1. Excerpts from Rifles Division Field Manual 1: Rifleman's Handbook

    Chapter 1 : Introduction

    You are expendable.

    If the time should come that you are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, you must do so swiftly, resolutely, and without hesitation. A moment's delay could be disastrous.

    You are not disposable.

    Our numbers are small enough, and the threats we face terrible enough, that we cannot afford to lose a single rifleman to accident or stupidity. Your life is a vital resource to be nurtured and if it must be spent, it must be used to maximum effectiveness before it is lost.

    Knowledge is power

    The threats we face are numerous, and each one is unique. In order to combat them effectively, we must know what we are facing. Information, more than any bullet or blade, is our weapon, and we need as much of it as possible. Keep no secrets from your comrades or superiors. If you learn something, pass it on as soon as possible. If you are killed, your last act before dying should be to try to make sure someone knows how you died.

    Chapter 2 : Preparation

    Choose the Gear that's Right For You: Everyone is different. Your armorer and quartermaster can help you to find the perfect gear to fit your unique needs.

    Know Your Gear: Learn the quirks and foibles of every piece of equipment you carry, from your weapon to the buckles on your pack to the way your cape sits on your back. Experiment with different ways to carry and pack your gear until you find one that works well. Keep them maintained and always be aware of their condition. A frayed backpack strap might not seem like a big deal back at base, but it will be a big deal if it breaks on you in the field.

    Know Your Enemy: Read after-action reports. Talk to more experienced riflemen about their experiences. Find out everything you can about the dangers you may face. The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown: make sure you have as little to fear as possible.

    The Golden Rule

    Never drink alone.

    Chapter 3 : Execution

    Proper engagement techniques : When out on the field, a rifleman’s first shot fires a red paint projectile, designed to mark the target. The second shot fires a poisoned projectile at the target, slowing down any retaliation actions. Third shot, called “The gut buster” is fired using an explosive projectile designed to penetrate hardened skins and shells. After penetration, the projectile shatters in order to inflict maximum damage.

  2. The time had come.

    The wait had passed quickly by the reckoning of our people, but still every day spend in preparation and argument had seem like an age. The Dun Morogh mountains are huge and sprawling, home of hundreds of clans, mines and quarries. It took time to reach them all, to pass on the news, to wait for the clans to assemble and form the mighty dwarven army.
    But now the time has come.

    The fire grows, rippling out in every corner of the
    Dun Morogh Mountains until it becomes a roaring inferno. The Bronzebeards have been roused from
    their torpor.
    The Dwarves of Ironforge are united in slow, cold fury and the rock itself rang from their ironshod threads. The time has come that the dwarves will make the mountains tremble.

    As expected, orders came from Ironforge and the High Council, to march on Loch Modan.

    With the army on the move, our regiment was just in the perfect position, ahead of the army, garrisoned at the South Gate Outpost.

    Courriers came early in the morning, with orders for our regiment :

    We are to climb on the mountain's peak and take positions on the other side of the pass, taking positions overlooking the King's Pass in Loch Modan.

    As the army advanced through the Outposts and through the tunnels in Loch Modan, we were to make sure no Troggs waited on the other side.

    And so, i took my position, dug in my hole, covered meself with leaves and grass, and started to look through the scope of my rifle for any dangers.

    It was about one hour in that i noticed some movement in a far away bush.
    I quickly called on Bronn, my spotter, and asked him to check the suspicious activity :

    - Bronn, get over 'ere lad, and tell me if me eyes decive me ? Is that a Trogg in that bush over there ?

    Bronn made his way to my station, looked through his spy glass and confirmed :

    - Aye Movrak, a Trogg it is ! Get yer gun ready, it's time to go to work

    I positioned myself and took aim at the Trogg

    -Load first projectile, red paint, high velocity


    - Make it sparkle like it's Christmas

    I fired the first shot of red paint, hit the beast in his neck.
    He begun to grunt and looked in every direction to see where the shot came from.

    - Load second projectile, poison said Bronn


    - Send it

    I fired my second shot, right in the Trogg's shoulder blade.
    The beast started to waddle as the poison spread through it's body.

    The sound of my Blunderbuss gave him a general idea of where i was shooting from, so he started running towards my direction, in an attempt to flush me out of hiding.

    -Steady now lad said Bronn
    Load the 3rd projectile and make it count. Just like we practiced, aim for the neck, hope for a headshot.


    I loaded the explosive projectile and held my breath.
    I could see the Trogg coming my way, but before getting closer, i fired my shot and hit him in the chest.

    Not my finest hour, not my best shot, but the explosive round took care of business.

    One Trogg down, countless others to come.

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