1. hopefully we get a yes/no maybe soon.

    Seeing more and more threads about pvp activity.

  2. Pls add this feature it would be realy nice

  3. I posted this topic many times and Warmane always give 0 response...

  4. This will bring alot of twinks back also.

  5. This is very good idea ;) The whole PvP community will appreciate this. Also good for twink PvP.

  6. Ofc... no Warmane staff see or responds to this post :(

  7. R1. 40 honorable kills
    R2. 200 honorable kills
    R3. 400 honorable kills
    R4 .800 honorable kills
    R5. 1800 honorable kills
    R6. 3000 honorable kills
    R7. 5200 honorable kills
    R8. 8000 honorable kills
    R9. 14000 honorable kills
    R10. 24000 honorable kills
    R11. 38000 honorable kills
    R12. 60000 honorable kills
    R13. 84000 honorable kills
    R14. 120000 honorable kills

    This would be x2 requirements. I think it looks good, first few ranks could require more, but there should lots of Grunts and Privates on the battlefield =D
    This is not how it worked on Vanilla, maybe if they implemented that RP system then it would be legit. But rank 7 being 5200 kills and rank 14 being 120000, its kind of stupid sounding.

  8. I think that the addition of the Honor Kills Leaderboard on the Warmane website is more than enough to show people what they want to see, adding this titles is just a luxury and it's not really needed, at all. You are just asking for it because you don't have them and because it's free to ask.

    Now that I am amongst the complainers and beggars, it would be nice if on the Armory you could see 'Honor Kills' 'Achievement Points' instead of clicking on 'Leaderboard' just to find out it's like a PvE Ladder.

    It really bothers me to add this kind of comments :/

  9. Ofc Warmane never responds to this kinda thread....

  10. Seriously come on, everyone wants it :D

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