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    Dear players,

    Due to the high activity of the previous thread, we decided to make a new one which will result in higher efficiency from our side and less confusion from yours, so please just follow a little rule:

    Whenever you want to report a new bug, you are able to write the description here, but only if followed by a Bug Tracker link, so each single bug will have its own little thread, and this actual thread will be used as a storage for those. All existing bugs will be linked to this main Topic with a Bug Tracker link.

    • Dragon Soul
    • Firelands
    • Blackwing Descent
    • The Bastion of Twilight
    • Throne of the Four Winds

    Heroic dungeons:
    • End Time
    • Well of Eternity
    • Hour of Twilight (coming soon™)
    • Zul'Gurub
    • Zul'Aman

    • The Deadmines
    • Shadowfang Keep
    • Grim Batol
    • The Vortex Pinnacle
    • Lost City of the Tol'vir
    • Halls of Origination
    • Throne of the Tides
    • The Stonecore
    • Blackrock Caverns

    Please note that we would like to keep this Topic as clean as possible, in order for us to analize easily every bug, off-topics and double reports will slow down development and will be immediately deleted without warning.

  2. Firelands:
    Not an Ambi-Turner is unachievable
    Glory of the Firelands Raider cannot be completed, because of not working achievement Not an Ambi-Turner
    Firelands achivement cannot be obtained if the only boss you don't have is Ragnaros and you kill him on Heroic difficulty, it still doesn't counts.
    Heroic: Ragnaros doesn't counts as Ragnaros slain for Firelands achievement.
    Edited: June 17, 2015

  3. Instance: ZulīGurub


    This achievement is not working, u can avoid everything, but you still dont get the achievement

  4. 1. HoT Thrall reseting and not having the option to restrt the event. This happens if a) he dies b) one of the members is not present at the start *command*. (have not checked if reentering the instance without leaving the party can fix this. Also no docs on it atm :/ )
    2. In some instances (Tol'vir, Vortex Pinnacle *elevators*) the knock back mechanics can result in the players inside getting wow error. This also happens from the Heroic Leap ability of warriors in certain cases (the ones i hve seen: Frost phase at Hagara, at any point during this phase a warrior leaps the whole raid gets wow error. Madness of deathwing, at any point of this encounter the skill wil result in a wow error for the whole raid (also Life grip while moving from platform to platform will also result in a wow error on the whole raid). Will try to test Throne of the four winds.
    3. At the Tyrande encounter of End time she casts Eyes of the Goddess. In many occassions one out of the two circles will spawn on top of the boss. This can happen more than one time during an attempt but also not happen at all. It is completely luck based.
    4.Warmaster Blackhorn. If a right side assault drake (right while facing thrall) is left for last it will not get harpooned the ship and phase 2 starts while it being still alive and able to cast twilight barrage.
    5.Spine of deathwing hc. Degradation is not being applied properly.

  5. Green_dev I know this is not the place, But could you do something in favor of Old Content. It's fairly simple. Gruul's Lair and Mount Hyjal, level 70 raid instances.

    The bug is simple, It's the bosses having HUGE HP pool. Could you make it so they have their normal HP? It's just a matter of delete the Extra Zeros to the Right.

    And doomguard's HP is stuck on The Burning Crusade HP, having 9k HP is mostly a 1 hit kill from almost all bosses on any Cataclysm Raid.

    Would definetly Thank you for fixing these simple yet annoying bugs.
    Edited: September 12, 2015

  6. I'm talking about Warlock's Doomguard, The DPS cooldown which is shot down by any simple AOE raid damage. The HP they have is about 9k HP.

    Even if Avoidance worked for them they would die so quickly because they don't have HP updated for Cataclysm, The HP they have is about the same from The Burning Crusade.

    They should have between 100k or 150k H

    All I mean is that both issues: The Hyjal one and the Warlock's Doomguard is simply HP related, I know you're working on loraderon, But just by changing the HP values on each issue would benefit the Neltharion ten fold.

    Just by changing those two simple, yet strongly annoying bug. As I said Neltharion would be so grateful for it.
    Edited: September 12, 2015

  7. Green_Dev if its possible please fix the Lord Rhyolith in Firelands achievements Not An Ambi-Turner http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5...an-ambi-turner since people are waiting for that fix way too long. It was obtainable 5-4 months ago just by killing Lord Rhyolith & now even if u do what the achievement requires u won't get it.

  8. A lot of people will most likely dislike what I have to say now but this needs to be fixed for sure.

    World in flames on rag hc isn't working properly. It's only doing 1 cast out of 4 casts. After the first cast it stops for about 5 or 6 sec. During this time it does nothing, not even melee on tank. It's hard for me to prove this since I can't record. However here are some screenshots in hope it will do.


  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gROAzCPPFHk here you can see the Engulfing Flames Bug which is still existing, P.S. U MUST LOVE MEGAS COMMENTS IN VIDEO.
    Adding some more information, meteors can't be kited as before at last phase atm since theyre going crazy sometimes.
    Adding more information about Lord Rhyolith encounter: Some Volcanoes are spawning under the ground.
    Edited: September 14, 2015

  10. Adding some bugs about Throne of the Four Winds raid.
    1. Slipstream with which u have a chance to move around 3 platforms are bugged, always pulls u down and u must type /Script RepopMe() to release ur corpse (which makes 1st boss encounter impossible).
    2. Al'Akir boss stage 3 ability Wind Burst (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=87770/wind-burst) causes WoW client to crash, which makes boss almost not possible to be killed.

  11. New report about Dragon Soul Heroic Hagara the Stormbinder encounter bug: On frost phase Ice Spikes aren't going only clockwise around the platform, but sometims stops right on the crystals or goes into random directions as example through middle of platform and such.

  12. New Report about Dragon Soul 25man Heroic encounter Warlord Zon'ozz, Void of The Unmaking spell (called Ball). After the Black phase it spawns not as supposed to be. As example it should be like that: if u face Warlord to East the ball spawns on East and moves East>West>East>West & right now if u face Warlord to East the ball Spawns on South and goes South>North>South>North, which makes Encounter harder.

  13. New Report: Morchok Heroic encounter in Dragon Soul most of the times spawn Resonating Crystals spawns too far away from boss and even if theres a lot of players stacked on it, it hits only 2-3 targets sometimes (which cause them insta death or fatal damage).

  14. New report, about Ascendant Councils and Sinestra encounters in Bastion Of Twilight on Heroic mode.
    1. Sinestra - If you wipe once or twice Sinestra respawns with 100% Health pool instead 60%
    2. Ascendant Councils - 3rd phase Electric Instability damage Overscaled.

  15. Green_dev, since this is where we can speak about raids and dungeons also, i would like to say that Throne Of The Four Winds is not working at all. I would like to see it rescripted if you can, the bugs in that raid are the following: 1.slipstreams don't work, they wont take you to another platform, when you jump on them they throw you back to the beggining of slipstream and they throw you down 2. Al'Kir, when the last phase begins it randomly disconnects all the players or most of them 3. As far as i know heroic version is more than mythic to kill, so it would be cool if you would take some time to fix this raid, because 80% of it doesn't works

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