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  2. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Possibly should scale up older raids to 80 and have it drop mog scrolls, mounts, and frost badges dropped would be cool. More incentives to do older raids even ones at lvl 80 is desperately needed. I would love to see more Nax, EoE and uldar pugs so maybe making them drop frosties would be cool even if for a short time. it's hard to think of events that dont go into funrealm territory. I really like the custom christmas event you guys put in so maybe more world bosses would be cool, even ones in older raids. The loot would need to be really cool to make people do it though so perhaps custom mounts / titles? or existing ones. Making mog scrolls a very rare world drop from npcs in northrend or 5 mans is something else to consider.

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    I would like to see somethin new to the halloween event

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