1. Hello,

    I was wondering if someone could help me out with the text format for current absorb amount on target? And also, what's the text format for incoming healing?

    Example: On my raid frames, if a raid member has a 9759 Power Word: Shield absorb on him, I would like to desplay text "9.5k", or if a target is about to be healed by a healing spell that's estimated to hit for 12 000, I want to know how to get that +12k green text on the raid frame.

    If there's anythin unclear about my question please ask because I wrote it in a hurry.

  2. Hey sorry for the 4 year reply to this thread. Just wanted to know why mine isn't working? I extracted all files to my addon folder. Nothing appeared in my addons when I opened up WoW. Happens for a lot of addons, like Grid. However, I've downloaded other art work addons from forums here, only elvui isn't working. Tried 2 different types. Any ideas?

  3. Make sure to not paste the ElvUI-master folder, but the 2 folders inside of it.

  4. This is ****ing good. Amazing job :)

    Here is what I did with it

    Hi,Can you share your profiles?

  5. Went into the ELVUImaster Folder and removed the two Elvui/Elvui_Config and placed them into the addon folder. shortly after logging in. when i hit ESC, and click on the ELvui button. i get a blank black background with no options to change anything.

  6. Works for me bro.

    Was just wondering how i get my recount molded in the ui ?


  7. what i need to see buffs/debuffs timers on unit frames?

  8. what i need to see buffs/debuffs timers on unit frames?
    Something went wrong with newest version



  9. Anyone else having the issue with the elvui nameplates? They are all over the place, no matter if they are set to overlapping or stacking. Can't find proper nameplates :/

  10. May 20, 2019  
    Hi! I have one problem. There is no button addon in mine game? What I can do? I just download this addon and nothing.. :/

  11. Not if this is related to a issue already mentioned - but the Tooltip of Dr. Damage on Buttons seems not to work, since I'm using ElvUi. Has anybody Maybe an Idea or a Workaround? Thanks Guys!

  12. Hello, i got a problem with my avatar. It sounds dumb i know, but it disturbing me. I made me a undead character and the 3d undead avatar setting is not showing right. With all other races there are no problems, just with the undead. When i turn on the option "fade over" (hopefully i named it right, because i got a german version), then i just see the stomach and hips.

    I turned off all other addons and there is no lua error.

    Here is 2 pictures that shows what i mean.

    Hopefully somebody can help me.

  13. I can never seem to get an extra action button to show in ELVUI. For example, on the blood queen fight - my 'bite' button never shows up.

    I've tried macros - but none seem to work.

    Any ideas

  14. can someone link a guide to the backported elvui how to config it? its just a pain in the *** trying to do it the way i like, tried with profiles since someone said that used a legion one and worked but not to me.

    tried addon button facade and still i cant make the icons look cool.

    damn man

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