1. [A] Azure, the new fear of Deathwing!

    Greetings Warmane members, we are opening our recruitement doors for enthusiastic PvE Alliance players same as we are. Regards, Azure leaders.

    Guild History

    Our history starts 5 years ago back in late 2010 on Deathwing wotlk realm, we accomplished all possible raiding achievements with best progression. Guild got disbanded in 2012, reasons- inactivity.

    Azure 2015

    The guild is established once again by the old members, with new active roster, website and leaders. The Moltdown brought Azure to return and the fear to our new enemy- the Deathwing itself.

    DKP System

    We are using DKP's guild looting system which is most helpful way for main characters to gear up faster than normal way- rolling for gear.

    Guild Progression

    We have already defeated Deathwing and Ragnaros both on heroic encounter. But thats not the milestone where we stop. We are aiming to complete all possible ingame achievements on all variations and difficulties to bring Azure members next maximum joy of gameplay on Warmane/Molten cataclysm realm.
    Current progression:
    - DS Heroic 8/8
    - FL Heroic 7/7

    Guild Recruitement

    To join Azure we are not looking for super geared players, because it's all is obtainable ingame. We are looking for enthusiastic players, who are willing to put effort in our raiding community and build it even stronger. But first, there are some things what we want in return.
    - Fluent English
    - Maturity
    - Respect
    - Prepared for raids(knowledge of encounters)
    - Patience
    - Applicants who lack knowledge of their own class will be declined automtically, such knowledge is widely available the class section of your class. We expect our members to have at least put time into their class to top their perfomance in raids.

    If you meet these requirements, then you are ready to join our community- write an application on our website. (guild website link below)

    We are raiding every day 3PM and 6PM Server Time.

    Here are some videos from fights

    Edited: April 27, 2015

  2. Legendary PvE guild from Wotlk times have been returned. :) Happy to see you guys. Keep up the good work!

  3. Good job guys that you actually made this here.Dont forget FAITH is your friend guild and just keep it up :)


  4. Soooo now we need only OF DOOM here and were complete gz on progress.

  5. Thumb for best PvE guild on Alliance side! :)

  6. Passing by to say that we approve and thanks Azure for playing and streaming their videos on Warmane. :)

    Good job everyone.

  7. May 13, 2015  

  8. June 8, 2015  
    bump, I love raiding with these guys

  9. June 9, 2015  

  10. Hi, is there anyone from the old Molten Azure team? I can't recognize any nicknames :(

  11. To sad its dead server, otherwise i would have love to join.

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