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    level 1 foot race
    starting and finishing areas in the worst possible places to ensure participants die multiple times for gm's amusement
    reward would have to be something decent though mounts title or something.

    Scavenger hunt
    Provide a list of items players must collect and trade to GM to confirm
    reward of GM's choice

    Death Drop
    as the name says gm leaps to his death and all participants follow the closest to the dead gm wins (pandas bounce so may not die on impact)
    reward of GM's choice

    Server wide event Player morphs
    morph players randomly for ****s n giggles seen this done elsewhere every so often when you attacked something you were morphed
    no reward just for fun
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    Event Name: Couple O' Hats
    Holiday: Winter Veil
    Description: Because of boredom, I went back to check the previous years' worth of suggestions and noticed that people cried a lot about both last year's and the year before last year's winter holiday events regarding how they were structured or balanced. I participated in both and had a moderate amount of fun, not quite sharing the rage of the community but understanding it regardless. Anyways, my idea is as it follows.

    [Server Message] Keristrasza is feeling festive!

    As the server message strikes, all players rush towards the Nexus to witness the festivity of Keristrasza. All bosses of the dungeon are wearing a winter hat and pack a frosty reward! One emblem of frost for each boss with Keristrasza holding two and a chance of a rare item (1%?)! The rewards are only obtainable if the dungeon is completed on heroic difficulty for the sake of applying a lock and making it non-farmable.

    This can be applied to both WotLK and BC dungeons as heroic difficulties of such provide a lock even after killing as much as the first boss. The dungeons should rotate every 90 minutes. For extra entertainment, you can place handicaps within the dungeons like randomly occurring freeze / root effects, mobs spawning, etc.

    Perks of this event? Unexploitable, rewarding while still in moderation and fun!

  3. 2 Days Ago  
    Can we have something BG/70-74 related on Frostwolf , please?

  4. 1 Day Ago  
    This events again this christmas :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn20QTgXoMw
    ,,Snowmen gone wild, Bob's Place, The Secret Cow Level''

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