1. Auctioneer and TSM for Cata.

    Hi all,
    does any one have a working version of TSM and TSM Suite, including a correct version of auctioneer, that is working?
    I can scan the Auction with Auctionator and Auctioneer, without any issues. But while i have tried a few versions of the TSM (Tradeskill Master) add on, i cant seem to make it scan my profession, or run a full scan.
    Does anyone have any ideas, what the issue might be?

    I have used the AH-Fix but that doesn't solve the issue.


  2. Full scan functionality is not enabled/working on server. Auctioneer can do full scan because it does full scan by requesting each page separately. That might be possible to fix by modifying the addon. Not sure what the problem is with professions.

  3. Hi mate,
    thanks for replying, but I still don't know why the TSM will fail the scan. Before the wipe i was able to run TSM fine and i was getting the results on the professions. But after the servers came back online and with the same addons, variables this is not possible any more. The same addon, in WOTLK works fine as before the wipe. Even when the name was molten after the wipe (when servers came back online) the add on didnt work, even now that is called warmane.

    So, it seems there is an issue with how Cata AH has been restored after the wipe. Thus iam asking if anyone is able to use any Version of TSM after the wipe successful to get prices for the professions or to do a Full scan.

    Having a look at the below forum post and using the addons from the guy posted, again iam still not able to scan the AH with the TSM, but auctioneer and auctionator work fine, as with my addons.

    Forgot to ask what add-on people are using to post auctions in AH, i.e. if i have 200 glyphs, how can i post them instead of one by one? What people are using for multiple posts and get prices?
    Edited: July 28, 2015

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