1. Hi everyone , I have played WW Monk for some time and I decided to make a guide for all those who just started Monks and are wondering what should they do with them.I'm not really a pro or anything this is how to say a "beginner guide for WW Monk"

    Lets start :


    3.Stats and Reforging Gems and Enchants
    4.Talents and Glyphs
    6.Burst,gameplay and keybinds

    My name is Alex and I play on Frostwolf (Mists of Pandaria) , my ingame name is Yakali and monk is my main class.I started playing it in 2013 and I'm sticking to it till now.

    Alliance :
    Human : For me human is the best PvP race ingame,they have free trinket which is very nice,they gain reputation faster and they have some extra expertise with maces and swords.
    Dwarf: Dwarves have some nice racials too,they take 1% less frost damage,they can remove all poisons diseases and bleeds and take 10% less damage for 8 sec with their main racial ability Stoneform(2minutes cooldown) and they gain some extra expertise with maces.
    Night elf:Night elves are for me the second best alliance race for PvP , they have nice racial called Shadowmeld which puts you in "stealth" but you cant move or else the effect is canceled and when enemy is casting some spell and you activate shadowmeld it will interrupt the cast so its a very nice racial (2 minutes cooldown).Night elves also have nature resistance racial which means they take 1% less nature damage and a racial named quickness which gives them 2% more dodge.Also they are faster than other races when they are dead.
    Gnomes : Gnomes have a racial that can remove roots and slows and it has 1minute and 30secodns cooldown.The racial is very nice because it doesnt share cooldown with PvP trinket.They also take 1% less Arcane damage.
    Dranei : Draneis have Gift of Naaru which is decent overtime heal that lasts 15 seconds(2 minute cooldown).They have 1% more Hit Chance and they take 1% less shadow damage.
    Orc:Orcs have nice racial named Blood Furry ( 2 minute cooldown) which incrases their attack power and spell power for a nice amount and it lasts 15 seconds.Also their duration of stuns is smalelr for 15% and they have 1% more expertise with axes.They also have racial which makes pet do 2% more damage wich is nice if you are using Xuen talent.
    Undead : Undead have the best racials in Horde for PvP , atleast thats what I think.They have Cannibalize which is a 2minute cooldown racials they activate it on death enemies and they eat them and regain HP which is very effective in Arena.They also have an awesome racial called Will of Forsaken which has 2 minute cooldown and removes all sleep,charm and Fear effect.Last but not least they have awesome racial that allows them to get health while attacking and do some extra damage to the target.
    Tauren:Taurens have a nice AOE stun which lasts 2 seconds and have 2minute cooldown.They also take 1% less nature damage and have 5% more health which is really sweet.
    Troll:Trolls have racial that increases haste for 20% over 10 seconds and the cooldown is 2 minutes.Their HP regen is also increased for 10% and they reduce movement impairing effects for 15%.Last but not least they also do 5% more damage to beasts which is nice if you are fighting a BM hunter.
    Blood elf : Blood elves have a nice AOE silience that lasts 2 seconds and have 2 minutes cooldown and it laso gives us some energy back and they also take 1% less Arcane damage.
    Both Factions :
    Pandaren : Pandaren have nice 4 second racial which acts like Paralysis, you stun the target for 4 seconds but cant attack it.They also get 50% more stats from food which is awesome and take less damage from falling.
    For me best PvP races are Human and Undead but I recommend you to take the racial you love the most , you will be looking at it non stop not us.

    3.Stats and Reforging Gems and Enchants
    Stat priority for WW Monk in PvP is 3% Hit > 6% Expertise > Critical > Hit > Mastery.
    You should reforge till 3% hit and 6% Expertise , when you achieve that you should reforge everything into Crit.If item have Crit and Mastery then reforge mastery into haste.
    Meta:Agile Primal Diamond
    Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby
    Blue:Assassin's Imperial Athemyst
    Yellow: Deadly Vermilion onyx
    Enchants should go like this:
    Shoulder - Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
    Back - Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
    Chest - Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
    Wrist - Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility (mastery if you are poor)
    Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Greater haste
    Belt - Living Steel Belt Buckle
    Legs - Shadowleather Leg Armor
    Boots - Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed
    MH - Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel
    OH - Pyrium Weapon Chain


    4.Talents and Glyphs.Talents should be like this.Also on level 90 talent you can also take Xuen for Arena's its up to you , I preffer Rushing Jade Wind sometimes.And yeah if you are doing battlegrounds always take Healing Elixirs but if you are doing arena be sure to have some Tome of Clear Mind in your bags because you will switch talents.If you are playing versus intellect classes you should always use Diffuse magic but if not then go with Healing Elixir.
    The Glyphs you should use are Glyph of Sparring,Glyph of Touch of Karma and Glyph of Touch of Dead.
    Sparring glyph is very nice against casters but you should swap it for Glyph of Paralysis if you are in Arena vs meele classes , if you are in battleground or world pvp use Sparring one.
    Glyph of Touch of Karma is very nice it gives you more range on Karma and its very important glyph if you are getting kited alot.
    Glyph of Touch of Death is an awesome glyph.It will make your Touch of Death have 2 min longer cooldown but no Chi cost.That means when the target is at 10% HP or less you automatically win.
    Minior Glyphs:
    Those glyphs are your choice , its nice to have Zen Flight if you are falling in World PvP and not in combat and glyph of blackout kick if you have healer because it will provide some nice overtime damage.

    You should use focus macro's for CC's like Paralysis for example.

    /cast [@focus,harm,exists][] Paralysis.

    Some other nice and useful Monk Macro's you can find here : http://macro-wow.com/for/monks/ .

    6.Rotation,gameplay and keybinds
    First keybinds are up to you.

    These are spells you should be using , feel free to copy these keybinds they are very useful.

    If you would like to Burst you should wait for your trinket to proc .
    You should have some stacks of Tigereye's Brew atleast 5.
    Pop that and have atleast 2 Chi to use Rising Sun Kick because it will pop a debuff on target and he will take 20% more damage.Make sure your Tiger Palm Buff is up .Now you should pop your Rushing Jade Wind or Xuen depends which one you are using and Fists of Fury , the enemy will be helpless.

    Some final words :
    I hope you all learnt something from my guide and I hope you liked it , be sure to leave a note If I did something wrong and also sorry if my English went wrong somewhere.PS: You should use one hand weapons over 2 hand because I calculated and it deals a bit more damage if it has same stats combined.And dont quit playing a Monk , when I started I really wanted to quit but I kept playing and practicing and after like a month i really mastered it . :D
    Have fun Monking and Peace :D!

  2. Your stat priority doesn't mention haste at all, a stat far more important than mastery. It's a good idea to have a balance of haste and crit, I'm currently using 5.9k haste in grievous gear.

    In prideful I'd pull that up to around 8k, since you'll alrdy have 47% crit +- just from the base crit and agi on your gear.

    But yeah, don't neglect haste

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