1. May 16, 2018  
    While playing retail gives you an automatic PhD in every subject known to mankind not everyone knew all the intricacies of the game.
    Maybe but I just think it was bugged and it was stacking ^^, this would most likely explain also that 42k ds from blood dk which is impossible to earn here I guess?

  2. May 16, 2018  
    It's not impossible. You just need the stars to line up with regard to your AP procs (so that you're pushed above 16k AP), and you need someone that instantly applies major armor reduction buffs on the boss. That, and Shadowmourne + BiS gear.

    I don't disagree that there was probably some kind of funky spell behavior involved in the 30k auto and 42k DS though.

  3. May 18, 2018  
    Did a wild VoA 25m today...

    Suprisingly, i think, i had all the buffs and debuffs Bdk needs, exept for Flask and Pot + Prepot.
    We had a Combat Rogue, Prot Warrior, Balance Druid for those important Physical dmg debuffs.

    Both Procs from DBW wer 700 Haste.
    I tryed not to AoE, but cant help those orbs spawning in Bawses ***.

    Considering how low Raid DPS was and that fight lasted for 2min 25sec, it aint bad if u ask me...
    The point of the Screenshots and this comment is avrg DMG on both DS and HS.
    Considering how much DMG Melee hits did, i dont think there is anything wrong in how HS and DS calculation formula works.

    I completely forgot about the pet (Rise Dead) untill last 40% of the boss, so i dont know if thats the maximum amount of DMG that thing can do, so ignore that statistic since i failed on it...

  4. Dayum, I forgot how fun blood was in WotLK.
    I'll be taking a break from retail due to terrible class design, and meanwhile I'll be playing again my root and original blood DK dps :3 <3

  5. 1 Day Ago  
    Good afternoon.

    Very good guide, but in the talents I differ, because they are not the most optimal.

    The best build, by far, is next: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#jfV...ZfMbhxc:IpGMVm

    Note: The talent point spent on Improved Blood Presence talent, we can remove it and place it in the following possible talents: Rune Tap, Mark of Blood and Vampiric Blood. Personally, I prefer Improved Blood Presence, because we increase the healing received by 5%.

    For the rest, very well everything, a greeting.

  6. 1 Day Ago  
    I think this is a PvP as in Player versus Player guide.

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