1. King of the christmas hill

    A big xmas fight between players,at the highest mountain of Azeroth, to have a chance to speak with Artas claus.


    Players will fight each other, at highest mountain of Azeroth,using items that knockback.Players that fall off dies.The player who survived will speak with Artas Claus and he will judge if you was a good or bad guy in this year(50/50). If he judged you as a good guy you will win the prize and so on.

    Example of items:

    Snowball - Knockback ratio 20 - 30%;
    Gift box - Knockback ratio 40 - 50%;
    Christmas Mirror - Reflect incoming attack;
    Last hope sweet candy - Prevent from falling;
    Christmas cocktail - (Drunken fighter mode) evasion 100% for 1,5 seconds;
    Bad guy angry - (You became enraged for not having earned anything from Artas Claus) knockback tolerance 100% for 2 seconds;

    Players can have a winstreak too and get better prizes from Artas Claus (you lose the win streak if you was a bad guy).

    Everything here can be adjusted, just a simple idea.


  2. evento de pesca
    un evento de pesca en vega de tuersespina - bahia del botin donde se pueda recojer ya sea MONTURAS MOCHILAS GRANDES ORO MASCOTAS Y ITEMS DE INSTANCIAS NORMALES O HEROICOS que sea para hordas y alianzas al entrar a bahia del botin todos volverse neutros para no atacarse entre si

  3. Snowmen will be the best like the end of 2016

  4. Greetings Warmane,

    As the name of the thread itself suggests, we would like to hear about your ideas for events and possible suggestions on our already existing events. Please write constructive ideas and feel free to include criticism. All ideas and suggestions should go in this thread and everyone can comment on each other's ideas as long as the feedback is constructive and well within our forum rules.

    Try to include:
    • Name of the event
    • Brief description of it
    • Reward suggestions
    • Any comments you might have

    I have a nice idea! Remove those damn multiboxers from game so we can enjoy the events!! This is ruinning everything in this game!

  5. Name of the event: 5v5 Duel mode

    Brief description of it: 2 teams consisted of 5 players enter an arena (Can be hosted in any of the world arenas). There should be a coin toss or something to determine which team goes first. The losing team picks a character to fight for them, and the winning team of the coin toss chooses a counter to fight him. After a player that is eliminated from a team new player from the team can join and the team that loses all 5 players loses the match. So after the first player is eliminated there can be a few possible options for how the event should continue.

    Option 1: Player A1 defeats player B1, which means team A have 5 players and team B have 4 players at that moment. Now team A should choose the player to fight (But it can't be player A1 since he can't fight 2 games in a row) and team B chooses the counter. And it continues until one team loses all players
    Option 2: Player A1 defeats player B1. Team B chooses new player to fight A1 and A1 have 30 seconds exactly to get hp/mana up. If he used all cooldowns too bad for him, he only have 30 seconds to prepare for the next challenger from team B, and he can't use help from his teammates (for example healing etc.)

    Event can also be played in a tournament mode.

    Reward suggestions: Mounts would be nice, or maybe pets.

    Comments: Well the benefit of having a team will probably be buffs. Players can use buffs from their teammates while they fight 1v1.

    It's just a suggestion so if anyone have a better idea about to rules, feel free to post them

  6. Gnomeregan event


    the link above tells the entire quest chain and loot rewards

    it was a fun event back in retail and it had achievements and some loot. when it went away a lot of ppl were kinda sad maybe u can offer this event like once or twice a yr. it would be a lot of fun in my opinion

  7. Hey, wanted to just pop in to give my 2 cents about trivia event.

    So, this tuesday I was awaiting the trivia event, the given time comes up, don't hear nothing about it, then go on the forums to check what's happened, and it says that it's been moved to wednesday. Not a big deal, but a bit more time in advance would be helpful, as some might be waiting for events and push back raiding to participate.

    Then, on wednesday, eagerly awaiting again, a message finally pops up that it's about to start. About 7-8 mins later, first question pops up, but you've no clue where to answer that, whisper to GM or just shoot the answer in global? A designated channel for that would help.

    Next question then came up another 10 mins later, when I thought that the single question might have been it. What happened to just running TriviaBot? Last time I did trivia event, was about 2-3 years back, and it was like that, and great fun was had by all.

    So after about 20 mins and 2 questions, I logged out feeling a bit disappointed, as I was waiting for the event, 2 days too.

    I'm sure there's a reason for all my concers, it's just that there's nowhere to go to educate myself on them.

  8. May 9, 2019  

  9. Event ideea

    [list][*]Name of the event: The Pirate's day[*]The event location will be on a boat and what's happening? The Gm will give free to all players a transmog with a pirate costume permanently and she will do a duel with one player who have lvl like 20 vs 20 and winner got lvl 80 and who lost will out she can't rejoin on event[*]For reward :Can be some items ? Some gold [*]THIS EVENT IS FOR ALL PLAYER BETWEEN LVL 15

  10. Snowmen was lit and might even push bored players to create new characters and grind.

  11. Santa is not real, but he still in our hearts.

  12. snowmen/ cow/ stair to get into emerald dream 40 men raids are the very famous events as well as it promote our server back in 2014, 2015. With lots streamers like we have now will surely bring new players. I understand that rich/fat players are not very good for server , but u guys should calculate the positive impact as well. lots mmorpg these days and they are doing all their best to poach players. stable/fun to be here/ new players should be our focus now. burn coins, boe, gold later. when in molten day, new year gifts used to be coins/VPs and mounts randomly. I remember we used to wait excitedly .now, i even want to give back the gifts server gave us, its almost useless items. I dont know why u do it , but u must have your reason.

  13. Maybe do something that drops transmog scrolls too? Just an idea.
    I hope they bring back the snowman farm. That was so much fun.

  14. I remember there was a year when they spread some treasure boxes arround the world, if i remember right it was on open pvp arenas like gurubashi, blade's edge, nagrand, dire maul... And it used to drop flag of ownership and 36 slot bags !! It was nice and simple with good worthy rewards that doesnt unbalance the pvp or pve game

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