1. yes, RDF is enabled and Heirlooms gear available at vendors

  2. Any news on Crossrealm?
    the answer is simple NO!
    i keep asking staff in PM and they dont eve talkback
    no point asking,or waiting.
    if they want it they will do it,pvp on lord is so dead..

  3. Limited coin store:
    - Item availability based on realm's progression
    - Items available will be 1 Tier below items obtainable in-game until all content is released in all modes
    - Must have a lower tier equipped before higher item can be obtained using coins
    - Item level requirement (i.e. must have Edge of Agony equipped before Fleshrender can be obtained using coins
    This should be updated.
    Its missleading for newcomers.

  4. hello fellas, sry that im writing it here but i cant find any topic like my problem, so the problem is, when i try to connect to Lordaeron (Woltk) it say something on russian language about wrong language, i downloaded WoW from another source and its russian.

    help PLS !

  5. Hello , is there a possibility to reset the server and return to the initial content?

  6. Ok guys you asked for feedback here you are. I'm started to play on lordaeron because of its hardcore. I kiiled LoD and RS 25hc on Icecrown, in additon wotlk was released in 2010 so many players like me joined this server because they tired of farming woltk content(retail one). Idk who said to you that bosses in icc are hard to kill, as you can see on lader 3 guilds are farming LoD right now, one year after Memories kill. One by one they did it. It says that all icc bosses are fine even with upgrades and without +30% buff. Yes it takes more time than usual but imo player came here exactly for that reason. They're trying, trying, wiping, wiping, using some tricks, extra abilities, using different strategies and so on. This nerf took away all this charm. I can tell you im not the only one who thinks in that way. Ask players from raven, after life, kappaxd, argent dawn is it really hard to kill bosses? (im not a member of any of that guild). My point is that any guild can do it. It just takes more time.
    I am asking to come back latest patch.

  7. Good Day To You,

    I'm a new player here, on Lordaeron. I've played on Sunwell, Dragonblight, and other servers last time.
    I have some questions and a request to players or Administration.

    1. Can You update first topic for a new players, just like me? I mean - informations about first kills, rates, buffs on raids etc, what emblems we reach, is rdf work with extra exp at the end (important informations).
    2. Is there any channels at WoW like "Global", "world", etc?
    3. Is the information on the main site about online players real?
    4. Is here any exp boost or something for faster lvling?

    Thank You for Your time.

  8. Greetings! I have just returned into playing on here, after being absent for a long time and I am noticing quite a drasticly high amount of plate using characters compared to anything else. Is this true or just a coincidence?

  9. Im new, and need to know if dungeons finder are available

  10. is there a chance to get a answer on the previouse questions ?

  11. Isnt it about time to enable the 30% buff in ICC and maybe even enable heirlooms with points ? I mean come on . Lordearon needs new players. Like, literally new players, not alts lvling.

  12. Lordaeron MOST DEFINITELY does not need any difficulty nerfs, especially 30% buff, the raids are easy as they come anyway. And what would be the point of having 2 Icecrown realms? More people would quit Lordaeron than new players would come, since many enjoy the more authentic wotlk experience that lordaeron brings.

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