1. hurry up warmane, molten didn't keep us waiting ;)

  2. hurry up warmane, molten didn't keep us waiting ;)
    lol..... the sting is real.

  3. Some news? When will it be ready

  4. Sept 20 still no marketplace liars ._.

  5. This is sad... Now they have angry pvp'ers because of some ****ty season awards, angry mop and wotlk people because of the fking marketplace and an overal angry comunity beacause of the lack of support from warmane... This is going to be fun...

  6. "The point shop is unavailable now as we rework the system. Players may continue collecting points which will be squished before the rework of the point shop is concluded."

    Its only down for a while. Just be patient.
    I was wondering what was going to happen since i was still able to collect points after the reset.

  7. When will there be MP?! This is tiring! we vote everyday like you said now where is our MP lik you guys said! 20th!

  8. What i don't understand is why you even reworked it in the first place. It's like asking for more trouble when you already have your hands full with other stuff.

  9. voting wasn't disabled. only the marketplace.
    Voting has not existed or needed for points ever since the new warmane website has been up. So yes,voting was disabled waaaay before marketplace.
    You really think that the ''collect points'' button somehow was voting for something?

  10. While you people are talking about the intricacies of the "vote" system, I'm just here sitting and waiting for an official update on the matter.

    Warmane obviously failed to meet the deathline, mostly due to workload thanks to Lordaeron and the WoTLK rework aswell.
    Such thing bothers me not. What is stinging me is the lack of updates.

    Any report on the current state of affairs regarding the matter would be appreciated.
    Completion percentual, dedicated work force status, etc.

  11. Ohhhh, so that's what you were trying to imply looool. I've read like 2-3 of your comments about there is not "voteshop" or "there is no voting"
    and I thought, "this guy is probably on shrooms" I failed to notice the change since what I really was after was just points. The change in the process of obtaining it didn't really occur to me. So yea, thanks.. i guess.

  12. yup... warmane is not a corporation..enterprise..conglomerate.. a major epiphany for some of you.
    warmanes a few dozen people that have made it part of their life to keep WoW running and alive - for free mostly - for the majority of us anyhow.
    We can even say they have CLAIMed the right to do so : cuz i dont see any complainers here, so determined and so angry- jumping this ship to start your own server... bringing it to the lot of us for free.

    Its amazing people play an indepth game like warcraft - yet they cannot at all conceive what warmane is/has been doing, WHY they have been doing it - and overall what great effects the outcome will likely bring. hmmm a new shop rework - a new realm/CORE release friday - How can you not see it? o.O
    -Warmane has a huge week upon them... they've earned it

    These vote points free gear spoiled big bags are drugs - and THATS why you cant see it. ..well...one of the reasons...
    Warmane lied to us -QQ
    Just keep clickin your activity button - youll get some free stuff eventually dont worry

    P.s. just think: usually your clicking for the last point having just what you need for item. Now youll have a saved sum, itll be like a mad trip to the mall!!

  13. well said mizara, its nice to see that there are people out there who actually appreciate all the hard work that goes into scripting these free servers for us all to enjoy. scripting is a long and unpredictable process guys, (fix one thing break 10, fix them 10 break another 30 kind of operation) just have some patience and enjoy the outcome when it arrives, instead of raging because you don't have anything so spend your points on.

  14. Why haven't point shop been open yet? Give us a date?

    How long Left? I would like to spend my points now...

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