1. [Guide] WW Monk PvE by Sharuu

    Hello, my name's Sharuu from <Furor> at Frostwolf and I decided to make some PvE guide for monks. I don't have any retail experiance and all what I wrote is based on my warmane's experiance. I wish I met some monks better than me and this thread can help me to :)
    I have never made a class guide before and I am newbie at using some cool BB code options, I won't even try to make it eye-friendly and colorful.

    About WW monk.

    It's an avarage class for DPS at the moment. There are still some bugs that make it really weak. After fixes containing buffs stacking I am even weaker in comparison to other class. However it really is fun for me! Let's start.

    This is very gear depended class, don't expect dmg increase without at least dual wield grevious weapons.


    1. Races
    2. Talents
    3. Stats priority
    4. Gear
    5. Gemming/enchanting
    6. Glyphs
    7. Rotation
    8. Throne of Thunder's specific tatics for WW monk.
    9. Screenshots and recount analysis.

    1. Races

    I have never played Alliance at all, but seems that Worgen's are only reasonable choice for 1% of crit.

    Orcs seems to be the strongest of all. You have a passive expertise for axes/fist weapons and Blood Fury for damage increase.

    2. Talents

    There is only one talent tree that I approve: Talent Tree

    Tier 15: Tiger's Lust is the most useful for ToT. You can save yourself/others (!) from being stuck inside Sand Traps at Horridion (1st gate trashes) or Council (Sul). Only for Primordius I would reccommend Momentum.

    Tier 30: It should have been Chi burst, but it doesn't work. So sometimes I cast Chi Wave, but only when I don't have chi and energy.

    Tier 45: Chi Brew is far the best. I prepare 20x tigereye brew before each fight. If I fail to do so my dps is really weak. It took me a few raids the keep remembering about refreshing it and not loosing all stacks just before the fight. Don't even mention Ascension, just accept Chi Brew and move on.

    Tier 60: Leg Sweep is simply for important trashes. Use it agasint e.g. Venom Priests on Horridon.

    Tier 75: Diffuse magic. I'll explain an use of this in ToT tatics.

    Tier 90: Rushing Jade Wind. Xuen is weaker than it should be and I use RJW for DPS, I'll explain in rotation.

    3. Stat priority Mine's isn't perfect At this point I have grevious head/gloves/waist and rest is 530 ilvl BiS.

    I've made some researches on my own, not a professional ones, here's conclusion:

    Agility > Hit cap > Crit > Expertise cap > Haste > Mastery.

    Hit/Expertise are said to not be working well. 4,5% each should be enough or even too much. Check it yourself on raid.

    Crit turned out to be the best, however you will have problems with an energy regeneration. You simply can't spam RJW :) Recommended especially for players below 40 FPS on raids.

    Haste. Useful for energy regeneration and number of meele hits. As a result you generate more Chi -> more Tigereye brews. When I tried Haste over Crit my DPS was lower, but someone with a lot of FPSes might pull more from it. Give me a comment if you do!

    Mastery. Used to be quite useless, but warmane's staff recently fixed it and Chi Brew now can proc from mastery and you might generate 3 stacks instead of 2.

    4. Gearing

    The most important are weapons. You are supposed to use dual wield. 2h is garbage. The best weapons drop from newly released boss (I've got 1 already!) but Kura-Kura from Council is very good as well.
    Trinkets are almoust as crucial as weapons. In my opinion Bad Juju and Vicious Talisman of Shado-Pan Assault are the best. Maybe there are some better on marketplace.
    Many people spent their gifted coins for PvE t15, but stats provided in that gear make it horrible, even though tier bonuses. Just collect items from bossess that contain crit.

    5. Gemming/enchanting

    C'mon, it's simple.
    If socket bonus is horrible (like +60 haste) just put 160 agi gem. Follow stat priority and in the blue sockets put 80 agi + 120 hit. (Hit above cap will increase your chance to hit with offhand weapon).
    Dancing steel on both weapons. Windsong not acceptable. On Kura-Kura I chose to put 160 agi gem in blue socket despite 60 agi socket bonus.

    6. Glyphs

    There is only one important glyph: Glyph of Blackout Kick.

    Others that are worth mentioning:
    Touch of Death (you can even land 500k hit on mob!),
    Touch of Karma (it allows you to use that defensive in any position and when they fix it, it will be legit spell to increase dmg if you know bossess' spells).

    7. Rotation and skills

    Ugh, the most diffucult part to explain and the most important thing I guess.

    Jab - use it to generate chi.

    Tiger Palm - keep buff on every 20 seconds.

    Rising Sun Kick - the strongest hit, increase your overall dmg by 20%. Use on coldown

    Blackout Kick - use it if RSK and FoF are on coldown and you have excess of Chi.

    Rushing Jade Wind - main dps skill if you are fighting at least 3 targets. Otherwise it consume too much energy to spam it. With my crit build I use it almoust only when I am on some kind of temporary buffs like coldowns, Bloodlust, Heroism.

    Fists of Fury - many people don't use this skill. However it is really strong and it should be used on coldown. It's strongly recommended to cast RJW just before FoF, but you might not have enough energy for that, because you collect 3 chi for FoF.

    Chi Brew - use it when you need some Chi. Very useful during bursts to get 3xChi for FoF. Keep always at least 1 on coldown.

    Chi Wave - I use it sometimes, when I don't have Chi and energy.

    Preparation: You MUST collect 20 stacks of tigereye brew, otherwise your dps will suck. Have 2 charges of Chi Brew avaiable. Just before pull use Expel Harm to collect some Chi ( don't pull boss by accident, it does small AoE dmg and this won't work on pugs :p)

    Opening: Jab , Tiger palm (by this time some of your trinkets/ enchants shall activate) all coldowns for burst (trinkets, racials, tigereye brew, potion, echants - I strongly recommend using it all under one macro), Rising Sun Kick, RJW, Fists of Fury. RJW again because your coldowns are poped, Energizing Brew and Jab/RSK.

    When coldowns are off, you are left with 15+ stacks again. Wait for FoF to be ready, collect energy, refresh tiger palm and use Tigereye Brew again, but this time don't use RJW, you won't have enough energy for jab.

    Follow spells priority and utilise stacks as soon as u have some time to DPS and preferably Energizing brew ready. Don't use less than 10 stacks of tigereye unless the fight is coming to it's end.

    PRACTISE is the key.

    8. Throne of Thunder's specific tatics for WW monk

    High numbers don't make you a good player. If you think so, just roll mage and faceroll on keyboard.

    Jin'rokh - remember to get bonus from Fluidity, try to have some coldowns ready for this. You could reflect some dmg by touch of karma, but as I mentioned, it's bugged.

    Horridon - I try to stick to the boss. WW doesn't like swaps, because u have to refresh RSK debuff. Kill importat ads like Wastewalkers, Dinomancers, Venom Priests, Warlords. Help anyone with tiger's lust to get away from sand traps, use stuns and Diffuse Magic against Venom Priests. If the boss is stuck in the gate, you can attack him with RJW. Use Fists of Fury when you know that boss won't charge and tank won't move it. Dispell 2 mins debuffs that you get after 2nd gate with Detox. I do it even as a DPS.

    Concil of Elders: Use diffuse magic to reflect Bitting Cold if you get one, use Tiger's Lust agasint Quicksands, you can dps on Overloading Kazra by using Touch of Karma and Diffuse magic so he'll loose Dark Powers faster.

    Tortos: I've got some huge numbers on this boss. Use Touch of Karma and Diffuse magic after Quake Stomp so you can freely cast a FoF.

    Megaera: This boss is made for monks. You can use Tigereye stacks on every head. Use Flying Serpent Kick to get first to the new head and start dpsing it by tab-targetting it. Even though my DPS is lower my overall dmg done for this fight might be higher than others. Reflect Cinders with Diffuse Magic.

    Durumu: nothing monk-oriented and this boss drops nothing for us :( (there are better legs from Dark Animus)

    Primordius: on 25man i am not collecting buffs, I just DPS boss and wait for some to appear, because some mage/warror/hunter will always make AoE and kill adds. Really hard fight for us. You rarely can use FoF and can't use Chi Wave (it is said to heal boss or at least used to). Use Roll+Momentum to keep close to boss.

    Dark Animus: nothing really, just pray for ring and legs to drop.

    Ion Qon : I did it only twice because I am not playing much lately, just use diffuse magic to get rid of debuffs from 1st phase.

    I don't know tatics for lastly released boss yet, sorry guys.

    9. Screenshots

    I haven't really made some to show you, but I'll I guess. Here you have some made a few weeks or even months before, so buff stacking wasn't fixed yet and I had little less gear. You'll see proper percentage share in total DPS of each skill.

    My UI is horrible, but I have 17" screen!
    Very old, in grevious gear, but I was pround back then
    Tortos 25 again, old
    Tortos 25, little more fresher
    Megaera, ~2 months
    Our second or third kill on Durumu 25 man, I didn't die
    Council, note RJW dmg (we stacked bosses)
    Casual Horridon
    Jin'Rokh, 2 months
    Jin'Rokh 10 man, 1 month

    This is what I found in my screenshots' folder. However, it's not always that good, because I suffer from FPS drop or forget to refresh tigereye brew! ;/
    There are many Tortos screenshots, because I always keep high dps there and it's similiar to Heroic dummy for meele dpsers.

    When I was raiding 25 mans last two weeks I kept being like 7-10th dps. My maximum was 5th on Megaera. I still have like 270-300k DPS on easier bosses but other classes are higher than me in recount.

    SORRY FOR MY BAD INGLISH xd I hope you liked my guide, let me know if you improved or you are better than me! Post screenshots if you wish.

    Thanks to Asherdoom, I used your Brew guide's composition.
    Thanks to <Furor> for fast, clean raids with a lot of competition!
    Edited: August 24, 2015

  2. Nice guide, keep it going! Would love to see some recorded sample on dummy too. Would be much helpful.
    Above all nice interface and dps.


  3. im currently gearing mah os (aka ww) and i will try out the different things from what im doing when i get home (im currently agi>haste>crit)
    but anyway very good guide and it defently deserves a sticky

  4. For alliance best race is Pandaren, since have 2x well fed buff = 600agi(+300), then comes worgen > draenai > dwarf > human > gnome > night elf

  5. How is Rune of Re-Origination for ww what stat should i want it to proc

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