1. You can do this yourself in Spells.lua:
    ["DiminishingReturns"] =
    				-- Disorients:
    				[33786] = "disorient",			-- Cyclone
    				[31661] = "disorient", 			-- Dragon's Breath
    				[105421] = "disorient", 		-- Blinding Light
    				[10326] = "disorient", 			-- Turn Evil
    				[8122] = "disorient", 			-- Psychic Scream
    				[2094] = "disorient", 			-- Blind
    				[5484] = "disorient", 			-- Howl of Terror
    				[6358] = "disorient", 			-- Seduction
    				[5246] = "disorient",			-- Intimidating Shout
    Waterelemental Freeze is probably missing, whereas Frost Nova is not, or the other way around. It just needs the correct spell IDs.

  2. Would be cool if there was a way to have better control over position of party pet frames and cast bars.

  3. Thnx for the addon rewind shaka. Can u make the Cataclism version aswell?

  4. I guess I could look into making this work on Cataclysm. Should be fairly easy.

  5. Thanks friend. Waiting for the upload.

  6. After I said that, my mainboard **** itself in the face. So now all I have is a tablet. Meaning you'll have to wait before I can do anything. My hardware is so old, I'll have to buy everything from scratch.

  7. Already got it from EY forum...
    Edited: September 19, 2015

  8. Party mana bars bug out and stuck at same number.

  9. Loving this addon, seems like I can't use my mousebinds while hovering unitframes though?

  10. Party power bars/mana bars numbers are broken for you too? They stuck and don't change at all.

  11. Added slash commands /alive and /arenalive
    Fixed power bars

  12. 1 Week Ago  
    Dont work interface (customization)

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