1. June 6, 2015  

    (Question MoP) Spawn of Poseidus spawn point?

    Hi all, i wanted to ask if someone know the coordinates or spawn point(s) of the NPC Poseidus who drops the mount Reins of Poseidus (haha not spawn) - i was looking for him since days, though only at the designated points at Wowhead

    Aeonoxx for example spawns somewhere way different in Warmane than at retail - so it might be here the case too

    Thanks in advance and looking forward for replies

  2. June 6, 2015  
    The spawn points should be the same.
    However due to a mis circle it can be that some mobs just dont travel their circles and thus they are "stuck" somewhere among there travels.
    Just travel / explore the area around the spawn points and you most likely find them.

  3. June 8, 2015  
    Thanks for the hint, but i assume he spawns at another waypoint than the 5 mentioned at Wowhead - because all Reins of Poseidus at the AH are all from one and the same player and i doubt he/she is telling me where he spawns excactly

    If anyone has further information, i appreciate it - i just want it for my own collection haha and not to spend 100k for it

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