Revelations (The Battle of Lakeshire Part II): Drakedead, Cassa, Tiavia & Astalder
    Revelations (Rebuilding Lakeshire Part I): Ragbark, Nasana, Cassa, Tiavia, Erin(npc), Wental (npc) & Astalder (Introducing Ragback & Nasana!)
    Revelations (Rebuilding Lakeshire Part II): Tiavia, Erin (npc), Wental (npc) & Astalder

    Revelations (Dawon Part I): will be submitted by Cassa
    Revelations (Dawon Part II): Dawonraven, Cassa & Tiavia
    Revelations (Dawon Part III): Dawonraven, Cassa & Tiavia

    NEW RP: Revelations (Lakeshire Bonfire): Dawonraven, Cassa, Tiavia.....AND???

    Revelations (Conversations with Sethrend): Tiavia, Sethrend & Astalder - takes place before the Battle of Lakeshire

    I REALIZE THAT WHAT I WRITE IS A LOT TO READ! SORRY BUT IT IS WHAT I DO! IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD A "CLIFF NOTES" CONDENSED VERSION PLEASE RESPOND YES IN THIS THREAD. ALSO: If you have not been able to rp because you aren't around when we are on or you have been busy and you want to try to get involved send me a PM or talk to me in game. We will figure something out! Thank you :)
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  2. BTW - can anyone tell me how to change my avatar??

  3. when you log on forum,find on the right side "Welcome LavaGem".When you find that you will see Settings next to it.Click on Settings and then under "My Settings" click on Edit Avatar.

  4. I am planning to put something together Oct 29th-Nov 1. Anyone who is curious about the guild or RP in general can join. PM me on forums or mail in game as Elvorifiwien. Or if you end up rping with Tiavia / wynivieve (sp?) / Lavagem make mention of it to her what time is preferred. I'm in the OOC chat all the time as: Elvorifiwien, Xanatia, and Castella.

    PS. Bios are strongly encouraged . Every good character has a story to tell as well as unique personalites / motivations.

  5. How can i join the guild? My chars name is Twilightcult.

  6. How can i join the guild? My chars name is Twilightcult.
    Contact myself in game or tiavia / Wynivieve. Also join /oocrp channel is helpful.

  7. Chronicles of the Guild of the Crystal Tear: Revelations

    Submitted on this day in the 29th year of the 10th lunar cycle of the 24th day here find the events of the Guild the Crystal Tear as recorded by Tiavia Alorlunael

    The Chronicles of The Crystal Tear

    Revelations (The Battle of LakeShire Part I): Drakedead, Cassa & Tiavia

    Tiavia sits in the Lakeshire inn sipping her tea, lost in thought. She watches the sun begin to fade through the window. At the sound of feet pounding down the stairs Tiavia looks up. Cassa hurries in taking the stairs down two at a time. She rushes around the lobby of the inn throwing on her vest and zipping her pants. As she steps into her boots she shoves some items into her sachel. Tiavia gives her a curious look and asks, “Cas? Where are you going in such a hurry?”

    Cassa looks up distracted, “I…uh…previous engagement with an old friend.” Tiavia raises a brow. “Oh? You are a bit frantic. Are you sure nothing is wrong?”

    “Ah nah…just ah slept too late...don’t want to annoy my friend by bein’ late. See ya!” Cassa dashes out of the inn as Tiavia’s next question dies on her lips. Tiavia remains thoughtful for a moment then decides that Cassa is acting strangely and she rises to follow her. She keeps a safe distance behind and melds into the shadows to keep Cassa from seeing her.

    Cassa arrives at Stonewatch far ahead of Tiavia. She dismounts from her bird and glances about warily. Bypassing Stonewatch Tower, she surveys the area so she knows how to exit quickly and so she can be certain nothing waits nearby unexpected. She notices the broken bridge leading to the Lakeridge Highway and the massive keep doors that are blasted nearly off their hinges.

    She muses, “Only one route of escape in any case.” She circles back to the entrance to Stonewatch Keep and enters her stealth ability active. As she makes her way upward she listens for any sound that would hint of danger. Reaching the final rise she approaches then passes through a stone entrance and peers within.

    She sees Drakedead on a platform against the far wall. She is shocked to see that he is no longer a human warlock but that he is in fact undead. Remaining in stealth she calls out, “Should have seen it comin’ that you’d set me up…” She sighs and readies her daggers.

    Drakedead looks up at the rogue seeing her despite her stealth “No, in fact, I didn’t. It is time you learn the truth behind everything. You are a person who can keep secrets after all.” Cassa unstealths and chuckles lightly, “Oh, ****ing fel…Drake, you know Tia is goin’ ta kill you herself.” Drakedead shrugs, “Only if she ever gets to learn the truth right? I’m surprised she didn’t see past the illusion spell the mages back in the undercity cast on me.”

    Cass sighs and rubs her forehead putting away her daggers. “Just…****, Drake…What do you want!” Drakedead smiles crookedly then says, “Nothing, just to finally end this charade. All of this was planned by the Dark Lady, Sylvanas herself. Our spies reported a high amount of power coming from Duskwood and that is why I was sent on this mission…to retrieve this power for her. Until I came across all of you. Then I realized it would be easier to get information from inside the guild.”

    Cassa rubs her temples now a dull ache forming behind her eyes. “You’re an ******* ya know. Tia actually adores you…well, adored you until I tell her. And I wanted to help cure you! I’d punch your jaw if it didn’t fall on my shoes first.” Drake replies, “It was not my intent to have her fall for my fake self. I lied. I was never truly driven mad nor had too much power. I acted the bad guy to keep you off my trail since, in the beginning, you were friendly enough to take me in. I did not want all of you to get in harm’s way with my affairs…turns out you are all too persistent.”

    As Cassa confronts Drakedead, Tiavia arrives in Stonewatch. She sees Cassa’s bird mount outside Stonewatch Keep and she approaches quietly, crooning to the bird in elvish to keep it still. Tiavia moves quietly across the stone entrance peering about to be certain no one is near. In the entry she notices scattered bones and broken furniture litter the stone floor. She thinks to herself, Why would Cassa meet a friend here?. She walks further within uncertain which way to go. As she stops near the steps below she hears the faintest hint of sound coming from above. She begins to climb upward.

    Upstairs Cassa shakes her head uncertain. “So why do you want me here?” Drake responds, “To show you the truth and make you understand why I needed you to back off. I also know that you can keep secrets and information to yourself. My servant has commented on this.”

    Outside the door at the final rise, Tiavia rounds the corner and looks upward. At the silence that greets her she becomes increasingly concerned. Back inside Cassa says, “Yes…I can. But if you think I am going to keep this a secret from Tia you’re insane…even more so than your current existence…” Drakedead replies, “If she finds out what I truly am she will be more devastated than anything else!”

    Tiavia, her concern now escalated calls out, “Cas? Cas!? Are you here?” Drakedead looks up sharply and whisper harshly, “This isn’t good…HOW IS SHE HERE!?” Cassa whispers back just as harsh, “What’s better? Never hearing from you again? What I went through…No!” She turns toward the half open door and continues sharply, “No stupid dumbass! Hide or something!” Drakedead glances around half-heartedly, “Ye…ah…hide where?!”

    As Tiavia reaches the top of the rise she calls once more, a note of panic in her voice, “Cas?!” Cassa approaches the door yelling as she goes, “Yeah, I’m here! My friend left me a note saying she had to leave…” When Tiavia sees Cassa emerge from the doorway she lets out a breath. “Oh, thank goodness! I was concerned. But…why would you meet your friend in this place?” Cassa simply shrugs.

    “She asked me too…not sure myself really. She wanted some leatherwork done that is all I know.” Tiavia grows suspicious once more at Cassa’s uncharacteristic behavior. She watches her for a moment then says, “Cas…you are not acting like yourself. What is going on here?”

    Cassa clucks her tongue in a distracting manner and flippantly replies, “I’m too sober is what…I need a drink and I left my flask behind.” As silence falls between them the sound of dripping water can be heard nearby and a slight shuffling noise, not quite masked, rises behind it. Cassa silently curses Drakedead’s inability to stay quiet. She stays calm and collected then begs, “Don’t go in there, alright? Remember the story I told you? With…that guy…? Yeah…turns out there are worse things than never hearing from a loved one again…”

    Tiavia narrows her eyes and states, “Now you speak in riddles Cas.. You are direct and speak your mind. I do not understand why you hesitate here. What is in the room behind you?” Tiavia walks toward Cassa to peer into the room.

    Cassa steps in her way. “There’s a…dead boy in there. Already checked…no pulse…no way to help.” Tiavia smiles lightly. “Do you think that would bother me?” Cassa rubs the back of her neck, shuffling her feet then mumbles, “It is who the body belongs to that will bother you…”

    Tiavia sighs heavily replying, “Look Cas, I don’t know what is going on here but I will help you. Now let me pass.” Cassa chuckles, “Oh hon, trust me, I’m doing this for your sake not mine.” Tiavia glares at Cassa her patience spent. “Would you really stop me from entering this room?”

    Cassa cringes, then sighs. “If I let you in…you…can’t react violently, alright?” Tiavia raises a brow questioningly a slight grin attached to the corner of her mouth. “I will do as I see fit Cas.” Having stated this,Tiavia does not wait for a response. Without giving Cassa time to react she blinks past her into the room. Under Cassa’s breath a few grumbled words escape her lips, “Damn…mages…”

    Tiavia’s eyes roam about the room landing on the figure standing on the platform above. Cassa runs to Tiavia, resisting the urge to tackle her. She follows her gaze to Drakedead and shrugs at him mouthing “Sorry.” Tiavia turns her eyes from the stranger to Cassa. “Wha…what are you doing here Cas with this…this undead creature?!”

    Dreakdead sighs and mumbles, “This isn’t going to end well.” Cassa’s clears her throat and turns to Drakedead. “You wanna tell her or should I?” Drakedead throws up his hands in a mock gesture of defeat. “Might as well be me after all…” Tiavia, confusion clouding her face, takes a few steps forward. She realizes that the voice sounds familiar.

    Cassa screws up her face and states, “Damn straight it should be you, coward.” Tiavia, unable to believe her eyes stutters, “Who…who are you?” Ignoring Tiavia’s question Drakedead retorts, “Coward? I didn’t expect things to turn out this way!” Cassa glares at him then a dark shadow roiling within her eyes. “How’d you think it would end for ****’s sake!”

    Tiavia, no longer stunned declares, “By…by the light! What the hell?! Drake?!” Drakedead finally turns to Tiavia. “Yes, I am Drake. This is my true form. What you saw before was an illusion the mages in the undercity cast upon me so I could fit among you and gather information.” Cassa shakes her head and mutters indistinguishable words as she rubs her temples.

    While Tiavia stands in shock Drakedead turns back to Cassa and says, “I thought I would have gotten the information I needed and be gone…not cause…all of this.” Drakedead motions widely with one hand as though to include all the mayhem he has caused. Cassa growls through her teeth in reply, “Back to nor…” then stops suddenly, interrupted.

    Tiavia, past shock and propelled into anger screams aloud, “You bastard! You evil, conniving son of a *****! You have played me this whole time!” A crooked grin captures Drakedead’s face, the first indication of his true nature. “In truth, I played you all.” Cassa steps to the side crossing her arms and shaking her head. Her posture saying Well, now you have done it, *****. Drakedead continues, “My objective was to collect the powerful artifact in Duskwood for my Dark Lady. You…intervened.” As much as was possible given the putrid condition of Drakedead’s face he displays annoyance.

    Eyes flashing and anger boiling over Tiavia yells, “I DO NOT care what you are about! You may have played us all but me…you played the worst…like a puppet to do your bidding. I WILL KILL YOU!” As Tiavia seeths, Cassa interjects, “Wait…why tell us now?” Drakedead, finally giving over the pretense of a conciliatory nature, replies, “I needed someone so weak in mind and soul that I could control…turns out it was you and your weak relationship with the rest of the guild. Simply, I needed to gloat.”

    Tiavia past anger and comfortably at rage cries out, “Weak? You stupid son of *****…you have NO idea…you have made a grave mistake!” Cassa steps towards Tiavia and asks in a conspiratorial tone, “Do you need my knives?” Cassa grins wickedly her eyes alight and ready for action. She thinks, Finally! No more talking. Action!

    Without sparing a glance at Cassa she states in a more even tone, “I do not need them. I will blast his decaying *** against the stone and break him…I will leave NOTHING behind.” She finishes the statement through gritted teeth.

    Drakedead chuckles amused. “If you so wish to challenge the Head Warlock of the undercity then so be it…just know there is a reason Lady Sylvanas chose me for this task.” Cassa gulps lightly and readies her knives replying, “Two against one Drake…odds don’t favor you.”

    Drakedead quirks a brow a grin still plastered on his boney face, “Oh really? You forget…I am a powerful warlock.” With a flick of his wrist and a wave of his hand Drakedead draws upon fel magic to summon his minion, Shivarra. Cassa shrugs and grins as well. “You forget that I am a…sneaky, little rogue and she…,” Cassa motions with her head towards Tiavia, “Well, she is just pissed as hell.”

    Tiavia, in control of her emotions once more, taunts Drakedead. “Oh…I quake with fear at your words.” She scoffs while an unhinged grin captures her face and arcane energy builds within her. She continues, “You know NOTHING of me! I am stronger than you can possibly imagine. If I choose to end you then it shall be so!” Crackles of energy alight on her palms and fingers.

    Drakedead laughs abruptly. “Fool! I am a Destruction Warlock. I use fire and shadow. I did not plan to but if I must I will burn you both to dust. I will not hesitate…I will not fail my Dark Queen!” As Drakedead speaks a wispy blackness begins to roil about him. His stance is easy but his collapsing eyes pulsate a dark, penetrating hatred. As the two focus on each other Cassa slips into the shadows.

    Tiavia, her mouth a grim, determined line relies, “Darkness is your weakness and will be your downfall. I know now that you will do what you will and not allow anyone I love to live. I have no choice but to send you to the ether never to return!” Cassa approaches Tiavia silently and whispers, “You take him. I get the…uh… swordy lookin *****…”

    Drakedead says, “Indeed, you are no longer useful to me…nor any of the rest of them. I will set Lakeshire to flame myself and kill every living creature within. The fire will light up the night sky!”

    Dreakdead watches Tiavia with an amused expression and offers casually, “So you want to die here? Be my guest. Yet…you have come so far from your pathetic existence before the guild. Would you throw that away?” He waves his hand dismissively, “No matter though, you will lose everything dear to you. I assume death will be more pleasant then won’t it?”

    As Cas prepares to fight Shivarra Tiavia swirls her hands briskly, calling forth the full strength of her magic. Cassa, disgusted with the continued dialogue sneaks to Tiavia’s right poised to attack. She releases a knife quickly at Shivarra, making it seem to appear out of thin air. As she does this she yells, “Go, Tia! Now!” Shivarra, perfectly composed unleases a fel blast driving the knife to the wooden floor.

    Anger flashing in her eyes Tiavia shakes with it. As if from a distance she hears Cas yell. Rising to her full height she yells, “So your destruction begins!” Raising her hands high and arching her back she call up images of herself . She hums with arcane energy firing an icy bolt intermingled with an arcane energy blast that rocks him back nearly toppling him to the floor.

    Drakedead recovers quickly and replies, “Ah? So be it. I will make it painful. I will torment you!” Throws his right arm forward momentarily stunning Tiavia then brings his left hand nearby fire flashing from his fingers lighting upon her.

    At the same time Shivarra raises her swords and leaps into the air toward Cassa, driving her blows in four different directions. Cassa gasps as she watches the looming figure and moves quickly aside. She is unable to avoid all the sword strikes and takes a cut across her thigh. She grasps a knife as she moves and propels it backwards. The blade slashes across Shivarra’s side and she is briefly incapacitated by Sap.

    As Cassa circles Shivarra to strike once more arcane and fel magic fly back and forth across the room. Tiavia and Drakedead are completely focused on each other, determination chiseled on their faces.

    Tiavia dashes to one side throwing her arms forward causing arcane energy explode around her. Flipping her wrists briskly and curling her fingers she follows with another icy arcane blast that strikes Drakedead square in the chest. His movement slowed momentarily he twists to follow her as she moves. He draws both arms back, curling his fingers as though holding two balls. As he draws his arms forward he flicks his wrists and strikes back with fel energy balls followed by a blast of searing fire.

    Drakedead calls out, “Surrender Tia and you still might make it out of here alive…yet if you die I might resurrect you into our army.” As the two glare at each other and begin to move around the room, Cassa throws a well-aimed kick into Shirvarra’s side knocking her off balance and dislodging one of her swords. Shivarra, recovered from the sap manages to stay on her feet. She turns in a sharp circle her three remaining swords driving toward Cassa.

    Cassa, light on her feet, ducks quickly and kicks upward as the last sword approaches knocking free a second blade from Shivarra’s grasp. As Cassa dances around Shivarra Tiavia responds to Drakedead through gritted teeth. “Surrender? Never! My spirit is strong and the brilliance of its light overpowers any that would destroy me. You have played me long enough…this ends now!”

    Hatred blossoming between the two the battle becomes more intense. They are driven to over power and crush. Tiavia rises up on the platform as Drakedead circles below. Reacting quickly Tiavia throws a circle of cold around Drakedead as he moves causing him to freeze in place. She waves her arms back and forth in front of her chest building an intensity of frost. As Drakedead is freed and begins to move the frost explodes blasting him sideways.

    Drakedead manages to keep to his feet and he rounds on her his arms flashing lithely. He drives her backwards with a shadow bolt then engulfs her in wall of crackling flame. He drives towards her fel balls flashing forward. Tiavia raises a frost shield and dives quickly away. Drakedead twists to follow a shadow bolt arriving at the same moment she stops upright.

    Both pause for a moment glaring at each other their energy sapped. Panting heavily at the effort Tiavia’s gaze locks onto Drakedead’s and she shouts, “Darkness take you to hell for what you have done! I will destroy you for threatening those I love! For the guild and for Lakeshire, I WILL END YOU!” Drakedead simply laughs at her anger. “Are you so certain? If you can’t defeat me in your anger then who will? I have seen your guild fight. I have seen their weakness. They won’t stand a chance against the might of the Forsaken!”

    Tiavia, now enraged screams, “The Forsaken be damned! You, your queen and your army will be obliterated by the guild’s hand! You are a fool to underestimate us.” Drakedead’s playful smile long gone he responds, “You and your pathetic group of weaklings will end our might? You are not only weak but stupid! The Scarlet Crusade failed, the Scourge failed…so what hope do you have against a war machine supported by our plague?!”

    With Drakedead’s final words echoing in her ears Tiavia poises to strike with a relentless fury, ready to bring the end. Shivarra, irritated by the wasp buzzing around her unleashes fel lashes with her remaining swords. Cassa moves too quickly for the blasts to hit home, though a bright flash trails across her upper arm tearing into her skin. Not even feeling the blow Cassa glides past Shivarra rolling as she does and rises up directly behind her. She drives a knife between her shoulder blades causing her to spasm backwards.

    As Shivarra leans backward she twists around her last blade clutched tightly attempting to strike. Cassa drives her foot into Shivarra’s wrist and knocks the final sword away. She lets out a triumphant scream as she drives the blade away, planting a second blade into Shivarra’s side as she falls to the floor.

    Tiavia and Drakedead call upon all the power within their being, the air singing with the breathtaking strength of it. As the energy surges outward the ground trembles and everything nearby shudders. Cassa, caught unaware, is lifted off her feet and thrown across the room. She lands with a grunt her celebration forgotten.

    Tiavia drives her left arm skyward calling down lethal sheets of ice. She takes a step forward stomping hard upon the ground while circling her left arm in a wide arc. As her arm shifts forward she drives outward with her palm, arcane energy as large as missiles driving forward and growing in intensity. Drakedead, unable to block the intensity, is blown backward sliding on his feet as he goes then strikes the far wall.

    Drakedead rises in fury his energy peaked. He strides powerfully forward his hands in motion his lips speaking words of darkness. His wrists flip forward in succession fire blasts striking intensely upon Tiavia’s chest and arms. She circles her arms to send up a defensive energy field but it is weak at best. Still moving his lips he stops near her and draws both arms back then, driving them forward, he hurls shadow energy that circles around her crushing inward.

    Drakedead’s concentration humming throughout his undead body he speaks the final words pushing his palms to the sky then drives his palms together. As he does the building…the earth shudders lifting upward slightly. At the intersection of his palms a red hot glow explodes outward and as building and ground settle in place the blast flies forward faster than sound propelling Tiavia backward where she strikes the opposite wall.

    Blasted hard Tiavia staggers back falling to her knees, her energy depleted. Drakedead smiles as Tia drops to her knees. He asks, “You really expect to win against the Undercities most powerful warlock?” Unable to respond at the moment Tia glares up at Drakedead, the only actions she can manage, and glowers with hatred.

    Cassa, seeing Tiavia weakened, takes the opportunity to intervene. She manages to get in front of Drakedead and pulls his hood back from his face. She replies, “No…but I do *******.” She reemerges from the shadows giving him a sinister grin. Tiavia manages to stand and stumbles forward before falling to her knees once more.

    Drakedead growls at Cassa’s statement. “I knew a rogue would be trouble for me. I should have killed you…like I am going to now.” As Drakedead prepares to swat her aside, Cassa retorts, “Try it, I dare ya.” She spits into his dead eyes as she attempts to stab him in the gut. Drakedead dodges the rogue’s attacks and draws fire from within, raising his right hand. “You will fail here Cassa, no one will save you now.”

    Cassa laughs devilishly and says, “Yeah? I believe in guardian angels and mine watch me closely. So ****in try it! I dare you to end my life and raise me, *******!” Tiavia raises her head at Drakedead’s words. Finding her voice she yells, “Cas! No!” She rises quickly and dashes between the two taking the full brunt of the spell.

    Cassa is pushed back by Tiavia. A scream rips from her throat as she falls. “You bastard!” As soon as she is able she scrambles to Tiavia surveying her wounds. She glares up at Drakedead her eyes smoking once more with shadow. Drakedead laughs triumphant and says, “Turns out your angel does exist…for now at least…ah…if she lives that is.”

    “Go on Cassa…take her back as a warning to the others. The end will soon come for all of you.” Cassa turns to look at Tiavia once more. She has been blasted unconscious and her side is badly burned. Cassa brushes a hand on her pale face. Drakedead adds, “Remember this day rogue. Take her back to LakeShire while it stands. If any would choose to cross my path or deter my queen’s plans they will suffer the same fate.”

    Cassa glowers up at Drakedead and replies, “Oh? She’ll live. I’d bet my own life on that.” She rises drawing Tiavia with her as best she can with her uninjured arm. “And it is your fate I would be concerned about.” Drakedead watches Cassa struggle to pull Tiavia up then turns and casually takes his leave. He is hardly affected by the battle or the outcome.

  8. What active members are left of the Crystal Tear the past couple months and now reorganizing under "The Collectors" . The outstanding, more or less, personal stories between members continue on.

  9. Stories and RP to continue on The Collectors thread. Coming soon!

  10. May 3, 2018  
    Stories and RP to continue on The Collectors thread. Coming soon!
    All I can say is "WOW" Great Stories! It's a shame this Guild is no longer active.

  11. May 7, 2018  
    Is the guild still active? i can't find anyone and the channel seems to be deleted

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