I've enjoyed this year's events. I would like to bring up a possible addition to next year. Not a new event or something of the sort, but an addition. I'm talking about a "Trade Master". Now, running these events, I'm super happy with the items I have received. Bummed my group has only made 17 waves, but I digress. Trade Master would give you the ability to trade in that 4th murloc egg or Turtle mount for a token. You save up tokens and can put them towards that Zhevra mount you weren't able to get, or perhaps those Frost Emblems... Even the little things, like 5 stacks of Preserved Holly could go towards a token. This would work for everyone who plays, as the tokens would be soulbound, as I know we don't like sending items to those who don't participate. I am appreciative that you do this for everyone every year. I just wanted to bring this idea to the table in hopes of seeing it for next year ;)
sounds like i missed out on some pretty good stuff this year D: