[Forum] Forum Users Code of Conduct [Updated: May 20, 2016]

Disclaimers And Our General Warning

  • Each member uses the Warmane forums and server as a privilege -- this is not a guaranteed right.
  • Violation of any policy described here will result in an infraction which may lead to a forum ban. Such bans can become permanent and may include ingame bans upon persistance of the banned user, so tread carefully -- this is our house and you are a guest.
  • Before you think about lashing out, remember to turn off your computer and go for a jog and give it 24hrs before you do something you'll regret -- most perm-banned people absolutely regret their choices after realizing what the cost was.
  • We feel these policies are self explanatory.


  • Send a private message to any Forum Moderator to report someone breaking the rules on the forums. To report hackers, open a ticket in-game. Report bugs exclusively on the Bug Tracker, not in the Forums. This includes using the Forums to ask for votes on the Bug Tracker.
  • Do not open a new thread to complain about staff conduct, ninjas, hackers & exploiters, bugs, etc.; the forums are intended for happy game-related content as a social platform, not your soap-box.


  • We have zero tolerance for any misconduct on our forums; do not test us.
  • Bans are all handed out on a situational basis by all moderators, which are determined by a very specific guideline; bans are handed out based on user offense and severity; the head moderator or super moderator may decide if the ban needs to be longer than what is determined by the offense type.
  • The infraction system determines the length of bans in most cases. Accumulating 21 points will cause your account to be permanently banned. Warnings (marked as a "yellow card") do not count against this total.


  • #1: No Discrimination, Insults Or Cursing -- Be nice, and have fun while allowing others to have fun; you are of course allowed to PVP on PVP realms and forum boards. Just keep it civil and leave accusations to private messages sent to the correct staff members.

  • #2: No Avoiding the Word Filter -- Do not avoid the language censor - it's there for a reason. If you want to use a curse word, do it and let the censor do its job. This encompasses changing or removing letters, using symbols or spaces or anything that will cause the word to not be replaced by asterisks. The forum requires at least 10 characters in order to have a post created. If you can't think on 10 letters, just don't post. If caught copying the alert or circumventing the filter, you will receive an infraction for spam.

  • #3: No Advertising Or Solicitation -- We do not allow other businesses to operate on Warmane because we find their methods often break our terms; this is not the same as advertising for guilds or group projects that involve in-game gold which is permitted. Any sort of transactions between Warmane and another game, be it any sort of currency, items or services, are forbidden. Infractions for this usually result in a permanent ban.

  • #4: No Inappropriate Material -- No NSFW/NSFL links, images/videos (including profile pictures or signatures) and nothing that one would reasonably expect to be found deep in the bowels of sites such as 4chan; we don't care if the material is "legal" in your country. Gif avatars are also strictly forbidden. Infractions for this offense will result in a ban.

  • #5: No Colored Text -- Color is allowed for emphasis, for guides, or for very important posts. However, even in this case, do not use it excessively. More than a few words in a standard post being colored, or using it to rainbow-paint a guide is too much. Keep content readable.

  • #6: No Paid Coin Gifting -- Giving a friend coins for free is allowed (gifting); transactions involving coins for gold are permitted when marketplace coin transactions are active; all other coin transactions are forbidden. This includes adding "extra gold" or other in-game rewards in an attempt to entice people to purchase your things off of the marketplace. Infractions for this offense will result in a ban.

  • #7: No Threads Intended To Call Staff Attention -- If you really want to talk to us, send a PM to the correct department; the forums are not a platform for your drama (which includes complaining about bans). General inquiries towards the staff (What's next in development?; Threads that dictate otherwise; etc.) are the only exceptions.

  • #8: No Spamming -- Say something once and bump if you need to, but don't spam any message more than once (includes cross-posting). Necro-posting, derailing and other disruptions also fall under this rule. Reply -pictures for provoking someone are not allowed. If you have the urge to post reply-pictures, try the Spam & Game Central subforums. Infractions for this offense will not result in a ban right away, but the points do accumulate.

  • #9 No Reporting Bugs or Players in Topics -- Bug tracker exists for a reason. Use it for any bug discussion. The QA team does not look for feedback on the forums, so it's useless to send a report here. The same goes for reporting players, read this if you want to report someone in-game, or send a PM to any forum moderator to report a forum user.

  • #10: No Account Selling -- Expect a fast perm-ban if you attempt to sell an account, or post (or private message) anything that indicates the intent to sell an account. There are many reasons we don't allow account trading and most of all this is against the zero tolerance solicitation rules but also this can be a form of activity where our beloved community is targeted by predators looking to make a buck or harm our community out of spite or for other reasons. Likewise, attempting to trade or buy one will have your post deleted and a final warning that this is forbidden.

  • #11: No Advertising Marketplace Transactions -- This includes gold, items, characters, etc. Keep your advertisements for these transactions off the forum. This includes buying, selling and trading. Transactions on the marketplace should be obvious - if someone wants to buy gold, they don't need someone to advertise to them before they go to the marketplace to buy some.

  • #12: No Disrespect To Staff Or Server -- Staff disrespect or harassment is against our corporate anti-violence & anti-harassment policy so we legally cannot tolerate it. Infractions for this offense will result in a heavy & lengthy ban. This includes openly questioning the Server or Staff's professionalism, values or veracity of claims - we're not above ever being wrong, but we don't take lightly to being called greedy or liars.

  • #13: Posting On Alternate Accounts While Banned -- Posting on an alternate account while your main account is banned is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban for that account. This also applies to posting on your main account while one of your alt accounts are banned and will result in a lengthy ban for that account.

Moderator Discretion

  • Moderators are permitted to moderate as they see fit, which means they can infract, ban or delete for things not indicated by these rules if the offense in question is deemed not suitable for the forum.

These rules are subject to change at any time, without notice. Check it once in a while.
Terms of Service can be found here: https://www.warmane.com/policies/terms