1. MoP dailies, Gold+Reputation Guide

    First of all this is my first time making a guide, guide on what to do for the new players out there who just capped 90 that wants to earn gold and rep for items and more. Since there are bunch of quests out there that still aren't fixed, I'll be listing quest that are working and also some of these quest are not correctly showing on the map, so if you have trouble finding them(Location not shown on the Map) just search for it using Wowhead. I'll be keeping it simple and straightforward. :)

    **Vale of Eternal Blossom(Golden Lotus) Quartermaster

    -Mistfall Village
    My Town, It's On Fire
    Sprite Plight
    Steer Clear of the Beer Here
    Wu Kao Scouting Reports Location
    Blooming Blossoms
    Encroaching Storm
    (2)Setting Sun Garrison
    The Ruins of Guo-Lai

    -Setting Sun Garrison
    No Reprieve Location
    The Battle Ring
    Along the Serpent's Spine
    Mantid Under Fire

    -Ruins of Guo-Lai
    In Ashen Webs
    The Thunder Below
    Blood on the Rise

    **Dread Waste(The Klaxxi) Quartermaster

    Bad Genes
    The Fight Against Fear
    The Scale-Lord Location
    An Ancient Empire
    Putting An Eye Out Location
    Wing Clip
    Fear Takes Root Objective and Location
    Specimen Request
    Quiet Now
    Shortcut to Ruin
    Vess-Guard Duty

    **Townlong Steppes(Shado-Pan) Quartermaster

    -Shado-Pan Garrison
    Assault Deadtalker's Plateau
    Assault Fire Camp Gai-Cho
    Spirit Dust Objective
    The Deadtalker Cipher
    The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy! Location
    Cheng Bo!
    (3)The Mogu Menace
    Onyx Hearts
    Bronze Claws
    Spiteful Sprites
    When the Dead Speak
    In Sprite of Everything

    **Krasarang Wilds(The Anglers) Quartermaster

    -Anglers Wharf
    (you need to train Fishing before you can take Daily quest)
    Bright Bait
    Fishing for a Bruising
    Jagged Abalone
    Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel
    Piranha! (need to fish for it)
    Scavenger Hunt (need to fish for it)
    Shocking! (need to fish for it)
    Viseclaw Soup

    **Jade Forest(Order of the Cloud Serpent) Quartermaster

    -The Arboretum
    (You need to complete the Chain Quest given by Elder Anli before you can do the dailies)
    Dark Huntress Location
    Disarming the Enemy Location
    Madcap Mayhem
    Monkey Mischief
    Needle Me Not
    On the Prowl
    Tiny Treats
    Restoring the Balance Location
    Serpent's Scale
    The Easiest Way To A Serpent's Heart
    The Seed of Doubt
    Thinning the Pack
    Weeping Widows
    Sweet as Honey

    ***August Celestial Quartermaster
    Talk to the August Celestial quartermaster in your faction's capital in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and take those 4 quest he/she gives.(optional)

    -Attack At The Temple of the Jade Serpent
    Arrows of Fortune
    Hidden Power
    The Darkness Around Us
    The Shadow of Doubt

    -Challenge At The Temple of the Red Crane
    Chasing Hope Objective
    Students of Chi-Ji
    Champion of Chi-Ji
    (requires 2 or more players, if youre geared enough you can solo him/her)

    -Defense at Niuzao Temple
    The Big Guns Location(They only spawns 2 Sra'thik War Wagons, so i suggest you kill those 2 first then do other quest, get back and see if they spawn to finish it. They take awhile to spawn so take your time doing other quest)

    -Trial at the Temple of the White Tiger
    Contending With Bullies Location

    *The Tillers Quartermaster
    I didn't include The Tillers because I don't think there are dailies available there besides the Cooking Daily. If you know any of them please do comment it below :)

  2. May 16, 2016  
    *The Tillers Quartermaster is Farmer Yoon and you can get exalted very fast.

  3. Dailies Update~

    Dread Waste

    Total gold earned : 3062 01 00

    Quest Giver
    Spoiler: Show

    An Ancient Empire
    Bad Genes
    Debugging the Terrace --> Use "/tar Eye" on the location shown on this screenshot, pretty fast spawn rate
    Spoiler: Show

    Fear Takes Root --> You can just walk on the plant thingy using flying mount without right clicking them, pretty fast refresh time
    Putting an Eye Out
    Quite now --> Click it to spawn the boss (if there are no boss), aggro them by approaching them from the sky up to ground using flying mount, see screenshot
    Spoiler: Show

    Sap Tapping --> See Screeshot, pretty long refresh time and there is only 1 expect a rival
    Spoiler: Show

    Shortcut to Ruin --> Some may bugged, just wait it to refresh
    Specimen Request
    The Fight Against Fear
    The Scale Lord
    Vess-Guard Duty
    Wing Clip
    Edited: June 21, 2016

  4. Townlong Steppes

    Total gold earned : 3499 44 00

    Quest Giver
    Spoiler: Show

    Note : Ban Bearheart can only give you 3 quest, after you finish this 3 quest he will give you another 3 quest, and only 2 worked.

    Assault Deadtalkers Plateau
    Assault Fire Camp Gai Cho
    Cheng Bo!
    Destroy the Siege Weapons --> Right click the thing that shown in these screenshot
    Spoiler: Show

    Spirit Dust --> you can spam right click on the Spirit dust and retrurn multiple remnants at once
    Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Hivelord
    Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Swarmlord
    The Bigger They Come --> Just Follow the road on the quest area, they are elites mobs. shouldn't be hard to find. Pretty long spawn rate
    The Deadtalker Cipher
    The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy --> You can kill the mobs using the item shown in screenshot (there are limit of how many of the item can be stored), mobs location also shown in screenshot.
    Spoiler: Show

    The Mogu Menace --> You can take all 3 of these, and do it all once
    When the Dead Speak
    In Sprite of Everything

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