1. Added player cooldown support. Checks player cooldowns seperately so they are (more) accurate now.

  2. Fixed bug where targeting npc would sometimes cause error and some fps lag.

  3. Added Hide Ready CD option. (Show only icons on cooldown).

    Edit: Fixed bug where it didnt hide icon after cooldown expired.
    Edited: November 26, 2015

  4. Can u tell us how to add new spell cd? I added the spell id + cooldown to the core.lua file and didnt work.. ty! :)

  5. After you add cd, it becomes avaible on NEW bars unless I remember it wrong. One of things I should fix.

  6. Im using ur addon for some time now and i noticed that u cant change icons size for different bars. they always reset to default size. had to change on .lua file but they always keep that size. is there any way to change sizes individually?cuz i dont want target bar same size i want party/arena 1,2,3 if u get me.

  7. I discontinued this addon.

    I may or may not release new addon I made to replace it.

  8. I know this is a old thread, but it seems the download link isn't working. Can't find any other source for this addon neither. Can anyone please help?

  9. May 17, 2019  
    Hey Razielyo you had a new download link that worked before.
    I tried to get this addon again but your link doesnt seem to work anymore.

    Could we get a new one? Would be really nice.

  10. May 23, 2019  
    Did he ever release the nameplate addon he mentioned on the first page of this thread?

  11. May 27, 2019  
    The DL link still works. In case you're having problems, here's a mirror link

    The nameplate feature was never implemented and the addon has a few bugs here and there. I still use it in combination with Afflicted.

    The commands are "/ebar" , "/ebar new" , "/ebar add"
    Edited: May 27, 2019

  12. Unfortunately it doesnt work for me.
    I can configurate it and it all looks fine when I "preview" class cd´s but in arena there´s nothing shown. No cd´s of partymembers nor arenaenemys. Sometimes if it showes up, it doesn´t show all bars and if then not even the correct class specific cd´s.
    All my life I was looking for an addon like this and now that I found it, it doesnt work.
    Can anyone help me to get it work?

    Thanks alot!

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