1. [A] <Evil Gummybears> Competitive PVE Guild

    <Evil Gummybears> started back at Cataclysm on the realm Sargeras. After suffering from the molt-down, we are rebuilt from the ashes on MoP Frostwolf. We are a close family that loves having fun while still taking progress serious. We always help our members with, gearing up, raid knowledge, classes and so on. We seek the very best and brightest raiders to join our family. Skill, dedication, hard work, maturity and most important humor are the qualities we value in you.

    Alliance First Sargeras Ragnaros 10 HC
    10 HC/NR Firelands Clear
    10 HC/NR Dragon Soul Clear
    10/25 Siege of Orgrimmar Server First Clear
    10/25 Throne of Thunder Server First Clear
    10/25 Terrace of Endless Spring Clear
    10/25 Heart of Fear Clear
    10/25 HC/NR Mogushan Vaults Clear


    • Must have decent English (atleast understanding)
    • Outstanding knowledge of your class (stat priority, Warmane bugs and etc.)
    • Able to raid at least one or two raids a week (for core progression infinite amount of time)
    • PC that can handle both 10/25 man raids without fps issues.
    • A premium account isn't a must but a huge plus.
    • Must have a friendly and positive attitude and go along with other family members.
    • Understanding and agreeing to comply with our rules.

    We raid everyday, therefore we have different raid times each day, the most common one is at 6pm st. This is how a normal week looks like:

    - Sunday - ToT10 Heroic
    - Monday - ToT10 Normal Alt/Trial/Boosting run
    - Tuesday - ToT10 Heroic
    - Wednesday - Resting day, sleepy bears!
    - Thursday - SoO10 Normal
    - Friday - ToT25 Normal Main run
    - Saturday - ToT10 Heroic

    This is how a normal month looks like:
    Spoiler: Show

    Media of raid progression:

    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    Council of Elders
    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    Ji'Kun Server First
    Spoiler: Show

    Durumu the Forgotten
    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    Dark Animus
    Spoiler: Show

    Iron Qon
    Spoiler: Show

    Twin Consorts
    Spoiler: Show

    Lei Shen
    Spoiler: Show
    We are proud to announce that we have forged a beautiful alliance with our beloved friends from <Stormborn>. together we share Alliance FIRST ToT 25 11/11

    If you want more information about us, check out our website; Click Here
    If you're interesten in joining the family, please make an application on our website. We accept only exceptional applicants with in-game raiding experience and knowledge of all available raids with tactics for individual bosses. Incomplete applications and low geared toons will be insta-rejected.

    For more questions, contact us in game
    Eternal | Solidheart | Superhik | Beg
    or just ask a member to redirect you to any officer online.
    Edited: May 8, 2016

  2. uuuu nice :)

    someone is boored :D :D
    Nice work man keep it up :)


  3. uuuu nice :)

    someone is boored :D :D
    Nice work man keep it up :)

    Hehe ty kuro!
    Recruits are open feel free to sign-up on our website! :D

  4. Amaaaaaziiiiing!!! Supreme form of existence = Evil Gummybears :)
    I love you guys... EGB SB forever!

  5. WTB more dated Screenshots nib !

    i rate it a Pedobear / 10

  6. That Alliance pic though...

    P.S. Whoever poked Zoid to finally make the thread has my Eternal gratitude - no pun intended :>

  7. Thank you guys and girls ~:>
    As for recruits, even classes with low status will always be open to exceptional applications!


    Death knight (all specs) = MEDIUM
    Druid (Resto/Boomkin) = HIGH
    Hunter = MEDIUM
    Mage = MEDIUM
    Monk (WW, BM) = HIGH
    Paladin (all specs) = HIGH
    Priest (Shadow) = HIGH
    Rogue = LOW
    Shaman (all specs) = MEDIUM
    Warlock (Affli, Destro) = HIGH
    Warrior (Fury, Prot) = MEDIUM
    Edited: December 9, 2015

  8. Nice work Zoid...Now i miss u guys even more :(

    Still Keep up the good work and most important of all...Have Fun :)

  9. 11/11 Every week in ToT 25s, same goes for the daily 10mans, Apply now!

    Lei Shen 25M

  10. Ooo I'm right at the middle of that picture <3

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