1. Where i should lvl up after 40?

    I upped 40, so now i should go to thousands needles to continue. Now i have quest: To The Summit, i should talk to flight master in dustwallow Marsh, but when i trying i getting: You dont know any flight positions connected to this one. So where should i up now?

  2. You can go to Thousand Needles by the your own feet or mount. After this loc., you go to Tanaris and so on.

    Flight paths broken here a bit.

  3. they're not "broken" they're just not 'learned automatically' as they should be in 4.3.4, but yes, thousand needles and then tanaris, un'goro, silithus, blasted lands... then you're off to outland

  4. for future if you are stuck and don't know where to level, a very nifty addon is Carbonite, basically tells you what level is what area ect.

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