1. <The Crystal Tear> is now recruiting on Frostwolf! (Ally)


    The Crystal Tear is a new initiative under the auspices of the Alliance aiming to collect knowledge and lore on Azeroth and Outland. We organise small expeditions to locations of interest, investigate the area and collect the knowledge we have obtained for future reference (all objects, loot and items discovered during the investigation remains with the expedition team). We are looking for explorers, loremasters, arcanists and able-bodied men of all backgrounds to join our ranks. After declaration of interest, a field mission will be organised with a ranked officer for your recruitment. Please contact any of the following names by post should you wish to join.

    OOC Information
    The Crystal Tear is a newly formed Roleplaying guild that accepts all levels, races and classes within the Alliance. Our main focus will be organising small-scaled, investigation-themed roleplaying events in questing locations and especially dungeons.

    Recruitment will be done following a quick In-Character interview so that we can see your character's motivation and backstory in joining the guild. No experience in Roleplaying is necessary whatsoever, only enthusiasm.

    For further info you can join the roleplaying chat channel by typing "/join OOCRP", where an online guild member would be happy to assist you. You can also contact the following players according to their timezones:
    Maralais (Europe)
    Valyar/Chandrakant (second character is in-guild alt, Americas)
    Eriadnis (Europe)
    Elvorifiwien (Americas)
    Tiavia (Americas)
    Levallois/Runa (second character is in-guild alt)
    Emilienne/Ariallyn/Raphaella (first character is in-guild main, Americas)
    Zytar/Destry (second character is in-guild alt, Europe)
    Shandre (Europe)

    You can also leave a reply in this thread for any questions. Hoping to see you in a roleplay session!

    Foreign Relations
    <Stormwind Army> - Revered
    <Blood Knights Gladiators> - Neutral
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  2. Following our first guild meeting, here ,is some new information we have decided on:
    -Timeline-wise the guild operates following the very beginning of Mists of Pandaria (useful while designing character backstory).
    -The guild has two different groups within it, each with is own rank progression:
    Spoiler: Show

    The first group is made of researchers who seek to uncover secrets throughout Azeroth and beyond. Their ranks are Seeker (Member), Chronicler (Officer) and Lorekeeper (Group Leader)
    The second group is composed of protectors who work to both preserve the knowledge gathered by the Seekers as well as offer their fighting strength to the guild's service. Their ranks are Warden (Member), Guardian (Officer) and Justiciar (Group Leader).
    Every member, once going through the one-week trial period as an Initiate, gets to choose which group they want to be in.

    -It is recommended for guild members to post a profile for their characters in this thread.
    -Small-scale guild events will each have "storytellers" that will lead the plot and narrate the environment (and NPCs if necessary).
    -Storytellers that wish to add an element of uncertainty can use the following dice system:

    Any time a character tries to accomplish something with an element of risk, you roll a dice to see if they succeed. If the action is taken against the environment (climbing a ledge, hiding, doing acrobatis, etc) or against an NPC (fighting an NPC, persuading an NPC, etc), a result of 10 or higher is a success. If the action is taken against a player, both sides roll and the side with the higher result wins.

    Skill Level
    Every character has various skill levels related to the action they're taking. This is an expression of their training and talent related to the action they're doing. If a character's skill with an action is weak, roll to 15 (by typing "/roll 15"). If their skill is decent, roll to 20 (by typing "/roll 20"). If they're skill is excellent, roll to 30 (by typing "/roll 30").

    Power Level
    Every character also has a power level. While skill level is related to a character's capabilities with a certain skill, power level represents the overall might of the character. It's what separates a simple footman from Malfurion Stormrage.

    There are three power levels. These are, in order: mundane, notable and hero. Mundane characters are the majority of people on Azeroth. Notable characters are people who reached a certain degree of strength, but are still within the limits of normal people. Heroes have a small-scale reputation that follows them and are quite capable, even if they are certainly not to the level of notable Warcraft characters.

    Regularly, power levels don't come into effect and you roll normally. They come into play when there is a contest between characters (or NPCs) of different levels, for example against a mundane character and a hero character fighting each other. In this case, the character with the higher level gets to reroll at an amount equal to their difference of power levels. In this scenario, during an attack the hero character would get to roll three times and pick the best result. If the hero was facing a notable character, however, he would only roll two times and pick the best result.
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  3. To start things off, I'll also post my character's profile:

    Name: Maralais Anornar
    Gender: Male
    Race: Kaldorei
    Age: 600
    Power Level: Notable
    Class: Frost Mage. As a Frost Mage, Maralais' skill level on Frost spells is excellent, and on other Mage spells decent.
    Professions: As a once-hermit, Maralais is familiar with tailoring for his own. In anything related to Tailoring, he has excellent skill. He has also taken up enchanting after becoming a Mage, he is decent in any Enchanting-related skill. Finally, he is proficient with a Fishing pole, also a skill from his solitary days(excellent skill with anything Fishing-related).

    The mage has his long blue hair gathered in a small ponytail. His eyes glow in a faint golden colour, and his facial hair is in the shape of badly-kept mutton chops. He remains in simple linen clothing (shirt, vest, trousers, belt, shoes, even a hat, all made by himself) when he is among civilisation, but he wears a yellow robe when conducting guild duties.

    Maralais often smiles sincerely - even if his eyes give the impression that he just doesn't know if his social response is right. His speech often nears rambling, usually choosing the lengthiest sentence possible. It is clear that at some point the man had forgotten how to hold a conversation.

    Maralais was a hermit for most of his life and it shows. He chose a life of seclusion to focus on his love for ancient literature and texts, and even his relationship with his wife suffered from it.

    When the Second Sundering destroyed his home in Auberdine, however, Maralais' hermitage came to a premature end. At the brink of a horrendous discovery, and having lost his wife to the Naga takeover of Feathermoon Stronghold, he decided to stop dabbling in ancient lore.

    His return to civilisation coincided with the return of the Quel'dorei among the Night Elves, and Maralais took the opportunity to become one of the rare Kaldorei to be trained in the Arcane arts since thousands of years.

    His training in modern magery seems to be somehow linked to his ancient dabblings - perhaps as a way to defend himself against the secrets that he discovered. However, how exactly they relate to each other is a mystery - at this stage, even to him.

    Yet to those who do not know his true talents, he takes on the appearance of a jack of all trades - a lone hunter, a tailor and a traveller who decided to help others following the tragic dectruction of his hometown. To these people his personality comes off as unnecessarily strict - his adherence to neutrality nearly cowardly, his determination when it comes to certain subjects bordering on thick-headedness.

    Maralais' search for his personal belongings in Auberdine is what started the process that culminated with the foundation of the Crystal Tear. Ever since he has been focusing on guild duties, recruiting people, researching areas of interest and cataloguing new information he comes across.

  4. Name: Emilienne Bauquemare
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (Undead)
    Age: 46 (Killed at 39)
    Power Level: Notable
    Class: Unholy Death Knight, as an Unholy specialized Death knight, she is excellent at controlling plagues, dark natured spells, and necromancy, though she is Decent at blood control, regenerative blood spells and frost control.
    Profession: She is not skilled in any particular craft, though she is Decent at identifying runes, due to her previous experience with rune magic inside the Scourge.

    Description: An quite unique figure in the crowd, cultivating an rotten look, her skin is pale, and stitched at various locations, though apparently well kept by necromantic natured spells, she dons an characteristic Ebon Blade armor, with an large runeblade at her back, she seems to always carry quite the eerie grin in her face.

    Not quite the best person to hold an conversation with, as she holds an sardonic, sarcastic sense of humour, she will most of the times mock the situation she is in, no matter how bad it is, and make constant references to her undead state.


    Born years before the opening of the dark portal in Azeroth, Emilienne lived an chaotic life since it's beginning, at the time Stormwind fell to the Orcs, her family fled to the North, and established themselves in Northern Lordaeron, at that time, her father became a part of the Lordaeron army, and fought until the horde was driven back

    At age 30 she was an member of the Order of The Silver Hand, and an Paladin, she spent years honing her skills until the scourge appeared, and she was called to arms, this are pieces of her memory she remembers, after that all is just an haze, scrambled memories such as fighting with the Argent Dawn, and eventually making her last stand in the Plaguelands, just to be killed, and rise again, as an Death Knight, recently she joined The Crystal Tear, in search of knowledge, and perhaps personal gains.

  5. Here are some screenshots from our guild event last night, the second part of The Search for Quel'Serrar.

    Following some rumours about the legendary elven blades of Quel'Delar and Quel'Serrar, a small group of our members took a lengthy journey that took them from the Ruins of Silvermoon to Wyrmest Temple and finally the Nexus in Coldarra.

    Here's an image of the group flying from Wyrmest Temple to Coldarra:

    And another where they stand in front of the rift within the Nexus:

    More events to come in the following weeks!

  6. Soon to come:
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  7. Character Introduction

    Name: Tiavia Alorlunael
    Gender: Female
    Race: Night Elf
    Age: unknown
    Occupation: none currently
    Residence: wherever she finds herself as she travels
    Guild: The Crystal Tear

    Class: Arcane Mage. She finds strength and power in arcane magic to keep her enemies at a distance. She is weak in close combat and slow on her feet. As long as she still stands with her companions in battle she will churn to the bitter end.

    Professions: She has found a knack for tailoring that she never would have supposed she had. Enchanting materials has come to her by second nature though she finds more enjoyment in her immense focus on arcane magics. She is easily distracted, at times to the point of being confused. When she is not engrossed in conflict or study she finds patience for little else but acquiring knowledge, especially historical.

    Appearance: She has thick blue hair bundling on her shoulders and cascading down her back. In a long, sharp featured face silver-white eyes flash curiously. Her pink skin shows no mark or wear but where her moss green lips curve into a smile two dimples fight against the curve of her cheek. A small star shaped birthmark stands out stark white against the curve of her throat.

    Personality: She carries herself lightly: easy to laugh but shows little else. She is generally moved to compassion though does not always understand why. Her focused studies in magic are a point of pride and her spellcasting at times becomes a dance of intense concentration. At these times only does she feel whole with anything that exists in the known world.

    Little is known of Tiavia’s past at this point. She has not mentioned any close friends or family since arriving in Teldrassil where she spent a few days before traveling again. She seeks knowledge and has joined The Crystal Tear for this purpose.
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  8. The Chronicles of The Crystal Tear: The Beginning

    Chronicle of the Guild of the Crystal Tear

    Submitted on this day in the 29th year of the 5th lunar cycle of the 12th day here find the events of the Guild the Crystal Tear as recorded by Tiavia Alorlunael

    Guild Members:
    Maralais Anornar (Leader & Founder)
    Emilienne Baugquemare (Founder)
    Eriadnis (Founder)
    Tiavia Alorlunael

    Maralais Anornar, born some 200 years after Sargeras’ body was locked within the ancient halls of Kalimdor, lived a secluded life studying ancient lore and texts. He was content to find what he needed from his surroundings and, in his wanderings, found himself - as surely as his ancestors did – thinking of the home of the Night Elves before The Great Sundering. Though he would wish it otherwise, events upon his home world of Azeroth would shift history once more. The destruction of his home in Auberdine during the Shattering drew him into the world once more, breaking his solidarity. During a year of intense study Maralais met Eriadnis, a keeper of the Shadowglen Grove. Eriadnis’ desire for unity and the protection of nature drove Maralais’ thoughts back to his ruined home in Auberdine and the loss of his estranged wife at the takeover of Feathermoon Stronghold. Seeking to retain something of his former life he asks Eriadnis for his service in securing treasured belongings from his ruined homestead. In particular Maralais searches for a manuscript filled with critical research and dark secrets he fears will fall into the wrong hands.

    Eriadnis, suggests they be accompanied by additional companions to help them on their quest. He sends a message to a recent acquaintance that he met in Teldrassil who is a warrior and can assist them on their journey. Elvorifiwien acquiesces in her stalwart manner and begins the trip to meet them in Darnassus. Along the way the night elf stumbles across Tiavia who is attempting to use a dagger in battle against small woodland creatures. Recalling Tiavia’s presence at the tree of life where Eriadnis had patiently explained its history she sighs deeply, furrowing her brow and takes the young arcane mage into her care.

    Following brief introductions of the four companions in the temple gardens of Darnassus, Elvorifiwien, Eriadnis, Maralais and Tiavia make the journey to Maralais’ home attempting to draw as little attention as possible. Extra caution is needed as they traveled through the sparse and desolate lands of DarkShore.

    Keeping to the sandy banks of the Veiled Sea until their arrival at the ruins of Auberdine, the party watched warily for signs of attack . Nearing the ruins they veered into the sparse forest pausing to survey the wreckage of other buildings. Among the wreckage of a lodging twisted and crooked due to a sharp, jutting cliff face they find the long ruined body of a merchant who Maralais – at one time - called friend. In a moment of silence over the loss of so much and so many, the group suddenly has an eerie sensation that all is not settled before them. As they follow the rise to what was once a second level they notice a strange mark in the distance and a figure trapped within.

    In order to free the night elf ensnared within the rune symbol the groups investigates the area and discovers three more identical symbols. They seem set to pull something evil out by drawing on the trapped night elf’s power and life force. The group discovers that the Twilight Hammer’s Cult has set these plans in motion. In order to halt their progress the companions battle a horror that is pulled from a rift in the sky. Once they have defeated the horror, they rescue the night elf and continue on their journey knowing that this is not the end to the Cult’s plans.

    With their rescued charge in tow, the four companions arrive at the hollowed-out ruin of Maralais’ home. They search in vain for the manuscript and Maralais collapses, sobbing – in a moment of weakness – for what has been lost. The companions vow to continue the search for knowledge and to seek guidance on their recent discovery.
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  9. The Chronicles of The Crystal Tear: The Crystal Tear Formed

    Participants: Maralais, Emilienne, Valyar, Elvorifiwien, Tiavia, Illiander, Shandre

    Crystal Tear Headquarters: SECRET

    Downtrodden by his loses and the stirred memories of his destroyed past Maralais wanders the land in solidarity for a few days searching for the way forward. During this time he meets another unlikely companion named Emilienne Baugquemare. The death knight seeks knowledge and hiding other possible motives convinces Maralais to allow her to help him on his journey. Though having lived a secluded life for so long Maralais begins to realize that for some unknown reason others are drawn to him. His awkward manner and rusty social skills do not seem to be a detriment but a trait that makes him personable and down-to-earth.

    Having inspired his earlier companions to seek knowledge he discovers an opportunity to form an alliance. At this time The Crystal Tear is formed and the first guild meeting is held. At the meeting, the companions are joined by Valyar, a proponent of the light and Illiander who is also a death knight. Valyar is a visiting traveler who belongs to another guild and is intrigued by the formation of this new group. Illiander attends to plead his case for membership in the guild. His goal to seek the light even in death intrigues the group with the exception of Emilienne who despises the idea. He is invited as an initiate into the guild.

  10. The Chronicles of the Crystal Tear: The Quest for Quel'Serrar

    Quest #1

    Participants: Maralais, Emilienne, Elvorifiwien, Tiavia, Illiander

    A small group of Highborne, having heard of the formation of The Crystal Tear and its purpose, asks Maralais to bring his companions to Feralas. The group meets with a highborne named Estulan who asks for their assistance. Estulan explains that he has received reports of increased activity from the ogres that inhabit the area, particularly in Dire Maul. This site, formerly the great capital city of Eldre’Thalas and once a seat of Queen Azshara’s Highborne servitors, still holds strong remnants of forbidden, arcanist power. He fears the ogre leader Cho’gall, who is supposed to be dead, is using the Gordok Orgre-mages to gain access to this ancient reservoir.

    The group agrees to scout the area and gain information. Maralais leads them to the ruins where they gain access in one of the lower areas of a crumbling building. They are forced to battle ogres as they traverse the maze of rubble, attempting to find their way up to the surface arena. Maralais leads the group as Elvorifiwien lags behind to be sure they are not taken by surprise. Emilienne and Illiander dart among the ruins when necessary to keep the ogres from attacking the group full force. Tiavia, not yet as strong as her other companions, blasts spells out from the middle of the group to hinder the ogre advances.

    Finally, Emilienne calls, “Here!” having found an archway that leads upward. As the group approaches the arena they spot Cho’gall’s looming form but notice that he is somewhat ethereal. Dead some years gone past, the ogres were working powerful magic to bring him back to the world of the living. The group attempts to break the spell by killing the ogres controlling that magic’s complicated pattern. They hope to disrupt it so that Cho’gall fades back into the ether once more. They fear he will be too formidable of an enemy to destroy.

    “You are too late foolish beings” roars Cho’gall, “the spell cannot be stopped!” The ogre-beast looms before them preparing to attack. “We must attack!” yells Emilienne “We have no other choice!” Maralais spreads his lips into a grim line and nods to the group. Elvorifiwien draws her massive weapon and charges the beast full force. The ruins of Dire Maul tremble as the companions strike their enemy and the ogre retaliates with a deafening roar. Though the beast was powerful and fierce the group was quick and intelligent. As the ogre fell into non-existence once more he yelled out “No! You have ruined it! Quel’Serrar was to be mine!”.

    The group exchanges confused glances as Maralais mutters “Hmm…did he say Quel’Serrar?” Leaving the ruins behind the companions return to Estulan to share what they have learned. Estulan is genuinely startled to hear the name Quel’Serrar and explains that it is a sword of god-like power forged by dragons and given to the Quel’dorei. He shakes his head as he speaks “It does not bode well that this sword is being sought. He who wields it possesses great destructive power.” Faced with the possibility that the companions will not be able to stop evil’s access to this destructive power Tiavia asks “Cannot the blade if found again be unmade?” Estulan explains that these swords cannot be destroyed, though the history tells of Quel’Serrar’s sister blade Quel’Delar which was defiled by Lana’thel and therefore unusable. Since that time though, the Silver Covenant had returned the blade to its former glory where it resides in Dalaran.

    In the hope that the Highborne in Dalaran can provide more information about destroying a sword of this type the group travels to the Silver Enclave there to speak with the elves. The elves are unable to provide additional insight and scoff at the idea of destroying their own historical artifact, the Quel’Delar, no matter the consequences of it falling into enemy hands.
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  11. Hello guys, i was playing wow, fallowing role, and hoping is there any more players like me. So i started looking but didn't find any role playing guilds unstil now. I started leveling aliance character Human Hunter, and i was hoping to join your guild. My in-game name is Drakok.

  12. Hello guys, i was playing wow, fallowing role, and hoping is there any more players like me. So i started looking but didn't find any role playing guilds unstil now. I started leveling aliance character Human Hunter, and i was hoping to join your guild. My in-game name is Drakok.
    Hello Drakok! You can add either me (Maralais), Elvorifiwien or Tiavia on your friends list, and we'd love to explain you how the guild works once we're online.

  13. Introduction

    Name: Cassa L. Moore
    Titles: Performer of Dalaran, Raven haired knife thrower, Shadow walker/dancer
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Power Level: Quite notable
    Class: Subtly Rogue. Being a rogue her skills in stealth are excellent, and she is decent when dealing with poisons. Also an excellent knife thrower.
    Professions: Leather-working and skinning, new to the art of LW but advanced at skinning.

    ((Face claim is the adorable Emmy Rossum))

    Cassa has unreasonably curly jet black hair that is *always* kept back in a messy bun or pony-tail. She has a piercing in her right eyebrow and nose which help frame her steel blue eyes. A pale scar cuts across her left cheek and eye as well. When aggravated or upset, her eyes turn a darker shade of grey from her shadow magic that helps her stealth around. Her build is one of an acrobat with defined muscles that each have a purpose.
    To see her genuinely happy is a rare thing, but she often looks like she is enjoying herself and others when around.

    Cassa was orphaned at a young age with her older brother, Jascen, in Dalaran. With their young age and limited knowledge they decided to join a group of kind travelling circus performers. There she met with many trainers and honed her talents as an acrobat and performer. She excelled at knife throwing, stunting (general acrobatics) and using her shadow magics to deceive.
    During this time she also made friends with all the other children and travelers. The two that became her best friends were two Sin'dorei, a brother and sister named Beathas and Breathan Starflare. The elder brother was approximately 18 while his sister was maybe 12 by the time Cassa had turned 16. She developed a deep crush for Breathan, which he gladly returned, until his mysterious and unfortunate death two years later. Cassa also lost her brother shortly afterwards which caused her to flee from Dalaran all together, leaving her "sister" Beathas behind for her own safety.
    She wandered the continent for almost three years before finding a place that she was accepted in, House Haethon. From there she fell head over heels again for a mysterious man, Tibs, who would eventually ruin her reputation with the Lord and Lady of the House. She was placed under house arrest for several months. When she was finally able to leave she found another House that would avenge her destroyed reputation and relationship with the Haethons, named House Verran. The feud between the Houses was short-lived, however, because they soon came under attack from a common enemy and decided it would be best to work together instead of against. Eventually ending the conflict with their enemy, she left once more seeking something else she didn't quite know or understand, and she ended up with The Crystal Tear.
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  14. Chronicles of the Crystal Tear: The Quest for Quel'Serrar

    Quest #2

    Participants: Drakedead, Tiavia, Elvorifiwien, Maralais

    Though the quest for information on Quel’Serrar and its sister sword the Quel’Delar seemed to have reached an abrupt halt, the companions remained determined. After receiving information in his travels from an unexpected source Maralais alters his plans and heads towards the Eastern Plaguelands.

    Before he leaves he sends messages to his guild companions urging them to meet him outside of the Ghostlands. On the ship to the Eastern Plaguelands, Maralais draws yet another stranger to him who strikes up a discussion. He finds himself in easy conversation with a mage named Drakedead (Richard Wilhelm) and soon begins to talk about The Crystal Tear and their recent quest.

    Drakedead (Richard Wilhelm) takes a keen interest in the story and expresses his willingness to help. Maralais is hesitant to have a stranger join them on the immediate journey especially since the mage already belongs to another guild. He gives over in his easy nature and allows the mage to accompany him. After arriving at North Pass Tower the two are met by fellow companions Elvorifiwien and Tiavia. As they travel to the Thalassian Pass, Maralais explains that they must travel through the Ghostlands to find a man named Dar’Khan Drathir. He presents their only new lead for information on the swords.

    The group leaves a trail of undead behind them as they make their way to the stronghold of Deatholme. The journey is perilous and the companions fight together to reach their destination with no guarantee that Dar’Khan will be found. Knowing that he is rumored to spend his time in the Tower of the Dead they head to the center of Deatholme. Once in the tower’s depths Dar’Khan is found to be within but he is not alone.

    A powerful warlock named Daedholm is seeking information from Dar’Khan as well. Slightly shocking to the group – since he was a hermit for a long time - Maralais knows the warlock and tells him to leave the prisoner for them to interrogate.

    “Ah, but I can be very helpful in this regard” Daedholm declares a crooked smile spreading across his face.

    Maralais retorts simply, “Leave us.” Drakedead approaches threateningly, his magic primed, in an effort to encourage the warlock to do as he has been told. Daedholm surveys Drakedead severely for a moment before an even larger smile brightens his features. He laughs lightly, unperturbed, and states,

    “Very well, I leave Dra’Khan in your capable hands.” As he traverses the room he watches Drakedead carefully, always smiling. He stops near him as if to tell him something in confidence. All the companions here are a few words “beware…gain… power”. Then, they simply stare at each other for a few seconds before Daedholm exits. The companions notice this exchange but think little of it at the time.

    Through threats and cajoling the companions convince the prisoner to speak of the sword of Quel’Delar. He knows little but that there is one who resides in Silvermoon that may be, though not willingly, of assistance to them.

    Though Dra’Kahn is told he will be left in peace to continue his undead existence, Drakedead smites him, turning him to ash. Too weary to argue the companions turn from the catacombs and begin their assent to the outdoors. Fighting their way through scores of undead once more the group travels to the ruins of Silvermoon to seek out the Thaelis the Hungerer who has specific knowledge of Quel’Delar.

    Though allowed to enter his residence without harm from his blood elf keepers Thaelis does not cooperate, though he grudgingly tells them that he has a book with the knowledge they seek. Short on patience Maralais creates a diversion as the companions storm about the residence to find the book. Tiavia discovers the tattered book upon a warped shelf and they barely escape with it. Upon reading parts of the book they discover that Quel’Delar gained its legendary power s from a dragon named Keristrasza who completed its forging.

    The group travels to Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord for a short respite before continuing their journey to speak with the dragon queen at Wyrmrest Temple.

    At Westguard Keep the companions find food, rest and time to heal their wounds. Drakedead ingratiates himself with the group and Tiavia becomes impressed with his extensive knowledge. Elvofiriwien, stoic as always, keeps mostly to herself – listening but barely participating.

    Soon, the companions travel to Wyrmrest Temple in Dragon Blight to seek an audience with Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, queen of the dragons. Maralais explains the nature of their quest and that they seek her daughter Keristrasza to ask about the sword Quel’Delar. Though Alexstrasza is willing to help them she tells them that her daughter has been captured by the Blue Dragon Flight and they have her imprisoned. Slightly disheartened by the set-back but feeling it their duty to help they agree to try to rescue her daughter in order to get the information they seek. Alexstrasza bids them well and wishes them luck in their task.

    The group flies to the Nexus in Coldarra. Entering it deep recesses they stumble upon Keristrasza almost immediately but discover that she is frozen in a large block of ice. In order to determine the nature of the mechanism keeping her in place they descend further into the depths. As they go deeper, Drakedead comments

    “This place is brimming with Fel energy” Maralais stops the group for a moment and replies, “Something about the concentration of it does not bode well. Whatever it is that is going on here - I think - can only lead to disaster.” As the group continues to descend Drakedead begins to act strangely. He moans lightly and must stop for short periods of time to collect himself.

    Tiavia, her concern evident asks, “Are you alright Drake?” Looking up at her with a pained expression he says, “No, I am not. But we must continue.” The group confronts many powerful mages who attempt to deter their progress. Eventually their bold descent brings them before Grand Magus Telestra who fights them bitterly to keep the companions from discovering their plans.

    As they reach the lowest level , they cross a series of platforms, the foreboding of the Nexus’s secrets weighing heavily upon them. At the top of the final platform they stop astounded by what they are witnessing. The mages have created a rift in Ley Lines which has created a being named Anomalus. He is a pure energy mana wraith and attacks the companions with fury. As the rift sucks matter into it at dizzying speed the group fights to overcome the wraith. With its destruction the intensity of the rift does not cease. Maralais yells over the noise,

    “I must seal the rift!” Before anyone can dissuade him Mara draws himself up, magic keyed and strains against the rift’s power to seal it shut. Tiavia fearful that the task will destroy him yells Maralais’s name over the tumult. She steps forward to stop him but is held back by Elvorfiriwien and Drake. As quickly as it is begun Maralais seals the rift but at great cost to his own strength.

    Finally able to free the dragon the group returns to the main room and each stand before a large orb cast on a footed pedestal. The orbs are disrupted simultaneously and the dragon thaws. As they attempt to question the dragon about Quel’Delar they quickly realize that the dragon is mad. It screams that it will not again be taken under the sword’s power and strikes out at the companions. They are forced to kill Keristrasza before she can destroy them. Distraught at the events of the day and the inability to gain new information about Quel’Delar the companions return to Wyrmrest Temple feeling defeated

  15. Soon to Come:
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