1. This is funny, finding this here. I am the original author, Yewbacca, from almost 10 years ago. :-)


    Many people have edited it over the years to add more words. Radvo's Spam Filter is simply ASSFilter with more words (although I notice you've broken the "****"(@nal)-text scanner from my original code, so that yours wrongly matches words such as "analyze" instead of just true "****"(@nal) spam). And there's also SpamThrottle which was also based on my code a long time ago: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/spamthrottle, but that author rewrote its purpose to make it into a general "throttling any repeated messages" addon, so it's not really the same thing...

    As for people asking why there's no GUI: It takes lots of time to make GUIs and editable settings in WoW. But the main reason that I didn't do it is that adding a custom word-list feature would slow down the addon (it would have to loop through a user's list of custom words and look for them all for EVERY incoming chat message). I just wanted a SUPER-lightweight way (super low CPU usage) to de-emphasize the spam on the server I was on. In fact, I almost always ran my addon in "color" gray-text mode, so that I could still see the spam, but not get my eyes drawn to it. Why would I want to see the spam at all? Well, because it let me know when all other people were seeing spam. So if I was talking to someone or selling something on the trade channel, I'd be able to know if the spam on other people's screens was making my messages scroll away for other people.

    Lastly, why didn't I add an ignore feature? Because auto-ignoring is dangerous. Imagine this: "Guy 1: I am a Dirge Spammer! Guy 2: Stop spamming about Dirge!". Both people would be ignored by Radvo's version of my addon... And nobody should need an ignore-mode; if you want silence, just use the "hide"-mode instead, so that you don't see their spam messages, but leaves everything else alone.

    When I released my addon, back then there was only one other anti-spam addon, called "BadBoy", but it was a huge beast with stupid features such as auto-ignore/auto-report, and lots of bloated code wasting CPU. It also didn't have any way to just de-emphasize spam (making it gray-colored). So ASSFilter was born...

    Regardless of whether you guys use ASSFilter or one of its mods, you can easily add custom words to it. Just open the .lua file, search for the word "strfind", and add more words/patterns using the same code style as seen in either ASSFilter or one of the clones. Just remember to not go crazy with adding words. The more words you add, the slower the chat filtering gets (since every incoming message on the numbered channels will have to be searched for each word, one by one...).

    Speaking of my old addons... it's October now, and the Headless Horseman is out, so this one may still be very helpful to someone: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/dailysummonhelper

    Edited: October 26, 2018

  2. how to modify the file in order to include them in the messages to be monitored so that it is also deleted
    I tested several things without success

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