1. i've found one pic in my old pc, back when Frostwolf realm was cata, good old days :)
    Btw if ever cata come again, i would be back for sure.

  2. Miss you too all.. even I hated to play VS you but loved to play next to you in bgs :)

  3. Wish I could go back in time..

  4. Wish I could go back in time..
    Yeah... me too....

  5. I just came back from the abyss and i just found out that Nelth has been dead almost a full year, RIP. i played in there for over two years even before the merge of the cataclysms realms.

    I had the time of my life playing with or against you, I love y'all (except that south african ****** who stoled my account and renamed my geared characters before the server died, wherever you are, **** you and rot in hell).

    -Dheimos (A.k.a. Scouter, Azathoth,Kinderfeld).

    Also, bonus picture of dodgykebaab visiting nelth.

    Edited: April 10, 2019

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