1. Premium Membership and Donation Guide

    Premium Membership

    Donating helps maintain, improve and expand servers and services. One-time donation awards a permanent Premium Membership.
    Donating $10.00 awards 10 Coins by default. Additional bonus coins depend on total amount previously donated, donation method and desired donation amount.

    The "Coin" is the official name of the website currency which can only be obtained through donating or marketplace trade.

    Premium Features

    • Coins to spend on in-game items (Not on Lordaeron), instant max-level (Not on Lordaeron), faction change, and other features through the website
    • No waiting in the log-in queue on all realms (does not apply to battlegrounds or dungeon finder)* (Restricted for Lordaeron. See below.)
    • Access to a Premium Member-only forum section
    • Support Ticket system in account panel**
    • Ability to create one or more Death Knights without level 55 prerequisite** (Not on Lordaeron)
    • Exclusion from database cleanups of inactive accounts
    • The ability to gift friends with coins**
    • Access to a website-based marketplace where you may sell in-game materials and currency for coins** (Not on Lordaeron)

    *Lordaeron requires 5 coins minimum spent on the marketplace on a SINGLE item in order to permit queue skipping for 30 days.

    Features marked with ** are bonus features served on a volunteer basis as an extra token of appreciation for support, and may be reconsidered at any time.

    Only donations made through account panel on our website are automatically processed. Direct money transfer is not a valid donation method.

    Donation Methods

    We currently only support donations through PaymentWall. However, PaymentWall offers a large number of donation options including the most common credit card companies, bank transfers, PaysafeCard and various different types of gift cards.
    The guide goes into greater detail on some donation methods in the posts below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why don't certain features apply to Lordaeron?
    A: We have to take special care of Lordaeron, and we want it to be a hardcore-type realm. This means we don't want premium users having more advantages over non-premium players than what is absolutely necessary.

    Q: Does being a Premium prevent my guild from being wiped in clean-ups?
    A: No, it does not. Characters are Premium. Accounts are Premium. Guilds are not. This is primarily because guilds can change ownership at any given time, and are not directly part of your character (which is also the reason why you cannot transfer guilds to other realms), in addition to not being properly supported by the game.

    Q: I purchased a wrong item on the marketplace. What do I do?
    A: If the mis-purchase is reported within 24 hours, the coins can be refunded so that you can purchase the correct item. Make a ticket for this here. Please know that items bought with points and certain Coin services (for ex. a faction change) are not eligible for a refund.

    Q: Do you refund donations?
    A: No we do not. Please read our support system policies to have a much clearer idea, and please do read them before making any donation.

    Q: I donated $10. Do I need to do anything else to gain access to the marketplace trade (trade coins for in-game items or gold posted by other players)?
    A: No, you are able to use the trade system so long as your account is of premium rank or higher.

    Q: How do donation ranks work?
    A: The donation rank you have is based on the amount you have donated, overall, on the one account. The bonus Coins gained from this perk will never be less than 1, but you will not earn any bonus coins until you have earned the second donation rank (Contributor, donated $100+).

    There are 5 donation ranks and are earned in increments of total donated $10, $100, $250, $500 and $1000. The first is earned with the most basic donation, but does not earn you any bonus coins. The 5 donation ranks grant bonus Coins based on the amount of coins you are donating for, which increment as +0%, +3%, +5%, +8% and +10%.

    Q: I made a donation but haven't received coins. What do I do?
    A: Please double-check your information and submit that information, along with a description of your problem in an e-mail to [email protected].
    To double-check your information please answer:
    1. What is your Account Name with Warmane?
    2. What is your email registered with Paysafecard or indicated during the donation?
    3. What is the amount of your donation?
    4. What is the date of your donation?
    5. Reference number of the donation (emailed to the email of your Warmane account). It will look something like "w12345678".
    In Addition keep in mind that in some instances coins may take up 72 hours to arrive, but usually is 10 hours max.

    Q: My account is suspended for payment fraud. Why?
    A: A. PaymentWall blocked your donations resulting in the account being suspended. If the message is from our site, then please create a support ticket. Otherwise you will need to contact PaymentWall.
    B. Email [email protected] & list your account name.

    Q: I tried to donate however "Payment system is blocked for you".
    A: PaymentWall needs to verify that you are in fact the owner of the donation method you're attempting to use. They'll likely need a screenshot of a bank statement (feel free to blank irrelevant info).

    You can contact them via email, [email protected] with your case id as the subject ("ID 02#012345678" for example) or via the web widget, logging in, initiating a donation and then selecting "HELP" within the top right of the donation menu.

    Q: Do you, or will you accept PayPal at any point in the future?
    A: No, we do not use it. We will not be using it at any time in the future, either.

    Q: I have questions that aren't donation related.
    A: Then please have a look at the following two forum sections;
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Support & Q/A

  2. Donation Guide

    Getting Started

    No registration is required. However, if you wish to make an account on PaymentWall, it is useful for additional support from their end, and gives you another method with which you track your donations to Warmane.

    If you have any problem with your donation going through, please use the HELP button at the top right of the PaymentWall donation panel on our website. It is very easy to use, and the site will guide you through the steps.

    Also note that Bank Transfers can take up to 3-5 days to process. Coins are not placed on your account until the transaction has been processed.

    Selecting Donation Amount and Method

    Get started by logging in on our homepage at www.warmane.com using your Warmane account log-in information. You should be automatically redirected to your account panel on the website. If this is not the case, please click this link.

    From there, you can click on the "Donate" tab and it should bring you to a panel that asks you to read our Terms of Service and Refund Policy. Please do so if you haven't already. When finished, click the check box and click on the "DONATE" button to proceed. Upon clicking that button, you will be presented with the following panel;

    Upon reaching this panel, please select your donation method and the amount of money you would like to donate. The base amount of Coins you will receive for that donation amount is directly displayed to the left of the currency number. To the right, the amount of bonus Coins you will receive for donating a larger sum of money is displayed.

    Please keep in mind that these bonus Coins displayed are not the same as the bonus coins received through our website's donation rank. These bonus Coins are seperate amounts and the bonus Coins received through this panel are calculated into the base amount which is used to determine the bonus Coins you will get through your donation rank on the website.

    Donation Details Input

    Upon selecting your donation method and amount you would like to donate, you will then be prompted with a details input form. This is the form for credit cards;

    It is a standard credit card information panel. All of the details needed for this input form can be found on the card. The CVV2(CVC) number can be found on the back of the card.

    Below is the details inpout form for the PaysafeCard donation option;

    Enter the PIN number from your paysafecard into the space provided and labeled "PIN:". You may enter additional PIN numbers if you are using multiple cards to fund your donation. Also make sure that you have the correct country or region selected at the top right of the form. Then check the box that says "Yes, I agree to the Terms of paysafecard" and then click the "Pay" button to proceed.

    You may also check the links at the bottom of the page for other information that may be useful to you, including how much credit you have left on your cards, and how much the currency on your cards is worth in other currencies.


    If you've input the donation information into the proper fields and pressed the pay button, then you should be all done!
    Upon finishing, you may be redirected to the Warmane homepage. Your account will be upgraded to premium/contributor status and granted Coins once we have received the funds. In most cases, this will be instantaneous. If you are transferring funds from a bank account, please allow 3-5 business days for the transaction to process, depending on your bank.

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