1. Arena bugg?

    I just created a 2v2 arena team and played 3 games, lost the first game. The other 2 games was free wins since enemy team never joined so it just said my team won! We never got any mmr or arena points and in the pvp tab it says 0 wins and 2 loss, bugg?

  2. Its not a bug thats how it works, What you came across was people dropping mmr by queueing leaving when the start box pops up, even though the leave button is greyed out you can get a macro that will leave for you.

    Not sure why you want to arena anyway its full of cheats, look at the ladder the top team has played 197 games and lost 2 the 11th team has played 108 games and lost non not only that they did it all in one day quite the achievement eh.

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