1. Help with calculations

    If e=mc^2 does that mean PVE proc god rogues x god x are good? idk pls help my calculations might be incorrect. But if spr+boomkin with windwall heart=100% hp for whole game doesn't that mean rogue with kaled bonelink and vial 100% dmg pls dormarge more so if vanguards (2s) ret/dk play with 2 set pve and spam necro does that mean pve rly weak pls help calculations pls

  2. You just proved religion's true over science. well done.

  3. I guess hea meaned that the proc of the most op items that carry the whole game and unbalance the whole game proc too often. But he has a point since rog oneshoted Hpala from 60k to 1 for less than a 0,1 sec and boomkin spri surviving from UH DK... just no words how unbalanced this reqalm called Warsong is... and no one is doing anything to fix it... its even more unbalanced than mop since you die in the cheapshot or in the very open with garrote and those random procs from windward that stupid trinket procs from every spell and guesss who is doing something.... no one is doing anything bout it.... they forgot about Warsong and Neltharion... just RIP CATA...

  4. I love rangerjmt sarcastic post in Pilav style,totally agree.Smarky,I think the last season of MoP was actually very well balanced,and the thing I loved about MoP was that you didnt have to raid and get pve to actually play PvP at high level...Pve just ****s everything up,some lil items are ok in 4.3 but bonelink/vial/cunning/windward wall/gurthalak/rathrak are just insane.No kaleds were fine on AT core,here they just go nuts on you...

  5. As i said earlier, but "negative" topics always get deleted, don't expect that they will add AT core this year..

  6. push pull force is physics means someone is pushing or pullin u mybe thats why fear paths are not working like Steven Hawking's legs, there is a ghost in warmane that pulls n pushes u when u fear sum1 so next time ur spamming shred playing disc/feral just remember becareful of the spooky ghost that bugs ur fear so ur never actually behind ur target
    Edited: October 5, 2015

  7. True story..Im like,ima sap outta the fear,follow the moonwalking player fear fades,player is on other side of arena

  8. True Story Shammynator and rangerjmt but shamy i didnt talked about the Frostwolf ik frostwolf is more balanced that other mop servers and i i like that u dont have to get pve for pvp that is awesome let me give you example for unbalance well in Panda wow there is a lot of unbalanced classes anyways ranger u are right i play war and when i fear my target after the full dr onn my fear the target is 10000 miles away and im like WTF :D so u both have a point :) just cata is bad cuz of that much op pve i saw some videos on youtube when blizzard was on cata and i can say jesus that rog does 0 dmg compared to here :D so they rly need to fix it in blizzard u just cant and u wont die in the first cheapshot so ty again for unbalancing Warsong cuz of that pve... i personally think that if we are all full pvp gear i mean full cata gear with NO PVE parts this realm would be more balanced or if you are able to use all pve but only outside arenas :)

  9. use all pve but only outside arenas :)
    This x10

    It is simply poor gameplay to have to rely on PvE proc items to get wins in arena. However; there are classes that need PvE set bonus like how ret needs the 2xt13 to get holy power more efficiently because crusader strike gets parried/dodged a LOT. Sub and MM also find use in the 2xt13. As a matter of fact, why not just disable all damage proc weps/trinkets from arenas across the board.

    This will increase the quality of arenas SUBSTANTIALLY. While at the same time, won't take much staff manpower to make happen. This will also very likely bring players back and promote comp diversity. There is so much to gain.

  10. why fix the items when the classes themselves are ****ed?

  11. why fix the items when the classes themselves are ****ed?
    Fixing classes should be a given.

  12. Your mathematical equation is wrong. It's actually E^2=(mc^2)^2 + (pc)^2

    Putting your pieces in my calculator, i notice you have calculated the damage with non-burst (rest mass) properties, hence your calculations are under the actual value.

  13. thx for input and help i faced spr rogue today as healer team and it was nice to see that a new healer spec has been introduced with that rly unbroken legit 100% pve trinket called winward heart of somethin its great new healer classes are being inputed long live spr healers they can just let their bonelink rogue do the work and they can spam renew behind the pillar out of los of their partner and wait for heal procs :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. So when are you guys shutting down Warsong?

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