1. Horde PvP vendors

    Hi im only who think that warmane staff need start to do something with this vendors? we have all still problems with this vendors like some1 from aliance bugged them to texture or they just disappear... like right now.. please warmane fix this or something like this...

  2. This is weird. Didn't they recently give the vendors Divine Shield?
    Why is this gone again?

  3. i dont know but there are no vendors again... still waiting for their spawn around 3-4hours

  4. try flying outside to sides of the building and look there, a huntard powershot them and vendors got stuck outside on the side of the building earlier

  5. The vendors should be pvp flagged and available to kill. We are playing a PvP realm afterall, and this contributes to world PvP. As for the vendors not resetting to their default position after combat ends... that really needs fixing

  6. How about giving them knockback immunities the same as boss npcs have?

  7. Both alliance and horde have this problem, some silly person is having fun.

    Make the vendors immune to everything, and make them passive.

  8. Considering people are bugging the vendors, it should be bannable offense. Sure to kill the vendors that is fine, but making them get stuck in a wall where no one can use it is abusing a bug.

  9. No attention to this?
    Cant say I'm surprised.

  10. i dont know but there are no vendors again... still waiting for their spawn around 3-4hours
    Thats where you are wrong. Horde can't real kill the vendors, only bug them on the map. If you pay attention, or if you are a hunter, you can clearly see one, if not all, vendors under the ground, only a druid can get you to glitch inside the wall to talk to vendors.

  11. Alli Vendors are now bugged in the wall for near 12 Hours again..
    Its the only private Server where Players share info ingame how to abuse bugs and wich hack to use TO BUY PVP GEAR FROM THE VENDORS.

    I just cant understand why you cant give them a shield, its 2min of work....

  12. Its obvious. Staff doesn't want PvP server anymore. If I'm at max conquest and there is no vendor, I go play a different game. Death of PvP as intended by staff. There is no other explanation possible. Easy to fix, kills PvP in the game, refusal to fix = we do not want PvP on this server.

  13. The same Players will bug it again and again and again...
    Seikon Horde Hunter just freshly bugged them :)

    Set out a Perma Ban for bugging the Vendors and i swear i will run a 24h record reporting anyone who bug them again.

    Edit: ( 03:12ST ) Some GM got a heart and replaced them <3, but thats for now, the hunts are waitung to bug them again.
    Edit: ( 03:17 ST ) 5min later Conquest is bugged again and Seikon prepare to bug the Honor Vendor again too:

    Its just pain to gear up a toon on this Server.

    Edit: (03:24ST ) and the Honor Vendor is bugged again, gg Seikon did it :) Not even 15 min after replace they are bugged again :)
    Edited: October 18, 2015

  14. what happens with the vendors is not a player problem , banning that guy wont solve it , another one just come and do it again , what happens is the reflection of this server and staff : nothing is done , working , or cared for.

    to say they have the best most hardcore Lich realm , and have this going on for months on their MOP realm , is beyond embarassing.

    " hey i have the most restaured classic car in my garage but i cant change the tire on the car i bought last year "
    Edited: October 18, 2015

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