    World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords CHARACTERS:
    Old World of Warcraft styled wallpapers (new edition coming soon)

    FROST QUEEN MYNCE and her LOYAL Water Elemental companion

    Red-Eye The Orc


    Huntress Lana

    Taury Bloodhoof

    Meryzn The Transformed

    Edited: September 17, 2015

  4. The Heart of The Fjords

    World of Warcraft - Frost Queen Mynce - Broken

    This is a special surprise I promised at the end of last year. I've been releasing some small angles of the ARTPoetry Album, but now I released it the proper way. :D Enjoy it while it is still warm.

    Little Truths
    Feeling empty again, all alone,
    and the happy moments are all gone.

    Breathing from sphere, caught in it here,
    what a bright light here dear,
    is it a moment of fear?

    Lasting for seconds, a couple of them,
    they feel like some light,
    trespassing again.

    All of the magic, all of them,
    seems to be gone, all over again.

    How do you feel me,
    How do you see me,
    What am I like?!
    Am I funny, am I sad,
    Am I a bunny,
    just jumping upset.

    Is it a color,
    Is it a bloom,
    Is it a mountain,
    Affliction for sure.

    Searching for answer,
    Searching for love,
    Who is that Goddess,
    Goddess of PURE!

    Stay strong
    your life goes on.
    Stay put
    be warned
    you shouldn't go.

    Stay near
    away from fear.
    Stay strong
    like it is never wrong!

    The 'Passive Aggression'
    My man have to be tough,
    strong, spirit strong,
    not a ruin like you showed as, wrong!

    I would never marry a person like you,
    a coward, a worm too,
    not willing to gather the pieces that you belong to!

    Eat your cake, break that cape,
    that coward, that fool,
    you're jealous,
    It's you!

    I miss you,
    my tear of strength,
    I miss you,
    my forsaken friend.

    I miss you,
    curse of wonder,
    I miss you,
    I am bleeding under...

    Busy lately,
    how are you?
    What do you think
    am I supposed to do?
    Wait for you to respond me later?
    Or should I bring my accelerator?

    Busy lately,
    what to do?
    Breathe and hope?
    That's the last thing on the list to do!

    Sitting in a room
    full of gloom
    Staring around
    seeing the hound
    Trembling of fear
    why this is here?
    Off the ground
    swaying around!

    Fallen and blown
    forced on it's own
    Keep staring around
    and sitting without making a sound!

    Perhaps, perhaps,
    you never cope with what you have,
    never satisfied with what you had.

    Perhaps, perhaps,
    loosing touch with something,
    making it fade away,
    makes you think of it brighter,
    well...compared with a shiny day!

    Perhaps, perhaps,
    we understand what we can afford,
    (locked in a small shell of adore)
    we are satisfied, not lost!

    Upside down, increasing or breaking the sound,
    appreciate things, when you have them around!

    My place has been taken,
    My fear has awaken!

    My glove has been stolen,
    My purse is still glowing.

    My body is trembling,
    My lips are pretending.

    My mind has been striken,
    But my heart is still bitten.

    Have I woken up yet?
    Haven't I?!
    We are all the same,
    No matter what we do,
    we still do!

    Have they woken up yet?
    Haven't they?
    I am still the same,

    (So are they)

    No matter what I do,
    I still do!

    Always being cursed by someone,
    for his own mistakes,
    Always blamed in wonder,
    for the rotten eggs.
    Blamed for thinking different,
    for being someone else.

    (When does this curse ever ends?)

    I am not afraid to be myself,
    no more! (Yes?)

    Who am I, who I was, what am I supposed to be?

    Should I hide in depths or break all odds to me?

    I broke the reason and faced my own treason!
    That's all that's left of me!
    And here I stand - Welcome to my Frosty Kingdom!

    Are we seeking for answers,
    or we're seeking for truth,
    what I know for sure is,
    we are bound to it, too.

    Are we falling on purpose,
    or we're seeking for hurt,
    what I doubt for sure is,
    we were bound to it, too.

    Are we seeking for something,
    or we already have,
    what I know for sure is,
    we never had.

    Is there a force in this winter,
    or it's only the howl,
    what I know for sure is,
    we make it on our own!

    Song Copyright:
    Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
    Loreen - Heal
    All poetry and image content is copyrighted by JesyMynce™.
    Edited: April 13, 2015

  5. The Heart of The Fjords

    World of Warcraft - Frost Queen Mynce - Broken (Part 2)

    This is a special surprise I promised at the end of last year. I've been releasing some small angles of the ARTPoetry Album, but now I released it the proper way. Enjoy it while it is still warm.
    This is part 2 featuring the other part of the Broken ARTPoetry and some more ART included with it, freshly released yesterday.

    One of the phases Frost Queen Mynce goes trough. That's exactly the point of breaking all barriers. Breaking through the frozen cage that has been building up vengeance and hatred to those who dared to lie to The Queen. But Mynce eventually discovered that vengeance was never worth it - 'Through the frozen flesh bones started growing. The Horror of The Fjords started overcoming the pure locked in the frozen shell'. Since then Mynce learned that the bright moon that has always been shining through her and with her, has two faces, as many faces as every other living creature or energy had. Sometimes The Moon would go through phases causing disruptions, madness, feelings for vengeance, and other times it would obey solitude and peace.


    Neither I'm blind,
    Nor I am sore.
    I mean it, because it is a feeling.

    Neither I'm cheap,
    Nor I'm deep in it.
    I say it, because you betray it.

    Either you're weak
    Or I am just feeling sick of it!


    Discouraged? Why is that?
    Can't you see me otherwise?

    Speechless? Is it all you've got?
    Can't you tell me and make it go around?

    You're afraid
    You can't break
    You just made your enemy scared!


    If you need me
    You feed me!
    If you take me
    You break me!
    When you build me
    You fulfill me!
    Why you aid me
    To obey me!


    You tried to take my passion,
    To steal my soul,
    To bring my love to your pedestal!

    You tried to break me down,
    To dismiss the clown,
    But you forgot - It was you who let me down!


    Move like darkness,
    Step away!
    Moving closer,
    You can't say!
    You are special so am I
    You deny it, I am down.

    Move like lightness,
    Break away!
    Moving closer,
    Yet you can't say!
    You held me tight,
    You had your right.
    I denied it, you fell down!

    Side by side

    I am back
    I see you lack
    Where did you fade?
    In this mist you made?

    I am here
    I see you mere
    Found your path?
    Oh...would you look at that!

    Song Copyright:
    Sia - Elastic Heart
    Kiesza - Sound Of A Woman
    All poetry and image content is copyrighted by JesyMynce™.
    Edited: April 13, 2015

  6. If Mynce participated in the forum events, she would be a strong competitor for the Lover title.

  7. If Mynce participated in the forum events, she would be a strong competitor for the Lover title.
    The title doesn't fit me, I'd rather stick to Frost Queen. :D Btw someone has taken my name on both Cataclysm and MoP. I've already reported the problem and I am waiting for him to get 'banned' for taking names that don't belong to him. I know that he is perhaps a guy who commented in this thread or viewed it. :D Hardly 'banned' but things on Molten don't work that way. If you've taken names of other people, you won't keep them.

    Cataclysm Gallery 4
    Arena matches, battlegrounds, fans and funny situations. included. :D


    Spoiler: Show

    Cataclysm Gallery 5

  9. The Heart of The Fjords

    Here is another upcoming segment, that I can also dedicate to the viscous commenting on the post. (LIFELINE)

    After I started bringing up the idea about the novel World of Warcraft: The Heart of The FJords featuring the story of Frost Queen Mynce, I also got another idea that would help me introduce the story in a much better way and prepare the audience for it. The story itself is extremely bright and colourful which means that there are a lot of things thrown in it, a variety starting 'from' and ending at 'to', basically everything.
    The project World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords is extremely polished and carefully thought of, but also extremely big. The biggest project I've ever taken in my hands for development, because when I introduce something I've always wanted to introduce it in the proper way, in a grand way, that would b able to reach every soul and heart.
    So one day I decided that there must be a World of Warcraft Machinima MOVIE named after the novel, but not an ordinary WoW Machinima movie. A movie including most parts of the novel, and the most touching parts would be dubbed with songs from a lot of artists, each song representing a specific thing and character in the movie and the novel.
    I've always wanted to introduce a couple of these music artists with the entire project, and if that works I am going to have more than that. My dream around the project would be to actually one day start working on the Machinima movie, and around the process of working on it, to invite Anastacia to be the voice of Frost Queen Mynce, because only Anastacia is the person for me who can represent what Frost Queen Mynce represents the best, apart from me, as the giant Anastacia fan I am. :D

    So that's in short the entire idea of development around World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords. It is definitely not a project that can be completed only by one person, I need an entire crew to get it done, because I want it to be created the exact way it should be, the exact way I visualize it in my head when thinking of the idea. :)

    Anastacia - LIFELINE is one of the first songs I picked up for the emotion and for it's meaning, the mood, and the way I attach it to the story of Frost Queen Mynce is just remarkable. I wish I could show right now, but everything with it's time. :)

    So definitely on my achievement goal would be to get to know Anastacia in person and get her involved in my project. :D It'd be amazing and real honor for me.

    Anastacia - LIFELINE
    I feel the knife at my throat
    And it cuts and it burns
    Have you no mercy
    You laugh as I twist and I turn
    Crushing the air in my chest
    Till there is no air to breathe
    Pray there's a way to escape
    But the joke is on me

    Show me some hope
    Show me some light
    Cause I got nothing left in me tonight
    If I don't go
    If I say no
    Is it the end?

    Somebody tell me
    Have I just wasted a life time?
    Show me some hope
    God it's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline
    It's so cold
    It's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline

    All too familiar
    So why are we back here again?
    Tell me you know how it feels to be killing a friend
    Screaming in silence
    There's no way of saving myself
    If there's no redemption
    I see you in hell

    Show me some hope
    Show me some light
    Cause I got nothing left in me tonight
    If I don't go
    If I say no
    Is it the end?
    Somebody tell me
    Have I just wasted a life time?
    Show me some hope
    God it's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline
    It's so cold
    It's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline

    Throw me a lifeline
    Now you gone and done

    If I don't go
    If I say no
    Is it the end?
    Somebody tell me
    Have I just wasted a life time?
    Show me some hope
    God it's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline
    It's so cold
    It's so cold
    Throw me a lifeline
    A lifeline
    A lifeline
    A lifeline

    The song in fact turned into something I started relating the entire idea of Frost Queen Mynce with. The song represents it in depths. I am glad that the song exists, and that Anastacia is the artist who represented it, and felt it, because Anastacia is of the types of artists who speak about their lifes and experiences through their type of ART (In her case Music), and that's the reason I found it remarkable, because it is always amazing to find someone who thinks in a familiar way as you do, and who represents it most of all.


    A lot of people would ask, what does 'TIME TO SHATTER ALL BARRIERS' stands for. It means that these are the PHASES Frost Queen Mynce went through in her long journey.
    More about the Phases next time. :D Because along with the phases comes a very important part of the 'revealing'. And that's exactly 'FIGHTING with your own Demons - the monster inside of you', which I will represent next time.

    Edited: September 17, 2015

  10. The Heart of The Fjords

    (notice that this is only a small segment of the entire story)

    I'll first have to start with the name Mynce. Mynce is a very special name, why she is called Mynce? The name Mynce symbolises the moon, if I translate Mynce it will mean Moonlight, as much as all of the characteristics I've given Mynce are actually my own. The moon itself sumbolyses a gender, the moon has always been connected with female gender, therefore the moon is a symbol of Mynce's strength and personality.
    Another reference I make here, is that Mynce is a draenei. When draeneis arrived on Azeroth, crashed they were nothing like the creatures living in that universe, they have fallen from the sky, 'coming from the moon'. That's another reference I started making related to the lore stories of WoW and my story that's first based on the moon, as the source of power of Mynce (you will find out why further in the story).

    Little Mynce:

    Song reference number 1: Sia - Elastic Heart

    Mynce has always been more specific as a character, since she was a child, but someone is never able to notice something before going a long way. Once she fleed from the regular lessons and she found herself on an unknown place, Bloodmyst Isle, less populated than Azuremyst isle, there she saw a lake that very much attracted her attention. She approached it and a water elemental popped out. Mynce was very scared, because she have heard only stories about how dangerous untamed elementals could become. (later Mynce discovers that someone should trust his own insticts only rather than count on what is being said about someone else by others - later in the story) Even thought the fear, she felt some warmth as well, like she was connected somehow with that strange elemental creature. The elemental creature seemed to be more intelligent than what she has expected.

    By that time fire elementals were emerging, born in the Emberglade. Everything in the wild nature had an opposing factor that could neutralize another factor. The wild war between the different types of elementals couldn't be unnoticed. Fire elementals were trying to melt away the water ones. The forest near the Foul Pool where the water elementals were located started burning, everything turned red. Mynce was in danger the same way as the water elemental with her. Mynce looked around, there was a ring of fire around them, they seemed like they couldn't get out. The sky was covered with stars, the moon was rising. The Foul Pool turned into a moon pool, covering the bloody red water in moonlight, showing a path for their escape, but not helping them make the first steps to escape.

    Mynce didn't waste more time, she had taken a decision to escape along with her new friend, The Water Elemental. She recalled of the things she was thought about, the stories told by the elders, when she was sitting in a circle with the other youths, listening and vusialising these stories and legends. She recalled a spell, it was called The Gift of The Naaru. A gift every draenei received with his birth. She was unsure of it's capabilities, but she had nothing left to do. She looked up the moon and summoned the gift, that unlocked her hidden powers. For the first time ever Mynce was revealed to danger, still untamed, still not jaded, she had to wipe out the ring of fire and successfully escape the BloodMyst burning forest.

    Luckily for Mynce and her new friend, there was a camp nearby - Tel'Athion's Camp The natives saw the fire and hurried to set it down, and fight back the reason causing it. Both were carried back to Azuremyst Isle, to Exodar for aids, and from that day forward Mynce and her loyal companion never seperated.


    She grew up in Azuremyst Isle, and started mastering magic schools in Exodar at a later age. Eventually she turned into a very strong Frost mage, mastering the icy elements. Thanks to her best friend and companion, the Water Elemental was one of the reasons Mynce was so dedicated to studying the depths of water and ice, and mastering these elements, as she was giving a favour to her elemental.

    But everything Mynce was achieving couldn't have been left unnoticed by jealousy. Mynce could pay trust very easily to others, but that cost her a lot through the years, as she learned the hard way that a lot of people were only using her for their own benefit.

    For the very first time Mynce started feeling something inside of her, a feeling tearing her apart. Her initial insticts started awaking. One of the strongest abilities Mynce was gifted were her insticts. Her insticts were giving her the answers all along, to all good and bad things happening around. Mynce could predict all possible ways and exits to overcome and go through one situation, all she had to do was trust them. That was a slow process, as Mynce kept burning her fingers over and over again, over the very same mistakes, because she felt always unsure in her decisions, in the abilities she was given. Little were the people who were standing along with her anyway, she wondered what could it have been if things were otherwise.


    Mynce was finally ready to leave and take on a new journey to the real world, to the capital Alliance city, Stormwind. Mynce spent years in Stormwind, earning respect, with her skills, with her mastery, with her wisdom. She learned to trust her insticts, because of all of the ups and downs in her life, they've proven her that they are their burden, and that her insticts were always right.
    Soon enough she became one of the most searched mages in Alliance, she was a strong and bright leader in battles, she was giving encouragement to struggles, and she couldn't even turn her back to The Horde. But for how long.

    As much as in her childhood, but without realising it, she could realise now, why all of the shadowing sights were on her since then, because she was too successful and distinct for the others around her to comprehand. She turned from the innocent draenei, who trusted everybody, to an experienced and capable personality and leader.
    Unfortunately Mynce's success for becoming 'from Zero to her own hero', as much as it has won for her a lot of sympathy by some, it earned her a lot of hatred by others, hatred because she was the one who turned into the thing she turned into. No matter what she was doing, she was unable to change it, she knew she couldn't change it all along, and she learned to live it.
    But that hatred was running in deep, and dwelling, soon enough the one who used to encourage others needed to be encouraged. Seeing so many people turn against her, when she didn't even know most of them, and they didn't know her, made Mynce cringe. She felt like she was done, she was fed up, perhaps that was the purpose of all of that hatred running against her, all of the rumours spread around about her. But the truth was only one, and as the fair person Mynce was she couldn't leave things just like that, she couldn't sit and watch, she never could, she never was that kind of a person who watches and does nothing, she was taking actions against it, that she predicted with her insticts that they will lead to a very bad thing, but she was still unsure what exactly, she could only predict.
    A lot of people betrayed her, the people she used to call friends, turned around against her, and blamed her for treason. She was ruined, that life was never fair, that what deserved gratitude never got it, and a feeling spread from others, started spreading in Mynce's heart. Thanks to all of the no reasonable hatred Mynce's heart slowly started turning black, because justice barely prevails, and it seems like only hatred could lift someone up than fairness.

    Song reference 2: Anastacia feat. Ben Moody - Everything Burns

    Mynce opened a portal to Exodar, and travelled to the very begining, Her favourite spot always was the bridge between Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles, where she could rest in solitude and collect all of the pieces together, while watching the sunset reflecting in the water along with her water elemental.

    Alterac valley:

    The little wars between Alliance and Horde never stopped, as opposing factions they could never rest. Even thought Mynce's good intentions were ruined, and even thought her life almost fell apart, because she allowed others walk over her, she was still the person she has always been in her roots. But she wasn't the only one who have struggled the hatred of the mass for being able to achieve things that others couldn't, and for fighting and standing to the last for what she believed in. From now on Mynce decided to change, to change wherever needed, to fight only for truth, for justice, she could close her eyes for other things, but not when things were coming to truth. Mynce was a tough opponent not only in battle but in words and facts, as well. Mynce called herself The Frost Queen, because she was an unpenetratable wall for the lies and hatred in the world. If someones tricks worked to others, the cheap tricks could never work against her. Because of that, there were rumours spread around The Alliance and even reached The Horde, that the mage was much darker than she appeared to be. People started fearing her, taking distance from her. That was the result of all of the things happening around for ages, and it seemed that the purpose of the hatred that Mynce took to heart, has striken her flaming heart and her passion. From a Frost Queen pleading with fire energy under the cold coloured skin, she turned into a real Frost Queen, as the burning flames in her slowly started fading.

    There was a time when Mynce used to look at The Horde with a blind eye, because Alliance always thought The Horde as something dirty and very bad. But Mynce always put a doubt on that, through whole the battles she took part in she couldn't close her eyes, and she looked upon The Horde as something equal to The Alliance. Not only that she looked upon them that way, she has proven it, and she was spreading it. She could see that The Alliance and The Horde are much alike, than otherwise.
    Meanwhile in an Alterac Valley battle, The Alliance and The Horde clashed again...

    In the middle of the battlefield, Mynce met a group of Hordes, their leader was an Orc, called among the others Red-eyed. His small troop believed in equality between The Alliance adn The Horde. It was a miracle and something Mynce couldn't predict - never predicted she would find others who share the same opinion as hers, especially Horde. Instead battling, they became very close. Each battle they arranged a meeting in a hidden battlefield spot, where both Alliance and Horde stood infront of each other and spoke. Red-eyed known for his red-eyes, courage and beliefs and Frost Queen Mynce known for her Frost power, wisdom and strength destroyed the border between both factions, at least for a short time. They were the perfect tandem. They were leading the rebelion for years, attracting more and more attention from the natives. Soon enough they named their movement - Insignia of The Lion - that symbolised the courage, the wisdom, the strength of the forgotten ones, the ones standing between the clash and the war between The Alliance and The Horde.
    Insignia of The Lion turned into a legend, those who weren't part of it, were either against it, or lurking around not knowing of it's existence.

    The battles between Alliance and Horde were reaching their peak - there were dozen of battles happening each day, having Alliance and Horde villages burned to the ground, others pitied, leaving child without home and parents, or parents without their child.
    That was what Red-eyed and Mynce were fighting for! To stop the war, and show the world that we don't need to hate each other to succeed, that it is more important to help each other than seek for a way and reason to put the person next to us in the mud, exactly what Frost Queen Mynce and Red-eyed suffered through.

    The Lovestory:

    Red-eyed has always been impressed by the Frost Queen, from all of the characteristics that Draenei was wearing and bearing in herself. He have never seen someone like that before. He has fallen dangerously in love with The Frost Queen.
    Mynce could share the same opinion about Red-eyed, but she was more distant. She could tell from the very begining that he has fallen in love with her, but for her to fall in love with him, she needed time to understand him and to get to know him better. She always had a temper to show the people she values all of her sides, as she believed that one person can have a lot of sides, and it is wrong if we hid them.

    Red-eyed was very impressed to get to know that The Frost Queen isn't so frosty at all. In his eyes, she was a very warm person, her favourite flower was the Tiger Lilly, a flower as rare as Mynce herself. He invited Mynce to Howling Fjord, a land of the lands, flat terrain with tall trees and howling wind, that was perfection, the perfect homeland for The Frost Queen, she loved it, she adored it, and he knew it. For some coincidence it was also the place where her favourite flowers could be picked up.
    Red-eyed traveled to Howling Fjord, to Lake Cauldros, near which the flowers were growing. He took a couple of them, walking around carefully, as Howling FJord was the only place Mynce could be when she needed to be alone, or to think of things...

    ...He gave her the flowers, and she looked at him with passion. The flowers were the first step proving to Mynce that he always had something for her, but deeply inside of her she was unsure, whether it is better for her to continue alone or to give in.

    Mynce spent days and nights in isolation in Howling Fjord, along with the isolation she struggled through in her own circles, and she was so used to being isolated and alone that she started preferring it than giving in to love, although she wanted, but she couldn't. She have taken a tough decision, knowing what will follow, but she had to.
    Red-eyed and Mynce spent a night alone under the stars speaking of life and plans. Mynce revealed her feelings to him, he revealed his to her, but she also applied that they cannot be together, because she is free, she feels free only when she is alone. Red-eyed understood. Expectedly he turned colder to her, because of her honesty, it's not like she hasn't been here before, so she was familiar with everything around it. Soon afterwards the Frost Queen left her own Insignia of The Lion, and Red-eyed was left in charge of it, alone. Now both of them were alone, instead together, again on the corners of The Alliance and Horde, LOVE seperated them, as they were born to be.


    Everytime something heartbreaking was happening, Mynce was on the edge. She looked upon the moon in the Howling Fjord's sky and asked, is that it, is this what I am meant to be? To always live misunderstood. To turn into a villian to the ones I've been honest with?
    She knew the answer. But she kept bringing up all of these questions, because she could find a different solution everytime she was seeking for one.

    [CENTER]Lady Gaga - Marry the Night

    Insignia of The Lion has been discovered!!! Red-eyed and his troops were enforced to return and fight in every battle between Hordes and Alliance, if they denied it they would have suffered severely. They almost looked like they have given up on their cause, they turned into the ones they didn't want to become.
    On the other hand Mynce never gave up! She suffered whole the way to stand for what she believed in, and still didn't change her thoughts. Mynce turned in a symbol of the unstoppable movement, evolving - what she used to be and what she have turned into! She sacrificed everything to succeed in what she believed in, and that cost her a lot. She persisted although she was devastated, by losing everything she counted on, all she had and always had was the water elemental who could understand her.

    The Frost Queen - The Lonely Queen:

    Mynce was punished by a big part of The Alliance for treason, for betraying The Alliance and their beliefs in uniting with The Horde. She was unfairly pointed at for planning to take over The Alliance, which wasn't true, she was only giving a favour.
    Although it finally happened, she only felt hatred for their decision, not for the faction known as Alliance.

    Frost Queen Mynce took on her own path, she became a neutral and powerful leader. The leader of the Howling lands. She travelled to her homeland in Howling Fjord, leaving traces of ice, known as 'The Path of Frost' through the entire Northrend she went through upon reaching The Howling Fjords. The path of frost opened the heart of Howling Fjord. The time has stopped! The blasting winds that used to howl in the center were frozen from the ground to the air, the snowflakes covered the ground silently, the tall trees created beautiful icy tents. A masterpiece for the eyes. Her Icy Kingdom, that it was icy only on first sight.
    The Heart of The Fjords they were called. The Frost Queen wasn't alone there. The Icy Fjords turned into the homeland of icy and water elementals. They are very loyal to their master, to the one who gave them home!

    All factions knew about that place, for some this was a place of evil, that they didn't want to enter, feared to, they just looked upon, for others that was a place of peace and new beginning. The truth is that The Frosty Kingdom in The Heart of The Fjords was opened for everyone, Both Alliance and Horde, neutral too, travellers, scavengers, everyone, good and bad, for ones who seek for an advice, it was only up to them whether to enter or not.


    (this chapter is a conversation between Red-eyed and Mynce in the Icy Fjords) - words of wisdom

    AGES have past!

    Red-eyed needed help, for the upcoming grant battle between The Alliance and Horde located in the severe depths of the Alterac Valley. Even the Pandaren's neutral positions couldn't help it. Red-Eyed was aware that the only person who could sacrifice something was The Frost Queen or he himself.

    He entered The Heart of the Fjords, seeing it for the first time, amazed by the look of it, the glowing, the sparkles, the crystalised plants, lands, beauty of beauties, it didn't felt cold either. There was something strange happening. He could hear voices, one voice! It sounded like the voice of Mynce, like it was howling around in the Fjords, perhaps her pain he wondered? He could hear the ice cracking sound around him, the howling of the wind, the perma frosted and yet alive plantation, and a voice calling him, a magical voice, that he could recognise.

    He entered the icy forest where the fortress was located, reached the fortress and saw his love, Frost Queen Mynce, in the frozen hall of beauty looking over the Fjords, while the bright red sun shines and reflects in the crystal clear ice. He approached her, she turned and said that she knew why he was here, she predicted it, as much as she predicted how was this war going to end...


    SONG REFERENCE Number 3: Lady Gaga -Alejandro

    He turned around with glowing eyes, gently walking out, yet turning his pure red-eyed sight to Mynce, looking at her with happiness and desire, but Mynce didn't respond.

    The Final battle:

    The time has come, Mynce gathered her elemental troops, and hoped that everything would go according to plan. She was planning to penetrate the frost of the battlefield with icy power and spread around the elementals to make both factions give up the fight!

    The Frost Queen and her troops reached the battlefield, the so familiar Alterac Valley, the battle has already begun, Mynce could clearly see the victims. She had to hurry.

    Suddenly the ground on the battlefield started shacking! The snow covering Alterac Valley rose and explode sending the front of the battlefield to dust and ice, The Frost Queen appeared in wonder, with her hands in the air she summoned a snowstorm that hopefully would turn back the factions from battle. Water and Icy elementals started scalding around, attacking and fearing their enemies.
    For a surprise Horde and Alliance didn't turn back, instead they started attacking the elementals, until they made sure that no one of them was left. It was now or never! Alliance against Horde, Mynce and her Water Elemental against everyone.
    Feeling of emptiness and pain went through Mynce's body, as her goal has failed. Her storm became weaker as Mynce was growing weaker, walking around the battlefield while factions clashed in battle and blood.

    Suddenly a familiar face appeared not too far from her, it was Red-eyed, he was fighting for The Horde, because he had no choice. Mynce gathered her strenght seeing the only real person she ever trusted, and started fighting, until Red-eyed and her had to clash in battle! The two of them who have spent so long time together found themselves against each other, or did they? Red-eyed refused to fight, he dropped his weapon, and Mynce smiled. Nothing could break the love between them, something no one else could have achieved in the battleground. They met there and they said goodbye there...

    ...Until Mynce realized she got stabbed in the back by random soldiers. She started feeling cold, a feeling she wasn't familiar with in a long time, because cold never bothered her before, being part of her. Her water elemental was burned while she was wondering what was going on.

    SONG REFERENCE Number 4: Anastacia - Lifeline

    She was slowly falling on the ground, having her hands held by Red-eyed who was raging in anger and sadness.

    Mynce was thinking of her loyal companion - 'I couldn't save you this time my friend, my Water Elemental, my only real friend'.
    Red-eyed was holding Mynce in his strong hands, while her body was becoming heavier because of the loss of strength. He was looking straight into her eyes, without believing how could this end in such a way.
    WHILE she was falling to the ground her whole life flashed before her eyes, all of the good and bad moments that weren't even mentioned in that summary.
    Holding her in his hands Red-eyed shouted: STOP! STOP this madness! Do you see what you've done, you've killed something real and something true, you've killed Love! Don't you understand that no matter where we were created and born, nothing can ever stop us from being together. It's over! You've destroyed it with your own egotistical decisions! - he said to the leaders of the battles.

    Mynce's body started to shatter, and soon enough it turned into snowflakes sparkling in the air, and everything shattered for a moment, freezing everybody with darkness and bad intentions right on the spot, and leaving everybody with pure feelings alive.

    From that day on Red-eyed didn't need to stand behind a hidden wall and gather all factions. It was a matter of choice that everyone learned to take responsiblity for!

    OFFICIAL World of Warcraft: The Heart of The Fjords VIDEO LORE Story and Novel Summary


    All content is copyrighted by JesyMynce™ and The Heart of The Fjords (In reference with the official LORE World of Warcraft story of Frost Queen Mynce)

    The songs attached by various artists are copyrighted by their respective owners:

    Sia - Elastic Heart
    Anastacia and Ben Moody - Everything burns
    Lady Gaga - Marry the Night
    Lady Gaga - Alejandro
    Anastacia - Lifeline

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  11. The Heart of The Fjords

    The previous post was more than just a Summary. It actually answers a lot of questions around the things posted before it, the things mentioned that probably threw a lot of people in wonder, and the upcoming things I mentioned, as the struggle overcoming the 'dark side' in you and the 'revealing' will be posted next time.

    This is my entire idea of turning The Heart of The Fjords into an in-game WoW project.

    The Heart of The Fjords Content

    Howling Fjord will never be the same again!

    The new Howling Fjord includes severe and dynamic environmental changes, covering almost the entire land of the Fjords.

    What is going to change?

    There are five new zones in Howling Fjord replacing a lot of the older ones introduced in Wrath of The Lich King along with Northrend.
    The Path of Frost following the places where The Frost Queen has been in her long Northrend journey leaves traces all over Northrend, helping adventurers find their way to The Heart of The Fjords, the sanctuary for all factions.

    Forest of Frost

    The Forest of Frost is the first formation created by The Path of Frost. It is the smallest zone of coverage, but the most beautiful one in the entire Heart of The Fjords.
    Frost plantation in different colours shaping up from the ground to the sky right next to The Lake of Tears, opposite Lake Cauldros.

    The Lake of Tears is the new name for the lake right infront of Utgarde Pinnacle. This is the direction Frost Queen Mynce's fortress is facing and this is where her thoughts and 'tears' pour down (in The Lake of Tears), always shining bright in the lights of 'The Eternal Moon' in The Heart of The Fjords.

    The Eternal Moon is The Moon that has been watching over Mynce since her first encounter with the world in Bloodmyst Isle. The Eternal Moon is the source of the inner power of The Frost Queen. Without The Eternal Moon, the abilities Frost Queen Mynce has (receiving visions of the future and being able to predict all possible exits of one situation) would have still worked, because The Eternal Moon is the source of the will power of Mynce. The Eternal Moon gave 'her' blessing to The Gift of Naaru mastered by Mynce, which unlocked her confidence and will. That's the only influence The Eternal Moon has over Mynce, the only good one.
    Every benefit comes with it's price! The Eternal Moon can also influence over the person blessed with it with dark energy, which is an obstacle thrown from that source of power to the person blessed with it. An obstacle The Frost Queen Mynce must get through to understand the power of the blessing.
    After Frost Queen Mynce settles in The Heart of The Fjords, she starts gaining strange visions of the past and the future. She felt like couldn't control her insticts anymore, because they would hit from clear sky any time. But that turned out only to influence and the strong connection between The Eternal Moon and Mynce. She was forced to struggle through her darkest thoughts and unfairness of the world, to be able to break through it.

    Windspike Fields

    Windspike Fields are the biggest zone in The Heart of The Fjords. As it's name, the area is the most severe areas of all.
    The green ground was covered with transparent ice, allowing people see the life underneath it. Giant frozen spikes rose from the ground penetrating the crystal clear ice covering the evergreen ground. They were called The WIndspikes. Everyone entering this area could hear a Howling noise. The Windspikes felt like they were communicating with it's other, in total silence, only hearing the Howl and the fall of the Snow.
    The WIndspikes are extremely massive, some reaching 8 floors above the ground. They are the homes of the Elemental Spirits.

    Howling Peaks

    Howling Peaks located across Lake Cauldros is found between two small river sides puring themselves into the bigger Lake.
    The area bears that name, because it is the only another place in The Hearts of The Fjords except the Frost Keep (Mynce's Forrtress) from where you can see all of the entire zones.

    Fjords Heart

    The Fjords Heart is the center of life in The Heart of The Fjords. it is located next to The Forest of Frost, taking coverage upon The Lake of Tears and Utgarde Keep and Pinnacle.
    Mynce invaded the fortress and changed it's appearance fully. Now the Fortress was one giant block of ice, shaped in different forms and colours, with a lot of floors for accommodating the travellers and the ones who would stay. The Keep is called 'Frost' - Frost Keep.
    Frost Keep and Windspike Pinnacle are the new dungeon content found underneath the Frost Keep, that can only be accessed by completing the quest line leading to The Heart of The Fjords.

    The entire Heart of The Fjords area is consisted of 20 quest from one quest line, and 10 daily quests for reputations farm. After completing the quest chain, the player receives reputation with The Hearts of The Fjords faction and a special price, a choice. After completion the player also unlocks 10 dungeon quests regarded Frost Keep and Windspike Pinnacle.

    The Heart of The Fjords is a neutral elemental faction. The Frost Keep is a sanctuary between both The Alliance and The Horde, not allowing both factions clash in battle inside of it, but upon going out of the Keep, the zones are contested.

    The NPC's located in the Keep are called High Elementals, because of their ability to communicate and talk. They are vendors for all departments, quartermasters and 'Caster Pet' trainers.

    What is a 'Caster Pet Trainer' and why does it exist?

    After completing the quest chain the player unlocks a special feature only available for the classes with pet companions. (Frost Mages, Warlocks, Hunters)
    The player can pick up brand new amazing looking skins for their pets:
    - Three new skins for The Water Elemental of Frost Mages only.
    - Three skins for each pet type for Warlocks.
    - Three types of skin for every type of hunter's pet, depending on the pet.

    The player also unlocks another unique feature, called Pet Armor.

    Until now pets were not allow to equip any armor. But with the coming of the new skins, this feature also unlocks, allowing all pets to eguip up to 3 pieces of specific pet gear, sold by the quartermasters of The Heart of The Fjords upon reaching Exalted status with the faction.

    - Water Elemental available gear pieces:

    - Head
    - Shoulder
    - Bracelets

    - Warlock pets available gear pieces:

    - Imp:

    - Head
    - Bracelets
    - Boots

    - Voidwalker:

    - Head
    - Shoulder
    - Bracelets

    - Succubus:

    - Head
    - Chest
    - Shoulder

    - Felhunter:

    - Invisible Charm

    - Felguard:

    - Head
    - Chest
    - Bracelet

    - Doomguard

    - Head
    - Chest
    - Boots

    - Infernal

    - Invisible Charm

    - Hunter pets available gear pieces depending of the type of pet:

    Up to three pieces can be equipped to any type of pets to any pet class specialization. For hunters all types of pet armor is available depending on the pet type.

    Pet talent trees:

    Hunter's pets always had a talent tree, but the pets of Warlocks and Frost mages never had.
    The new addition to that is that now the caster pets are going to have talent builds as well, strengthening the pets of the casters.

    Water Elemental - will open up ability choices, depending on the Frost Mage's playstyle.

    Water Bolt - Frost Bolt - Wind Bolt
    Frost Nova - Wind Howl - Thunderstorm

    A player must choose carefully, because you can pick up only one of these abilities. Depending on your taste and playstyle, you can keep the original abilities of the Water Elemental, or make a brand new type of improved Water Elemental, or combine one old and one new ability.

    Hunter pets - talent trees stay unchanged

    Warlock pets - will open up ability choices structured the same way as for the Water Elemental, allowing the player to pick from three unique abilities for every ability his pet has.

    Are there going to be any mounts sold?

    Yes there is only one faction mount giving infinite water breathing, boosting the underwater swimming skill to the maximum, can walk on ground and can also fly. It is called Froststrider, a formation of pure elemental spirit energy, made of water, bound with pet gear.

    This mount is unique changing it's form. The mount has three shapeshifting forms. Upon entering water the mount will take the form of an underwater creature, if flying, the mount will take the form of a bird, and if walking on the ground it will take the form of a ground creature.

    PvP zone (battleground zone): Windspike Fjords is a new addition to the battleground experience entirely based on environmental changes.

    All changes and more. Unique environmental enhancement, dynamic weather which changes through the playtime only in The Heart of The Fjords.
    Scald through the Howling Fjords Heart in deep snow interactive severe environment, snowstorms, howling storms. For the first time step into deep snow and feel the heaviness of scalding The Fjords in dynamic environment. Meet the inhabitants of The Heart and complete the brand new quest chains unlocking unique abilities, only for the ones who make it to the end!
    Follow the story of the Frost Queen in the Heart of the Fjords!


    Here it is the first section about an old and upcoming new video.

    World of Warcraft Machinima - Dark Horse - Frost Queen Mynce [ver.1]

    'ARE you ready for a PERFECT STORM'

    A big REMAKE of the original machinima is yet about to be released, because the older and original version of it was too clumsy only containing in-game footage. I am planning on releasing it in the next 1 month including brand new scenes and vision upon Dark Horse.

    Featuring: MynceyPatra and Orcy Jay
    The three muses
    Guardian shamans
    Uldum Natives
    The three brave guys trying to win the heart of The Queen
    The winner of her heart

    This machinima is covering the amazing landscape of Uldum perfectly matching with the song (Katy Perry - Dark Horse).
    The song holds even deeper meaning attached to Mynce, as almost everything said in the song is valid and describes one or two of the experiences Mynce had.
    Mynce is a strong and powerful character with special and strong characteristics. A lot of people tried to encounter her heart, but without success, because The Moon, just as shining so bright, sees the innerty of people. The Moon never lies! When the moon tells you something believe it. Her strongest weapon are her insticts. See what they revealed for her this time and where they led her to.
    You may fall in love when you meet her, if you get the chance you better keep her, but if you break her heart she turns cold as a freezer!

    "Mynce symbolises the moon, the symbol of purity and truth. Her special ability allows her to seperate the truth from the illusion.
    When chased by the participants for her heart, she faces them, and the ones not having pure and true feelings/intentions, trying to steal her heart for a bad purpose, or use her as a powerful weapon are all turned into critters (rabbits).

    -- BE YOURSELF and BE SINCERE! -- is the message of the video.

    She's a beast
    I call her Karma
    She eats your heart out
    Like Jeffrey Dahmer
    Be careful
    Try not to lead her on
    Shorty's heart is on steroids
    Cause her love is so strong
    You may fall in love
    When you meet her
    If you get the chance you better keep her
    She's sweet as pie but if you break her heart
    She'll turn cold as a freezer
    That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor
    She can be my Sleeping Beauty
    I'm gon' put her in a coma
    Damn I think I love her
    Shorty so bad, I'm sprung and I don't care
    She ride me like a roller coaster
    Turned the bedroom into a fair
    Her love is like a drug
    I was tryna hit it and quit it
    But lil' mama so dope
    I messed around and got addicted


    The ORIGINAL machinima (note that the machinima is made only from in-game footage):

    IMPORTANT FIXES AND NOTES for the older version: a lot of fixes have been applied in this FINAL version of the machinima. There is an INTRO added, as well as a BRAND NEW ending, and new scenes in the video itself. Make sure you watch the video to the end to notice all of the changes made. Make sure you're using your HEADSET to be able to hear all sounds and experience the ultimate adventure! Enjoy! :)


    Stay tuned for more content and the release of the new Dark Horse machinima!
    Edited: April 13, 2015

  13. PvP

    My first PvP project released on 4 Oct 2014 including a compilation of random bg's

    I promised of creating PvP/PvE compilation. I decided to create a video combining PvP/PvE and Machinima in one. The video also contains a lot facts about me. If you'd like to see a briefing of my characteristics, gamestyle and skills, this is the project for you.
    Eventually I ended up making it only PvP based because the footage I had was too much and I naturally didn't want a long video. :D
    That's the first time I used 3D effects in my video, and the entire process I went through to creating it was one long adventure that I enjoyed doing.
    The only thing I regret is regardless some of the footage contained in the PvP video. The footage I used I had to redownload from my youtube channel, because if I kept it on my HDD it would have peaked over 60Gb of space, and any free space I have is gold for me. So I don't keep the footage on my HDD to free up space.
    The entire idea was to saturate the video with high quality 60FPS footage, which eventually didn't happen as well, because I was unable to download the original 60FPS footage from Twitch! :D Like this example:

    See things the way the LIVEstreamer does [60FPS]

    I haven't had a LIVEstream including WoW since around November last year, or even earlier - September. But I am planning on making my return with MoP, as soon as I collect full Tyrannical gear.
    The funny thing I walways found about LIVEstreaming WoW was that whenever I am streaming it, nothing interesting happens, barely happens, and whenever I am not LIVEstreaming the most epic moments happened. :D That's a thing my friends and I in-game spoke about so many times. As usually we even play together whenever I wasn't livestreaming. At one time I was wondering what should I do. :D Should I have my program opened the entire time and when something epic happens to turn it on. :D But anyway that's related to the content in my first PvP project. Because the content I used were random bg's from any period of my WoW LIVEstreaming. :P

    The video covers all ASPECTS of PVP split in 5 sequences. Each sequence represents a different part of PvP and experience.

    PvP Sequences:
    [Briefing] 0:03
    [Sequence 1 - Step in] 1:44
    [Sequence 2 - Challenge mode - disabling essential class abilities and playing without them, and removing pvp items and replacing them with lower ilvled ones/not using pvp trinket] 3:51
    [Sequence 3 - Team Work] 5:58
    [Sequence 4 - Being a Flagger] 9:40
    [Sequence 5 - Hunter Nightmares - Fighting against bugged Hunters] 11:42
    [Outro] 15:47

    That's how the idea of the slogan 'PRO CLICKERS' was brought to LIFE, to encourage ppl that their choice is the only important thing that matters in the game, rather than the opinions of others.

    WHO SAID that CLICKERS can't defeat a KEYBINDER or MACROSTACKER? TIRED of seeing annoying haters cursing you for clicking and for trying to change your unique game style of playing? If someone said that CLICKING is a losing option he is very wrong.
    To be able to click and react as fast as possible you'll need to be clicking from a very long time, just like me. With the time clicking develops a lot of things and most of all VERY FAST reactions. You don't need to know the location of a spell on your bar to be able to click it! You also don't need to KEYBIND or MACROSTACK a couple of spells or a whole rotations WHEN it is much more FUN and CHALLENGING when you react on the moment with different rotations or needed rotations in the specific situations.
    Here is how I work - All of my specific class spells are put on a specific place. It takes time to get used to it, but once you do, you won't need to look at your screen or use any add-ons to predict your opponents turns. People always say that PRACTICE and REPEAT are the key to MEMORIZING, SUCCES and SKILL - THEY are right!
    Putting my spells in a comfortable and specific order allows me quick access for my hand movement over the tabs. The size of the tabs also matters when you're a clicker, so have that in mind. The bigger the tabs are the easier to seperate from the other tabs and the easier to CLICK.
    But that's not all, there are people in-game that cannot become skilled players, but there are also people born to master what they are doing, if you are of the people sure in their abilities or people who would like to try something new, go for it.

    1. Increase the size of your action bars.
    2. Group the different types of spells - buffs, dots, instant cast, cast time, group benefit, or by schools - in a comfortable for you order.
    3. Start practising by actively doing PvP - Bg's, Arenas, World PvP - even PvE!
    4. Knowing the rotations of the spells with the time and with the help of the specific order you won't need to look at the actionbars anymore, because your physical memory - hand - and brain memory have memorized the movements you do when clicking + the images and situations you use a specific spell for - brain + eye.
    5. The only key buttons that are recommended for a clicker to use would be TAB - Helping with Targeting a specific NPC or Player - you can use the mouse too or both - and the W, A, S, D keys for directions and clever movement + mouse - both together.

    Being a PRO clicker comes with the developing of a very fast time of reaction and taking decisions, because when tabbing one macro you have already set a rotation of spells that will be casted, but being a clicker you MAKE all of these decisions in movement.
    These are things one person learns and ADOPTS to with the time he/she have spent playing World of Warcraft. Everything else is up to you!
    People are always amazed how am I supposed to click so fast, and to react so fast in the different situations = it is called instincts and EXPERIENCE most of all.
    If someone comes and says that CLICKING is for noobs = It is exactly the opposite! KEYBINDING and MACROSTACKING is easy to learn, but how many people are capable of learning to become a PRO Clicker or a very good one - Not too many I fear, that's the reason they keybind and macrostack.
    For me being a clicker is not something bad at all. That's the way I like playing the game successfully. It is a choice and taste as much as STRATEGY. In the centre of that it is all a strategy. Clicking requires a lot of skills and it is for people who like challenges! Enjoy! :)
    Edited: April 13, 2015

  14. Frost Queen Mynce Caged

    This is one of the latest things I've released. Enjoy! :)

    Frost Queen Mynce 'Caged Horror' escape. Finally breaking the frozen cage and levitating to freedom in The Heart of The Fjords.

    The 'Caged Horror' not only had Frost Queen Mynce trapped, but it was also shaping her into a horror creature of the night. Breaking off the cage will reverse the effect, as the bones which penetrated through Mynce's skin, are making their way painfully inside of her, until they reach their normal form.
    STORY REFERENCE: The Frost Queen was forced to go through the darkness phase to be able to understand her abilities blessed by The Eternal Moon.

    Frost Queen Mynce - 'Tiger Lily' - 'Caged Horror'

    Frost Queen Mynce 'Caged Horror' escape. Finally breaking the frozen cage and levitating to freedom in The Heart of The Fjords.

    STORY REFERENCE: Mynce's favourite flower was called Tiger Lilly. The flower itself was as rare as The Queen herself, growing only in Howling Fjord.


    TIGER LILY - Just like its animal namesake, the tiger lily is a bright and fiery orange blossom. It doesn’t really have stripes like its animal counterpart but rather, it has dark spots on the top part of the petal.

    Shape: More than a star shape, the tiger lily also looks like a Turk’s cap - it’s because the tips of the petals curl back to the base of the blossom.

    Blossom Time: Tiger lilies bloom in the earlier part of summer. Some have the tendency of blooming in midsummer.

    Superstitions: Because of the spots on the tiger lily’s petals, it’s one of the superstitions that if you smell the blossom, you’re going to get freckles. It’s like some of the spots on the flower will transfer to you.
    In the same way that other types of lilies are flowers of protection, tiger lilies also signify protection. People who believe in this superstition plant and grow tiger lilies around their house to keep evil, ghosts, bad spells, etc. away.

    What the Tiger Lily Means:
    The tiger lily is a type of lily that represents wealth. It’s probably because of the spots on its petals that can be taken to look like coins or money. But simply by its looks, not a few find the tiger lily pretty special. Getting a tiger lily for someone you love (especially in the past) means that you have much money to spend that you can buy something so special.
    The tiger lily also symbolizes pride because of its vivacious color. Although many flowers have vibrant colors like the tiger lily orange, it’s more unique because of its dark spots. Indeed, compared with many other blossoms, tiger lily can be more stunning and dazzling. Keep in mind that the meaning of “pride” in tiger lily has a positive connotation which is confidence – and not vanity or arrogance.
    Nobility is also often associated with tiger lily and this is the reason why this flower is also a symbol of wealth.

    The Shape: When the tiger lily is on the verge of blooming, it has the shape of a tube or even an eggplant. Once the petals split open, it looks like an orange star from the front. When in full bloom, the petals have a way of curling back to its base that makes it look like a Turkish hat.

    Petals: Out of all the flowers in the world, the tiger lily has the most unique looking petals. It’s not because they’re vibrantly colored in orange – remember that there are several flowers that come in vibrant orange too. It’s the spots that make it special. Be it black or dark violet spots, it gives character to the tiger lily that cannot be seen on any other flower.
    Numerology: It’s only right that the tiger lily is a 9 in numerology. It’s the number for creative expression.

    Color: Tiger lilies have various hues of orange. It’s not only light but it can also be bold and eye catching.

    Herbalism and Medicine: Medically speaking, tiger lilies have a reputation of relieving nausea and nasal congestion. Its’ a very useful plant considering that all its parts has herbal values – except for its pollen which can be toxic.



    Edited: September 17, 2015

  15. World of Warcraft Machinimas #1

    Dark Horse - Frost Queen Mynce


    'ARE you ready for a PERFECT STORM'

    Featuring: MynceyPatra (played by Frost Queen Mynce) and Orcy Jay (played by Red-Eyed)
    Secondary: The three muses; Guardian shamans; Uldum Natives; The three brave guys trying to win the heart of The Queen; Perky; The winner of her heart;

    This machinima is covering the amazing landscape of Uldum perfectly matching with the song (Katy Perry - Dark Horse).

    Mynce is a strong and powerful character with special and strong characteristics. A lot of people tried to encounter her heart, but without success, because The Moon, just as shining so bright, sees the innerty of people. The Moon never lies! When the moon tells you something believe it. Her strongest weapon are her insticts. See what they revealed for her this time and where they led her to.
    You may fall in love when you meet her, if you get the chance you better keep her, but if you break her heart she turns cold as a freezer!

    "Mynce symbolises the moon, the symbol of purity and truth. Her special ability allows her to seperate the truth from the illusion.
    When chased by the participants for her heart, she faces them, and the ones not having pure and true feelings/intentions, trying to steal her heart for a bad purpose, or use her as a powerful weapon are all turned into critters (rabbits and other creatures).
    These symbolic creatures oppose the 'catty' standarts of Uldum and everyone turned into a critter would probably end up being eaten!

    Machinima Intro: Released
    Full Machinima: Released

    Machinima Screenshots:


    Intro Version:

    Full Version:

    Full Lighting FX fix version:

    OLD version:

    Edited: December 26, 2015

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