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  1. Multiboxing on Lordaeron | Yes or no?

    Greetings Lordaeron community,

    Over the years, we have had many opinions in our community about this subject and the general idea that we got from interpreting these opinions is that the community is torn on whether we should allow multiboxing. We have decided to support the idea, as it was a blizzlike concept which we wished to follow. However, in recent years, that blizzlike concept changed and so far several precautions have been done to limit the capability of multiboxing and the stance on this subject is that it is merely tolerated, rather than allowed.

    With the launch of our newest realm, Lordaeron, considering the fact that we want our players to cherish their characters and build them by interacting with the rest of the community, we shall re-consider whether shall we allow this style of playing on Lordaeron.

    Without further ado, Lordaeron, we would like to hear your opinions on this subject.


  2. For sure not healthy for the community.

  3. It promotes account selling, gold farming on an industrial level and pvp griefing on an industrial level. I realize it's great money for you guys but as a member of this community I can honestly say it's ruined many many bg's for me.

  4. each Yes will be from a Multiboxer.
    So 5x Yes = 1 Votingperson LOL

  5. I am not crazy to wait in que just for some moron want to level more characters in one time. It's not fair to anyone.

  6. It's legal in retail. I don't see a reason to stop it here.

  7. HELL NO . Don't ever consider doing that please

  8. Ignore what people say, just do what you think's best, like with RDF.

  9. Would a cap on number of toons be possible? In which case I'd say yes for 5 or less, no to 5 or more.

  10. where's the "F*** NO!!!" button?

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