1. [Alliance/PvP] <Infected> is recruiting

    The alliance guild <Infected> is looking for dedicated PvP players, who are mature and friendly.

    What do we provide?
    • A friendly family like community and a guildwebsite
    • Alot of premade BGs
    • Arenas
    • City Raids
    • Open World PvP (Storming the horde duelling zone before OG
      pretending to do an OG Raid to summon 40ppl to the gurubashi arena and fight against them in the arena with a guild-raidgroup
    • Rated BGs (We did 19 rated BGs already, won 14)
    • PvP Events with coins for the winners (yes, gifting is enabled again)
    • Actively and daily used Teamspeak 3
    • Weekly BH raids, DS raids and 2 PvP Events.

    Our requirements are a duel test, questions about (class knowledge, BG knowledge, rated BG knowlegde, arenas) and an itemlvl of 395 PvP++.
    This process will always be executed by Officers from the guild.

    We were known on the "old" realm Sargeras, which used to be the most active cata realm.
    <Infected> was the only stable and accurate alliance PvP guild there in the last months.

    Our guildrules and further information are all public to keep the guild as transparent as possible.
    Keep in mind, that threads will be updated frequently.

    We are already in contact with horde guilds and we played several rated BGs already. Some examples of them are in the spoiler below.
    Spoiler: Show
    Realm first rated BG win after the wipe!

    Rated BG #1, recorded from our flagcarrier Trebelz:

    Rated BG #2, recorded from our BM hunter Pear:

    Rated BG #3, recorded from our flagcarrier Trebelz:

    Rated BG #4, recorded from our flagcarrier Trebelz:

    Rated BG , recorded from our affliction warlock Syphalia.

    How to join?

    If you are interested in joining us you can either apply at our website or whisper one of our officers ingame.

    2 hours Orgrimmar Rampage with slaughtering thousands of hordes. The thread entry with additional information and screenshots is HERE .

    100% <Infected> Orgrimmar Raid before the "molten" wipe with an insanely long fight in Orgrimmar after killing Garrosh:

    Spoiler: Show
    • EDIT: 21/04/2015: Our basic requirements changed and are already updated in this thread.
    • EDIT: 16/08/2015: Added our weekly events.
    • EDIT: 24/09/2015: Added 2 videos of Orgrimmar Raids, and also added a spoiler, which contains some of our rated BGs played.
    • EDIT: 07/11/2015: Removed Raidcall from the list and added Teamspeak for more quality and a better organising + structure.
    • EDIT: 10/01/2016: Updated rated BG count and some formatting.
    • EDIT: 28/02/2016: Recruitment is temporary closed!
    • EDIT: 05/10/2016: Recruitment is officially reopened.
    Edited: October 5, 2016

  2. With Rated BGs, City Raids, many premades all day, arenas and a friendly atmosphere, Infected is one of the Best PvP Guild on Neltharion :)

  3. I am in Infected since November 2014 and I have never regretted to join among you, guys. Even though we have suffered from two disasters with Molten, we didnt let our friendly and helpful, dedicated family be seperated :D

    So, If you are interested to join our ranks, you are welcome to apply and be Infected ^^

  4. Friendly and active guild, premades rolling whole day, Orgrimmar raids, Ratted Battlegrounds.. Everything you want in PvP is here.

  5. Just posting this to show you the activity of the guild, we are growing every day.

  6. Awesome description for Infected. What can I say more? If you are looking for a guild full of skilled PvP players,social and active then look no further: Join Us :D !

  7. I joined to the Infected guild a bit more than a week ago, it seems really nice, there is always somebody online, doing premade groups, arenas, and even rdf. The leadership is nice, they're so helpful, friendly and kind peoples. Im happy that i found them, it's a really nice community.


  8. Infected

    I joined infected a year ago and i think that infected is the best guild on molten. All players are frendly and they will help you with anything. Soo if you want to join good PvP social guild , with good leadership and good players then join us!! :D :D

  9. Been in Infected for a few months now and am very happy with the situation in the guild. :) The guild provides a very social environment, lots of fun events with prizes and in my opinion it is the best guild for BGs in Alliance Neltharion :)

  10. I've been in <Infected> before wipe and now I continue with my devotion towards this guild because the people are very friendly and I'm never bored with them :)
    I can not say anything but all the best of our leadership, they are always available, always helpful, very dedicated and righteous...
    Now the activities... Even though we are PvP guild, beside all the PvP events we organise (OG raid, group BGs, various types of world PvP, etc) we also do some PvE (daily rdf runs, weekly BH raid, DS...) and some fun events like Hide&Seek for example :) So everything you need, you will find here, with us :D
    In the end, I would say that I am very happy that I am part of this guild and at this point, I can't imagine myself playing this game without them ^^

  11. I'll vouch for these guys, been in a lot of the same BGs with people from this guild and they all seem very capable and friendly, imo they're the most active and succesful PvP guild we have on Alliance at the moment. If I weren't currently in a PvE guild <Infected> would be my #1 choice :)

  12. I've been in this guild for quite some time and I cant say single bad thing. People in the guild are friendly and helpfull, there is no time in the day where you cant find a group to play with. And the most important thing we wreck Horde. Just awesome!

  13. If you're looking for a amazing guild with great members look no further we have it all and then some! We're awesome at pvp always doing premades :D extremely helpful staff who really do care, if you tired of all the same old same old from other guilds like I was, give infected a try

    -Dudeacus ;D

  14. I am definitely joining you guys.


  15. I am definitely joining you guys.

    Great to see you back Amnezy!
    Beezianers must hold together :)

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