1. The server is definitely dead?

    It might be time to do some things,
    - 1 to 3 arena are against hackers / cheaters,
    - All day long Insults on the LFG (This again can pass)
    - Sales of scripts / account on the LFG
    - 80% of rogues of duel area use scripts
    - BG hackers invaded
    and many more.

    It is time to recruit GM on BlackRock, or if you do not want to deal with it, maybe it is time to close?
    Since AT merge, the server buries day by day.
    I even know why I post this message, it will remain in nothingness.

    A player who looks to sink a server that could yet beautiful years ahead of him.

  2. Report them http://forum.warmane.com/forumdispla...orting-Players
    No, we don't have GMs for specific realms.
    And blackrock has over 1k players on peak times, it has been like that since the AT core was added. Stop with ''realm is dying'' nonsense.

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