1. And I'm not done yet! Here's a new battleground video. This time, I'm just hunting down the entire opposite team instead of going for objectives. A video perfect for people that focus on getting a great scoreboard with high DPS ;)


  2. New Battleground video recorded yesterday during our Guild Premade Event!

    We got some great challenge facing a <The Ministry> premade :)
    Thanks to all participants!!


    Since the Alliance population is getting really big (obviously more than 60-70% of players are on Alliance side), FATALITY decided to recruit EVERYONE (390+ ilvl except for alts) from Alliance that transfers to Horde. If you are looking for more challenge with friendly people, our guild is the place to go! If you were a member of our Alliance guild Chemical, you will be automatically accepted to FATALITY. We got, in general, shorter queues (even as a premade) compared to Alliance. If you already play Alliance and want to start a new character on Horde side because you don't have enough Points to transfer, that's OK! As long as you know your class, exceptionally, you can join us even if you're not lv85. We got a full Guild Bank to help you get your Vicious set if needed but we won't give you everything, you gonna have to work a bit for your own things so I suggest you to learn professions while leveling.

    Thanks to everyone!
    -Big Bull

  4. Still active and LF more PvPers to squash some alliance!



    FATALITY wants to help every new Neltharion players. Together, we decided to change our recruitment rules to help as many people as we can to enjoy the realm.

    1. Item level required is now 385 instead of 390.

    2. We will now invite low level players.

    Spoiler: Show
    We only invite future PvPers ; you will recieve, when 85, some pieces of the Vicious set. We won't farm for you, but we will share evenly what our Guild Bank has. We only invite people under lv80. Of course, when you'll start PvPing with us, you will be forced to wear the entire Vicious set. We will do our best to carry you. You can't join at lv85 and expect us to gear you. As I said, we will only gear people 79 and less. Vicious gear doesn't come with enchants though, but once you get you Ruthless (honor points) gear, you will recieve free gems and enchants.

    Thank you for your time and participation to the realm. Bring your friends with you! :)

  6. New PvP video recorded TODAY on Neltharion! Read description for more information. :)

  7. Awesome game :-] !!! Rated bg inc?

  8. Awesome game :-] !!! Rated bg inc?
    Probably, nothing's sure yet but Tdot and I are interested :)

    Well played btw one of the best fights I had in month ;)

  9. After more than 3 years on Warmane, FATALITY will now officially leave Neltharion.

    This decision comes from both Tdot and I because we want our guild to survive Neltharion's death. I have been fighting for this realm for more than an entire year, created many threads to suggest some new solutions, but nothing happened. I want to thank Mercy for trying with me, joining Neltharion both as a moderator and as a player. I want to thank supporters I had here ; you guys were the reason I fought so hard. Thank you to all my guildmates as well, you mean a lot to me, but keep in mind that this is not the end ; we are a family moving from a house to another.

    I decided that if I couldn't save Neltharion, I would at least save my guild. That's why we will be playing on another game (that I obviously won't name here). Both Tdot and I have chosen different paths for now, but we might reunite in a few months if everything goes well, it's not sure yet. I will keep this thread closed and, if any mircale happens to Neltharion, then be assured that FATALITY will show up again. I will keep my Warden role here on forums so you can private message me anytime if you have any question or you can also join Neltharion's Discord. I will keep all the precious memories with you on my Youtube channel (Oh, those RBGs <3)

    This is only the beginning of a new adventure.
    Thanks for all the fun we had and good luck for the rest. I hope we will all meet again someday.

    - Horribull

  10. I want to thank all <FATALITY> members that joined and and helped to accomplish our original goal of dominating the server. Without you guys, what we accomplished could not have been possible. Unfortunately our Journey is over on Nelth but not our guild as whole, we will continue on elsewhere hunting alliance scum wherever they hide ... they are the infestation that drives us to continue to PvP and we will not stop until every one of these alliance dogs fall to their grave.

    The hunt continues

    - tdot

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