1. i only can use this on warmane server...trying two server from my country doesnt work stuck at authentication

  2. you maybe need to go to foldier click on it go to properties and uncheck read only

  3. Hello, Is there a separated link for the WoW-32.exe?, cant really download 3gbs just for that. thanks in advance.

  4. The troll sprint seems to be bugged for me, when I sprint the model is in the idle pose. Anyone know how to fix this?

  5. If anyone gets an error such as:

    'Data/enGB/wow-update-enGB-18273.MPQ: World of Warcraft can't make a required change to the archive file. Be sure you have write permission for the World of Warcraft folder or try running the game in administrator mode. For more information, see: https://nattle.net/support/article/6910'

    All you need to do is right-click the folder you saved your client on, go to Properties, uncheck the 'Read-only' box and save. That will fix it.

    As for the separate models, textures and animations, I don't know why didn't Warmane staff make a separate "new MoP" download link with these files already applied themselves, like they did to WotLK.

  6. The troll sprint seems to be bugged for me, when I sprint the model is in the idle pose. Anyone know how to fix this?
    Same problem here. Everything else works fine but the troll sprint. Please help.

  7. May 8, 2018  
    Hey! I have the all game,and I instaled the Data folders to the DataGB folder and I gave a 64 bit computer but still don't work. I don't know that what is the problem ,but I want these modells.

  8. May 8, 2018  
    What if I have 5.4.8 client but downloaded from other source? Will still work?
    I have a not warmane client but it dont works,BUT others has the same client what I have and in their game it works.

  9. Скачал полный клиент, работают модели только на eng, на rus не работают.
    Выкладываю ссылку на все файлы ruRU(без файлов моделей 3gb) на них работает адекватно

  10. Hello, I download the files but it looks like the same models of pandaria, the only thing that change is the caracters panel when I login into my account... what can I do?

  11. I downloaded everything correctly, put the files in the game folder, but at the time of playing, the feet of my character, moreover, of all the characters does not appear
    How do I fix it?

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