1. [Guide] Restoration Shaman PvE


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    Hello everyone! In this guide I'll try to give you some guidance, ideas, tips about shaman who will help you to become something more than just a decent player into something beautiful…This thread is primarily intended for Halion and ICC 25hc encounters, because more and more guilds began to farm 25 man heroic raids and 10 man raids are not a priority for any guild except for fun, achievements and for some specific items for some classes.


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    My experience on private server Warmane started about 7 years ago of former Molten’s realm Ragnaros(x20). As a new player in Molten I had to learn a lot about bugs in classes, in encounters or generally for everything a good player needs to know. My first guild was Encore. Good guild with good players and friends and Sindragosa heroic farm. Quite an achievement considering that at that time only 2,3 guilds from all realms (Lordaeron, Ragnaros and Deathwing) killed Lich King and Halion on heroic mode. Anyway, about one year later, I and some people from Encore we decided to move on then better realm Lordaeron(x1). Then I started experimenting progressive. I have been in various guilds: Phoenix Rising, Lethality, Undisputed, Royal Bloodline, Psychotic, Disfigured, where I met new people, friends, discussing new strategies on bosses, different classes, I personally had to test various items, gears, gems and everything to improve my game to change my main restoration shaman. In that time I've done a lot of fun raids as 2,3 times ICC 25 normal solo healing, Lich King 10hc solo healing (31 times at the moment including Old and New Core, Thanks most to the guild Disfigured that were with me in this endeavor), a lot of ICC and RS 10/25 heroic raids, a lot of fun events. I played about 6 months in Warmane’s Cataclysm realm Neltharion with guild Faith and Ruin. Thanks to the guild Faith of our Realm Second Madness of Deathwing 25 Heroic and First guild achieved Ragnaros 10 Heroic with only 5 man. Thanks to the guild Ruin that showed me what it means skill, discipline, brain and good attitude. Thank all the friends and colleagues who were with me in these last 7 years in World of Warcraft. Some of my videos on WOTLK New Core and Cataclysm you can see on my YouTuBe channel - Rado Milchev.


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    Restoration is one of the three specialization talents, that helps you to heal. Not twisted or underestimate hand on heart I can say that a shaman is the best healer on the expansion Wrath of the Lich King. Restoration shaman is the only healer who theoretically and practically can replace any other class healer in his role. Restoration shaman is equally strong in single, group and raid healing. This is thanks to his talents, abilities and spells which makes it the fastest reacting healer of all healing classes. Restoration shaman gives unique raid buffs using totems and Bloodlust(Heroism). But for all that I’ll write in detail slightly down. Do not get me wrong. Each of the healer classes is extremely important because it has unique abilities, survival CDs and spells but when it comes to healing, Restoration shaman is a bit higher. With experience you will understand that there is no shaman impossible situation as single healer.


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    Restoration shaman has a great selection of talents to help you in various encounters and who depend on your individual playing style, skill and sense of what you and your raid needs.
    Below I have given a picture of a shaman talents as a green color I circled most important talent that every shaman must have a red color are optional talents are more dependent on your judgment to encounter, your raid and way of playing.

    GREEN COLOR : Irreplaceable Talents
    RED COLOR : Optional Talents

    • Now let's talk a little about optional talents, where and when and in which cases they are suitable:

    1. IMPROVED REINCARNATION - This is a good talent but if you are new in this class and have trouble surviving. In all cases, the accumulation of your experience as a shaman I am confident that you will find good talent build where you wasted those 2 points.

    2. TIDAL FORCE - Very good shaman CD. It is sad that many shamans do not use it. Very useful CD for burst healing or in some situations where you need to react quickly such as HOT people before Ice Tombs on Sindragosa encounter with the help of Chain Heal and 4pT10 bonus set if in raid you miss Druid to do that. Tidal Force gives you a better chance to proc your Ancestral Awakening talent. Of course these are just small examples of how Tidal Force, but when, how and whether to use it depends on you.

    3. NATURE'S SWIFTNESS - Best shaman CD. This makes your next Lesser Healing Wave, Healing Wave or Chain Heal instant cast. It’s very good for burst healing and extremely urgent situation to save some member. Of course Nature’s Swiftness is optional talent and I don’t press you to use it.

    4. CLEANSE SPIRIT - This spell allows you to remove extra curse effect. Whether you use it or not depends on your understanding with other healers in the raid, your raid leader, on who will dispel. In any case if you did not raid dispeller, talent that you do not need.

    5. IMPROVED EARTH SHIELD - Optional talent. Good if you are tank healer. Individual assessment for each shaman.

    6. IMPROVED GHOST WOLF - Very good talent for survival. It does your Ghost Wolf form instant cast. Useful for Sindragosa and Halion encounters.

    7. ELEMENTAL WEAPONS - Contrary to popular opinion, this talent now only gives 45 Spell Power more. This talent is not your spells increase by a percentage of something or whatever crap most people think. Juts 45 Spell Power more, nothing else. If you want these 45 Spell Power more or not depends on you. I personally did not think to throw away 3 points for those 45 Spell Power. Good talent for Valithria encounter if you heal the boss because on this fight every point of Spell Power is important.

    • Now let's talk a little about irreplaceable talents and why they are important:

    Here I'll group these talents into 2 groups - the first on your mana survival and the second is on increasing the effect of healing spells and your total healing!


    - TIDAL FOCUS , IMPROVED WATER SHIELD , MANA TIDE TOTEM , IMPROVED SHIELDS - Each shaman healer needs mana to heal. These are your main talents to directly return mana and mana survival. Some of them like Improved Water Shield work better with more critical strike raiting.


    - IMPROVED HEALING WAVE , HEALING WAY - Reduce the casting time of your Healing Wave spell with 0.5s and increase the amount healed by it by 25%. Healing Wave spell as your strongest single target spell needs more efficiency. These 2 talents directly increase productivity by Healing Wave.

    - ANCESTRAL HEALING - Decreased uptake of physical damage by 10% when you critically hit with some of your healing spells. Because the talent is only for physical damage more beneficial will see tanks from it. This small “CD” for the tanks comes very well in fights where they take more damage and not only.

    - TIDAL MASTERY , THUNDERING STRIKES , BLESSING OF THE ETERNALS - These talents increase your critical chance by total 14%. More critical strike raiting directly increases productivity of your healing spells, as well as helping to better mana return via Improved Water Shield and as well as helping to better proc of Ancestral Awakening. Blessing of the Eternals also increases your chance to apply the Earthliving HOT effect on the target by 80% when they are at or under 35% total hp.

    - IMPROVED CHAIN HEAL - Increase amount healed by your Chain Heal by 20%. Chain Heal as your main AOE healing spell needs more productivity.

    - PURIFICATION , NATURE'S BLESSING - These talents increase directly your amount of healing by Spell Power and increase the effectiveness of your spells with totally 10% more.

    - ANCESTRAL AWAKENING - Your “double healing” talent. It comes as “Sun Ray” in 10 man raids and 25 man raids too. When you critically heal with some of your single target spells you instantly heal the lowest percentage member by 30% of the amount healed. As more critical strike raiting you have, more will benefit this talent.

    - TIDAL WAVES - This is your best talent that makes you the most flexible and most reactive healer. This talent also with 2pT10 too helps you to switch easy from group to single target healing and inverse. Also this talent gains you additional increasing of your Lesser Healing Wave and Healing Wave by percentage of your current Spell Power.

    - ANCESTRAL KNOWLEDGE - Increases your Intellect by 10%. This talent increases also your mana capacity, your critical strike raiting and your spell power via Nature's Blessing talent.

    - HEALING FOCUS - Hm… I was really surprised when I saw some shaman who did not use this talent. It reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting spells by 70%. In simple words, it removes those of +0.2, + 0.3s. during which gives you complete your cast time. The other 30% comes from the Concentration Aura of Paladin. This talent passively increases your haste raiting and is simply a must. THIS IS PvE TALENT!!!

    As you can see all talents are interrelated and each of them contributes to some extent to increase the effect of other talents and healing.


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    Restoration shaman has a great selection and a set of glyphs that will help you through the various fights and who most depend on your style of play. Here I will offer the most important and most used ones.

    1. Glyph of Chain Heal - Your main glyph. It works well for 25 man raids and less 10 man raids but why? - because at 10 man raids most encounters requires spreading and harder you will hit 4 members at once.

    2. Glyph of Healing Wave - Incredible glyph. Imagine that you have always Beacon of Light on you. It can also critically hit you. Very good glyph for AOE fights like Rotface, BQL, Sindragosa, Halion in shadow realm and almost for every encounter.

    3. Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave - The best glyph if you are tank healer. As more Spell Power you have more will benefit total your Lesser Healing Wave. With only stacking of Spell Power on your gear, Lesser Healing Wave can potentially become your primary tank healing spell.

    4. Glyph of Earthliving Weapon - It increases the chance for triggering of your Earthliving HOT by 5%. Good for AOE fights like Rotface, Festergut, BQL, Sindragosa, Lich King, Halion in shadow realm and more. Good for almost all encounters.

    5. Glyph of Water Mastery - It increases your mana regeneration by 30 Mp5s by Water Shield. Good for low gear shamans and if you really have a problem with mana.

    6. Glyph of Healing Stream Totem - Good for 10 man content and for AOE fights.

    7. Glyph of Earth Shield - Second best glyph for Tank healing.

    8. Glyph of Riptide - Mostly for 5 man Dungeons and PVP.

    9. Glyph of Water Shield - This is only Minor Glyph where is important for you. It increases the number of charges on your Water Shield by 1.


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    1. RIPTIDE - Your only instant cast spell. It applies a HOT on your target. Chain Heal casted on this primary target affected by Riptide will consume all HOT effect and will make your Chain Heal 25% stronger.

    2. CHAIN HEAL - Your main AOE healing spell.

    3. HEALING WAVE - Your strongest single target healing spell.

    4. LESSER HEALING WAVE - Your fastest healing spell. With decent amount of healing, this spell will help you in your encounters.

    5. EARTH SHIELD - Additional small “CD” for your tanks. It protects them with small amount of healing. Also reducing casting or channeling time lost when damaged by 30%.

    6. WATER SHIELD - Increase your mana regeneration. The best ability for mana return by Improved Water Shield talent.

    7. WIND SHEAR - This spell not only interrupt cast but also reduce your total threat by 5%.

    8. PURGE - Remove 2 beneficial magic effects from your enemy target.

    9. BLOODLUST or HEROISM - Increase your melee, ranged or spell casting speed of all party or raid members by 30%.


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    Restoration Shaman has set many totems that reinforce your group. Which ones will you use depends mainly on your raid composition and encounter.

    1. Strength of Earth Totem – Increase the strength and agility of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    2. Stoneskin Totem – Increase the armor of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    3. Flametongue Totem – Increase the Spell Power of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    4. Fire Resistance Totem , Frost Resistance Totem , Nature Resistance Totem – Your magic spell resistant totems. It increases the frost, fire and nature resistance of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    5. Cleansing Totem – Remove 1 poison and 1 disease effect from all party and raid members within 30 yards every 3 sec.

    6. Mana Spring Totem – Increase the mana regeneration of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    7. Healing Stream Totem – Your healing totem. It heals all party members within 30 yards for small amount of healing.

    8. Mana Tide Totem – Your main totem and strongest CD for mana return. It also returns mana to all group members within 30 yards.

    9. Wrath of Air Totem , Windfury Totem – Increase your spell casting or melee speed of all party or raid members within 30 yards.

    10. Earthbind Totem , Tremor Totem – Your in-case totems. Good in situations at BQL encounter to remove fair effect before Air phase or at Lich King encounter to slow Vile Spirits when they are on the ground.


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    Restoration shaman collects important for him stats at directly increasing productivity or help his mana survival. Which of these is the priority depends on the encounter, way of playing and a sense of what actually you and your raid need for the moment. For some fights you will need more Spell Power for other more Haste raiting for third more Critical strike raiting or even more Mana Regen.

    1. Spell power - As more you have more your spells will heal. Your main stats for increasing of amount of your healing spells.

    2. Haste raiting - Spell Haste reduces the global cooldown to as little as 1 second. No amount of haste including Bloodlust/Heroism will lower the global cooldown below 1 second. The soft haste cap for resto shamans is 1269 haste rating (38.7%). This is the amount of haste what you need to reduce cast time of your Lesser Healing Wave to 1s. (including Wrath of Air Totem and Improved Moonkin Form or Swift Retribution). 1% Spell Haste = 32.786885 Haste Rating at Level 80. 1% haste means you will cast 1 additional spell in the time it would normally take to cast 100 spells. You do NOT cast 1% faster. With how much haste raiting you will play depends on you. Anyway, whatever style of game you prefer not advise you to leave with haste raiting above 1400.

    3. Critical strike raiting - Critical strike raiting not only increases your chance to critically hit with some of your healing spells but also increases your chance to return mana via Improved Water Shield talent, also increase your chance to proc your Ancestral Awakening talent and also improves your chance of 4pT10 via Chain Heal. 50%+ including raid buffs is good amount of number.

    4. Mana regen – Mp5s is good stats for mana return but with your progressive gearing, the critical will become a better stats for mana return than Mp5s. Anyway 400-500 mp5s while casting is good amount of number. Some longer fights like Lich King and some mana wasted fights like Halion in Shadow Realm required even more, but the best option would be to replace some items with mp5s instead of putting sockets for it. Don’t gem Mp5s if you are with higher gear score. Low gear shamans will see more benefit from mp5s. It gives too little value and not worth wasting it more important for you stats.

    NOTE - The good Restoration shaman always calculated stats based on his experience and encounter. So as to fights as Lich King you will need more Spell Power, Mp5s and critical and not so much Haste, as Halion in Fire Realm you will need more Spell Power and Critical and not so much Haste and Mp5s, as Halion in Shadow Realm depends on what is your partner, if you are mainly tank healer inside you will need more Spell Power and Critical or Mp5s, if you are mainly raid healer you will need more Haste and Mp5s. On VDW again depends what is your role, if you are boss healer outside you will need max Spell Power and mana survive via critical and Mp5s even Glyph of Mana Tide Totem will help you a lot, if you are raid healer you can try with some balance stats. For encounters like LDW, Rotface, BQL, partly Marrowgar and Sindragosa you will need more Haste. These are just simple examples of how smart, how flexible and rounded is Restoration shaman.


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    I was really surprised to find out how many people do not understand how spell hasting values are working in this game and actually because of that, they can NOT calculate properly their haste values, they are typing wrong information on different forums, guides and etc.

    When we speak about World of Warcraft there exists 2 types of increasing spell haste values:

    1. Increases haste raiting by X.
    2. Increases speed by X%.

    So first of all both definitions have different meanings.

    In the first case we directly add some amount of haste raiting into our current haste raiting value

    On the picture above you see that my primary haste raiting is 1369 which is equal to 41.75% spell casting speed. After adding of 500 haste raiting value I got total 1869 haste raiting which is equal to 57% spell casting speed.
    Cause we know that 1% spell haste = 32.786885 it's easy to calculate

    (500/32.786885)% + 41.75% = 57.00%

    In the second case we increase by Y% spell casting speed of our current X% spell casting speed which comes with multiplier. Well, the aim of this selection is actually to explain you how it's working.

    Somewhere around the Internet will probably read something like:

    "In most raids (10 and 25), you will have a total of 8.15% this is before gearing and item procs. 5% from Wrath of Air Totem and 3% from either Improved Moonkin Form or Swift Retribution. Now you might be asking how 5%+3% = 8.15%. Haste is a multiplicative effect, which means each factor that does stack compounds the total rather than simply add to it. An increase in an ability by X% is equal to multiplying the current modifier (which begins at 1.0) by (1 + X%/100)"

    As much as I was looking for on internet, I did not find any easier for the broader audience explanation what exactly this means, so I'm gonna write about this multipliers as easy as I can.

    As you can see on the picture above, standard Blizzard UI doesn't show you the scaled haste speed by Wrath of Air Totem and on both images you see same amount of 41.75% spell haste even after the use of Wrath of Air Totem. Blizzard fixed this mistake with Cataclysm expansion but here we are writing about Wrath of the Lich King. Cause of that you have to figure out this.

    So, ... How 5% + 3% = 8.15%

    Let's say we have:

    A = our primary amount of haste (which is 5)
    B = our amount of haste whit which we want to increase A (which is 3)
    M (Multiplier of B) = 1 + (B/100)
    C% = our final amount of haste (which we want to find)

    So to find it we need to look at equation C% = A*M + B or we have:

    C% = A*(1 + B/100) + B = 5*(1 + 3/100) + 3 => C = 8.15%

    So let me say that if M is multiplier of B, so A*M is multiplier of B for A which is very important to know!

    In this way let me figure out for my shaman's picture above with how much Wrath of the Air Totem is increasing my haste value:

    A = 41.75
    B = 5
    M = 1 + 5/100 = 1.05

    So we have: 41.75*1.05 + 5 => C = 48.84%

    NOTE: Shaman with primary haste speed of 41.75% will increase it to 48.84% under effect of Wrath of Air Totem and NOT to 46.75% as most of folks figure out. Although Multiplier of supplementary haste is always constant value cause it doesn't affect on how much primary haste you have, the total multiplier for your primary haste is influenced by amount of your primary haste or simply put - the more primary haste A you have, the more haste value C - (A + B) will be added at the same supplementary amount of haste B.

    In the same way we can calculate for Wrath of Air Totem + Moonkin Aura. We already figured out that both buffs are giving us total 8.15% spell haste so we have:

    C = 41.75%*(1 + 8.15/100) + 8.15 = 53.30%

    To understand that I do not write empty words alone, I logged into my mage and with the use of Mage Nuggest Addon I will again prove my theory that C% is NOT equal to A% + B%.

    On the picture we see primary haste A = 31.29% and final value C = 37.85% under effect of Wrath of Air Totem only.

    C = 31.29*(1 + 5/100) + 5 = 37.85%

    NOTE: In the same way you can calculate how much A% by haste raiting you need to reach some specific value C% under effect of Moonkin Aura or Wrath of Air Totem or Bloodlust.

    Soft Haste Caps

    Something very important which everyone should know is:

    1. Every spell in this game with base casting time of 1.5s requires 50% spell haste to drop it to 1s casting time. In Resto Shaman's case it's Lesser Healing Wave.
    2. Every spell in this game with base casting time of 2.5s requires 100% spell haste to drop it to 1s casting time. In Resto Shaman's case it's Chain Heal.

    Considering that in most of the raids you will gain effects of Moonkin Aura or Swift Retribution Aura and Wrath of Air Totem and using the equation above, It's not hard to figure out that in normal situation in case one we need just 38.70% (1269) by haste raiting and in case 2 we need 84.90% (2784) by haste raiting which is unreachable value with none gear. Also with the use of equation above we can found some additional "haste caps" for Resto Shaman:

    1. 1s casting time of Healing Wave under Rapid Currents and Tidal Waves - 18.55% (608) (which technically is possible after Riptide: Riptide -> Healing Wave)
    2. 1s casting time of Chain Heal under Rapid Currents - 54.11% (1775) (which again technically is possible after Riptide: Riptide -> Chain Heal

    NOTE: Similarly you can found the haste raiting value which you need for 1s Chain Heal under Bloodlust only or Bloodlust + Rapid Currents, for 1s Healing Wave under Bloodlust or Bloodlust + TIdal Waves or Bloodlust + Tidal Waves + Rapid Currents.

    "BIS" GEAR

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    Restoration shaman does NOT use total BiS gear. Here I will give you list of the most useful and frequently used items each of them can be your BiS depending on your judgment style of play, fight and feel how you will deal with a given situation.

    1. HEAD

    - Sanctified Frost Witch's Headpiece - EOF Reward


    - Sanctified Frost Witch's Spaulders - EOF Reward
    - Horrific Flesh Epaulets - Festergut 25HC

    3. CHEST

    - Sanctified Frost Witch's Tunic - EOF Reward
    - Mail of Crimson Coins - BPC 25HC

    4. LEGS

    - Sanctified Frost Witch's Legguards - EOF Reward
    - Rippling Flesh Kilt - PP 10HC

    5. HANDS

    - Unclean Surgical Gloves - Festergut 25HC
    - Changeling Gloves - Halion 10HC

    6. BACK

    - Cloak of Burning Dusk - Halion 25HC
    - Frostbinder's Shredded Cape - VDW 25HC
    - Abduction's Cover - Halion 10HC

    7. WRIST

    - Phaseshifter's Bracers - Halion 25HC
    - Bracers of Fiery Night - Halion 25HC
    - Bloodsunder's Bracers - Rotface 25HC

    8. WAIST

    - Split Shape Belt - Halion 25HC
    - Crushing Coldwraith Belt - Lord Marrowgar 25HC
    - Belt of the Blood Nova - DB 25hc

    9. FEET

    - Plague Scientist's Boots - Festergut 25HC
    - Boots of Divided Being - Halion 10HC
    - Earthsoul Boots - Leatherworking

    10. NECK

    - Blood Queen's Crimson Choker - BQL 25HC
    - Holiday's Grace - Festergut 25HC

    11. FINGER

    - Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom - Reputation Reward
    - Ring of Rapid Ascent - Gunship Battle 25HC
    - Ring of Phased Regeneration - Halion 25HC
    - Marrowgar's Frigid Eye - Lord Marrowgar 25HC

    12. TRINKET

    - Glowing Twilight Scale - Halion 25HC
    - Solace of the Fallen HC - Lord Jaraxxus 25HC
    - Solace of the Fallen N - Lord Jaraxxus 25N
    - Althor's Abacus - Gunship Battle 25HC
    - Purified Lunar Dust - EOF Reward
    - Talisman of Resurgence - EOT Reward

    13. RELIC

    - Totem of the Surging Sea - EOF Reward
    - Totem of Calming Tides - EOT Reward
    - Wrathful Gladiator's Totem of the Third Wind - PvP Reward

    14. OFF-HAND

    - Bulwark of Smouldering Steel - Lord Marrowgar 25HC

    15. WEAPON

    - Royal Scepter of Terenas II - Lich King 25HC
    - Trauma - Rotface 25HC
    - Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings - Quest Reward

    NOTE - I will write again that a good shaman not only uses the same setup. The choice depends more on your individual judgment whether you need more Haste, Spell Power, Critical or Mp5s as stats for different encounters.

    Enchants, Gems, Professions, Flask, Foods and etc.

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    To be honest I do not think accentuated here by giving different types of these various. There are affordable enough guides where you can see the different types of flask, foods, enchants and etc. Here I'll just write some more specific about the niceties on what you need to focus.

    1. What gems you will use depends on you. Whether you stack more Spell Power or Haste raiting or Critical strike raiting is your personal decision.

    - RED - Runed Cardinal Ruby , Reckless Ametrine or Potent Ametrine

    - YELLOW - Quick King's Amber or Smooth King's Amber

    - BLUE - Here you can use the same gems as in RED and YELLOW

    - META - Some time ago I was writing about the topic meta gems. So you can read and decide for yourself what and why it is best for you - Resto Shaman and the choice of Metagem [PvE][3.3.5a]

    Insightful Earthsiege Diamond , Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond or Ember Skyflare Diamond is best choice for you.

    2. Best profession for Restoration Shaman is Engineering. It gives you an extra survive ability via Nitro Boosts and an extra CD via Hyperspeed Accelerators. Also you can make Runic Mana Injector that is really good boost in need of mana. I personally believe that any self-respecting shaman would choose this profession in the first place. The second profession is personal for everyone and depends more on your judgment. For example, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing give you an extra additional stats via 2 more prismatic sockets (Socket Bracer and Socket Gloves) or 3 more higher gems (Runed Dragon's Eye , Quick Dragon's Eye or Smooth Dragon's Eye). Alchemy does you increase the amount of time of your flasks. Tailoring does you increase amount of Spell Power or Mana gain via Lightweave Embroidery and Darkglow Embroidery. As you can see there are different versions of professions with which you can play.

    3. Whether you use Flask of the Frost Wyrm or Flask of Pure Mojo, or Elixirs for Haste , Critical , Spell Power , Mana Regen or Intellect and foods for Spell Power , Haste , Critical or Mana Regen most depends on you or encounter. Again there are different types of flasks, elixirs and foods with which you can play.

    There's a picture of all what I use at the moment


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    First and foremost, like Shamans ANCESTRAL AWAKENING, the CHAIN HEAL HOT includes overhealing into the value calculation. So even if your CHAIN HEAL crit is pure overheal with not one bit of effective healing, you’ll still have the HOT applied. Thereafter, the HOT will tick at 6, 3 and 0 seconds remaining (after an initial application lag) and it is additive with other active CHAIN HEAL HOTs on the target. Here on Warmane I want to talk a little bit about some "small" beneficial bug, which at first glance it may seem really small bug, but actually in some situations also in ICC with 30% zone buff it contributes not small boost in healing.

    Let's see again 4pT10 - Your CHAIN HEAL critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount over 9 sec.

    The key here is these 25%. Actually on Warmane this value is a bit increased to ~27,5%.

    Looking the picture above, The critical hit by CHAIN HEAL amount is 12253. Slightly down you can see that the CHAIN HEAL HOT applied by it is 1123.
    Let's do now some simple calculation on how it's supposed to work.

    The total HOT by these 12253 is equal to 12253 x 25% or 12253 x 0,25 ~ 3063. Because as I noticed above, CHAIN HEAL HOT applies 3 ticks before to expire. In this case we have:

    (12253 x 0,25) / 3 ~ 1021 healing per tick. But as you notice by picture, the HOT is ticking by 1123, which is increased by 102.
    Now we want to check actually how much is this coefficient, which is boosting our healing.

    (12252 x X) / 3 = 1123 => actually our constant X ~ 0,2749530... or for constant value we can accept 0,275 which actually is equal to 27,5%.

    If you still don't believe this statement, below I will go to the essence of the 4pT10, how it's working and stacking.
    There are 2 ways to stack your CHAIN HEAL HOT:

    Because the HOT is ticking on each 6, 3 and 0 seconds, the first example applies to stacking of several critical CHAIN HEAL hits on same target (in my example they are 3) before we give a chance to first CHAIN HEAL HOT to apply on that target. In this case HOTs by it over-stack and refresh the timer for the first CHAIN HEAL HOT.
    On the picture above you can see that I had 3 critical hits by CHAIN HEAL with amounts 12855, 13515 and 13617 and slightly down you can see the total HOT by these CHAIN HEAL, which is 3664.

    The math's calculation to test if this value is corrected is simple:

    ((12855 + 13515 + 13617) x 0,2749530) / 3 ~ 3664,848. Considering that above we found that our %'s coefficient by 4pT10 is irrational number, our values will always have a deviation by ~ + - 1, 2. In this case ~ 0,848.

    With this example, I used again 3 CHAIN HEAL crits, but this time I waited the first HOT by it to apply on the target, before to cast next CHAIN HEAL.

    For first we have (12289 x 0,2749530) / 3 ~ 1126, which is the HOT after the first CHAIN HEAL.

    For the second we have ((13323 x 0,2749530) - 1126) / 3 ~ 845, which is the additional HOT increasing after the second CHAIN HEAL. Then we have:

    1126 + 845 = 1971, which is the total HOT applied on the target after the second CHAIN HEAL.

    For the third we have ((13329 x 0,2749530) - 1971) / 3 ~ 563, which is the additional HOT increasing after the third CHAIN HEAL. Then we have:

    1971 + 563 = 2534, which is the total HOT applied on the target after the all 3 CHAIN HEAL and the value, which you can see on the end of the log.

    You may ask "Team, Why you remove previous CHAIN HEAL HOT on your math's calculations when calculating each subsequent?". The answer is simple "because this previous HOT is already existing on the target. This is mechanic invented by Blizzard, not by me." Also if it could stack like on my first example (where you stack CHAIN HEAL crits on one target before to apply the first HOT), then this bonus should be really overpowered and should bring to really huge amounts of healing/overhealing by HOTs. With the first example you are limited to 3 seconds time to stack CHAIN HEAL crits, because this is the duration before to apply the first tick after each casted CHAIN HEAL by you.
    Anyway, this is a great tier bonus, which will benefit much more on AOE fights like Lord Marrowgar (Bone Storm), Lady Deathwhisper (mostly in second phase), Festergut, Rotface, Professor Putricide, Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Sindragosa, Lich King (mostly in transition phase and Frostmourne) and Halion (in Shadow Realm). My observations over ICC and RS enounters show that 4pT10 will bring from 3, 4% to up to 14, 15% by your total healing done depend on the encounter.

    NOTE - In this selection I didn't intend to show you that 4pT10 is not working properly now. Even if Warmane's Stuff fix this, the idea of how it's working will be the same. Just I had to show you this bug so I can calculate slightly down to those made by me pictures!!!


    Spoiler: Show
    Here I will explain how Ancestral Awakening works by trying to pass on your information step by step to make it easier for you and then switch into ICC and VDW encounter. Quite a lot of Restoration Shamans here think that Ancestral Awakening is not working properly and although there are some problems with this so great talent, the overall, Ancestral Awakening works the very similar way it has ever worked on retail.

    Ancestral Awakening - When you critically heal with your Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave or Riptide you summon an Ancestral spirit to aid you, instantly healing the lowest percentage health friendly party or raid target within 40 yards for 30% of the amount healed.

    Before going to the posting of a different mathematical equations, logs and explanations, first I'm going to explain to you what actually is wrong with Ancestral Awakening on Warmane. But first...

    ...a little background: Ancestral Awakening is a talent which Blizzard added with Patch 3.0.2 on October 14, 2008.
    Somewhat later on April 14th, 2009 and the releasing of Patch 3.1.0, Blizzard announced that Ancestral Awakening will now account and proc by completely or partially overhealed spells by 30% of full amount of the spell.

    Over time, the WoW Community have been found that Ancestral Awakening gets benefit also by Purification talent which increases the effectiveness of your healing spells by 10% (something like "double-dipping") which contributed to the multiplication and increasing of these 30% by another 10% for total 33% (0.3 + 0.3*0.1 = 0.33).
    In reply, instead of fixing their problem with Ancestral Awakening and Purification scaling with it, Blizzard decided to decrease the percent amount of how Ancestral Awakening has worked to 27% proc by amount of healed spell and that was a way to fix the problem till the end of WotLK expansion. I found somewhere in retail forums that people said, Blizzard actually fixed this with some patch of Cataclysm and the new Restoration Shaman talent Spark of Life which actually replaced the old Purification.

    Anyway, being the new "nerf" of Ancestral Awakening to 27% the real coefficient of how it has ever worked with Purification is:

    0.27 + 0.27*0.1 = 0.297

    ...or in actual fact, Ancestral Awakening has proced for 29.7% (instead of 30%) of the amount healed.

    The picture below is Log of Method's Restoration Shaman Gatina in RS 25HC. The log is from September 1st, 2010.

    critical hit by Lesser Healing Wave with amount 10308 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 3245...and considering that the raid is affected with +6% healing by Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura we have:

    10308*0.297 + (10308*0.297)*0.06 = 3245

    You also have to know that Blizzard are known for their non-integers for the coefficients of the values that contribute to the formation of irrational values. For example Wrath of the Air Totem is supposed to provide 5% spell haste but in practice these 5% are actually 4.99% and something or 4.99...%. With the same logic Ancestral Awakening coefficient of proc is not exactly 0.297 but 0.297 +- 0.000something...

    You may wonder why I waste my time explaining something that has passed on retail and is no longer a fact. The answer is simple - because I have to inform you about how Ancestral Awakening has ever worked on retail so it will be more easy for you to understand when I start with comparison between retail's and Warmane's logs.

    How on practice Ancestral Awakening works on Warmane? Watching the log below

    critical hit by Healing Wave with amount 19008 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 6272.

    Using that X*19008 = 6272 we find that X = 0.3299 or ~0.33

    ...or in actual fact, Ancestral Awakening is procing for 33% (32.99%) of the amount healed.

    Conclusion: This is one of the bugs which exist about Ancestral Awakening that we can find on Warmane. Ancestral Awakening is still benefiting by Purification but Warmane's developers didn't decrease the initial amount from 30% to 27% as Blizzard's developers did which contributes to ~3.3% more healing done on proc.
    Or while for retail we have to work with ~0.297 coefficient, for Warmane we have to work with ~0.3299 coefficient. Another bug contributes to the instant proc (or actually at same time) of Ancestral Awakening when the critical hit by Lesser Healing Wave, Healing Wave or Riptide heals the target but in practice there must be a delay roughly 1s comparing to retail style. Below you will see pictures of retail logs which show a gap for time between Healing Wave and Ancestral Awakening proc by it.

    Ancestral Awakening also benefits by talents and abilities which directly increase healing done or healing receiving by X%. This also counts the 30% ICC buff.

    If we speak about normal raid composition being that we will have benefit by Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura buffs and also by 30% ICC buff, our real coefficient of how Ancestral Awakening procs changes.

    For Retail:

    1. +30% ICC Buff: 0.297 + 0.297*0.3 = 0.3861
    2. +30% ICC Buff and +6% by Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura: 0.3861 + 0.3861*0.06 = 0.409266

    The picture below is Log of Method's Restoration Shaman Gatina on the start of VDW 25HC's encounter. The log is from August 25th, 2010.

    critical hit by Healing Wave with amount 35356 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 14470. (35356*0.409266 = 14470)

    For Warmane:

    1. +30% ICC Buff: 0.3299 + 0.3299*0.3 = 0.42887
    2. +30% ICC Buff and +6% by Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura: 0.42887 + 0.42887*0.06 = 0.4546022

    The picture below is my Log on DBS 25HC's encounter.

    critical hit by Lesser Healing Wave with amount 16656 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 7572 (16656*0.4546022 = 7572).

    As you can notice, the difference between initial coefficients of retail and Warmane for Ancestral Awakening change and progressively scalable because every added buff is multiplied by the value.
    While the initial differences were ~3.3% (0.3299-0.297 = 0.0329), under the effect of 30% ICC buff + 6% by Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura our difference jumps to ~ 4.5% (0.4546022-0.409266 = 0.0453362)


    As I noticed slightly above, Ancestral Awakening benefits by buffs which directly increase healing done or healing receiving by X%. This is NO exception for VDW encounter and the orbs which you gather inside the room. The buff that you gain while gathering these orbs is called Emerald Vigor (Normal Mode) and Twisted Nightmares (Heroic Mode). This actually contibutes to the so-called "double-dipping" because once the bonus healing by the stacks apliies to your healing spells and second time it applies to Ancestral Awakening that proc by your healing spells.
    The most interesitng part is actually how Tree of Life and Improved Devotion Aura work here. These buffs do NOT stack but while Tree of Life increases the healing receiving by 6% on the targets affected by it, Improved Devotion Aura increases directly the healing done of the caster while he is affected by any Paladin's aura by 6%. In practice Tree of Life and Improved Devotion Aura have same effect while we speak about raid members healing but in general Valithria Dreamwalker is not part of the raid , she is NOT raid member and although Chain Heal can jump from her to any raid member, she can NOT be affected by Tree of Life buff but she will receive +6% bonus healing by Improved Devotion Aura.

    Some people probabbly wonder how at some point of VDW's encounter Ancestral Awakening begins to outheal the actuall healing spell that triggered it...if we really think about it at first, it sounds really illogical, but like any other thing, and that's a logical explanation that I'm thinking of.
    We know that every stack by Emerald Vigor (Twisted Nightmares) incsreases healing done by 10%.


    X = the amount of your stacks we have that at any given time of the encounter our healing bonus will be X*10% = X/10

    Y = the amount of critically hited Lesser Healing Wave/Healing Wave/Riptide that is affected also by + 30%ICC buff and +6% healing bonus by Improved Devotion Aura

    Z = the expected Ancestral Awakening proc by Y with amount of stacks X

    and taking the coefficients which we calculated above we can form the mathematical equation

    For Retail:

    Z = 0.409266*Y + (0.409266*Y)*(X/10) => Z = 0.409266*Y + 0.0409266*Y*X

    While giving different values for X we can easily find that if X = 15 or more (stacks), Z will outheal Y:

    Z = 0.409266*Y + 0.0409266*Y*15 => Z = 1.023*Y

    The picture below is Log of Method's Restoration Shaman Gatina on VDW 25HC's encounter while he has been collecting 20 stacks by Twisted Nightmares. The log is from August 25th, 2010.

    critical hit by Healing Wave with amount 96304 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 118242.

    Z = 0.409266*96304 + 0.0409266*96304*20 => Z ~ 118242

    For Warmane:

    Z = 0.4546022*Y + (0.4546022*Y)*(X/10) => Z = 0.4546022*Y + 0.04546022*Y*X

    While giving different values for X we can easily find that if X = 12 or more (stacks), Z will outheal Y:

    Z = 0.4546022*Y + 0.04546022*Y*12 => Z = 1.00012*Y

    The picture below is my Log on VDW 25HC's encounter while I have been collecting 19 stacks by Twisted Nightmares.

    critical hit by Healing Wave with amount 99043 is triggering proc of Ancestral Awakening with amount 130862.

    Z = 0.4546022*99043 + 0.04546022*99043*19 => Z ~ 130862

    NOTE!!!: In an identical way you can calculate and make a mathematical equation if Valithria Dreamwalker is affected by Guardian Spirit.


    Spoiler: Show
    In this selection I'll show you some of the basic ways to play with a shaman, which are closely related to different encounters in which each of you will rediscover yourself.
    Depending on your role, I can objectify Restoration shaman in three separate groups, each of them has its own individual ways to cope with different situations but most honestly depends on your raid, mainstream part of healers and most of task that your raid leader is appointed you.

    1. Hasty’s Shaman (the most commonly used) - This group is designed first and foremost to raid healer.

    - Most important stats – Haste Raiting > Spell Power = Critical Raiting > Mp5s. Hasty’s Shaman collects usually around 1400+ haste raiting.

    - Most used spellsChain Heal , Riptide , Earth Shield.

    - Glyphs – As main raid healer you will need such glyphs to support you. 2 of them which are mandatory for every Hasty’s shaman are Chain Heal and Earthliving. 3rd glyph is optional depending on your judgement.

    - GemsRED Reckless Ametrine , YELLOW Quick King's Amber , BLUE Quick King's Amber.

    - Gear – Good items for you: Spell Power + Haste + Critical and Spell Power + Haste + Mp5s

    - Flask and Foods - Flask of the Frost Wyrm , Elixir of Mighty Thoughts , Elixir of Lightning Speed , Imperial Manta Steak

    Keep Earth Shield on the tank, use Riptide always is off CD, spam Chain Heal like crazy.

    2. Crity’s (SP’s) Shaman (the most rarely used) – This group is designet first and foremost to single target and main tank healer.

    - Most important stats – Critical = Spell Power > Mp5s > Haste. Crity’s Shaman does not need so big amount of haste raiting, he collects usually around 1000 haste raiting.

    - Most used spellsRiptide , Lesser Healing Wave , Healing Wave , Earth Shield.

    - Glyphs – As main single (tank) healer you will need such glyphs to support you. Here to help are Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave , Glyph of Riptide and Glyph of Earth Shield. Also Glyph of Healing Wave is good for your survivable.

    - GemsRED Runed Cardinal Ruby or Potent Ametrine , YELLOW Smooth King's Amber or Potent Ametrine , BLUE same like RED and YELLOW.

    - Gear – Good item for you: Spell Power + Critical + Mp5s and Spell Power + Critical + Haste.

    - Flask and Foods - Flask of the Frost Wyrm , Elixir of Mighty Thoughts , Elixir of Deadly Strikes , Spellpower Elixir , Fish Feast , Spicy Blue Nettlefish

    Keep Earth Shield on the tank, use Riptide always is off CD, spam Lesser Healing Wave or Healing Wave if the target has a need from bigger amount of heal but only in situations when you have TIDAL WAVES on yourself.

    3. Balanced Shaman (the hardest to play) – This group is designet for most experienced shamans. Here tank and raid group are equally priority for you.

    - Stats – Balanced Shaman should do a proper balance of all essential stats for him in the first place depends on the encounter, whether it is predisposed to more mana waisting, requires a large amount of healing or requires a rapid response to healing. Anyway most of Balanced Shamans collect 1300+ haste raiting, around 52% critical and around 500 Mp5s while casting.

    - Spells – There’s no privileged magic. Your every decision which spell to use is essential. First here you need to brand your talents, spells, abilities and how they work together best. For example, Tidal Waves and Ancestral Awakening as the most important talents for each Balanced shaman let’s you “dance” on your raid frame.

    Tidal Waves - gives you the feeling of speed by increasing your haste raiting after every your Chain Heal or Riptide by 30%.

    Also your 2pT10 bonus gives you additional haste raiting after every your Riptide by 20%, what for real does stacking of only Haste raiting really useless for Balanced Shaman.

    Ancestral Awakening - gives you a sense of calm and security in most encounters via more Critical strike raiting.

    Also your Chain Heal spell becomes 25% stronger thanks to Riptide what is very important for you and will be your main trump card in many savable situations.

    When you combine these abilities together with your spells, experience and flair will get the feeling that nothing is impossible to you that the shaman is the one who controls things.

    - Glyphs - The most used are Glyph of Earthliving Weapon , Glyph of Chain Heal and Glyph of Healing Wave. Also Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave is good.

    - Gems, Flask and Foods - You can use everything you need for most at the moment depending on your gear on which stats you should emphasize more.

    - Gear - Collect as much as you can items with Spell Power + Haste + Critical.

    Balanced Shaman is the beginning of the era of your entry into the real high-end raids or in other words, how to become into something much more than just decent Restoration Shaman. If you are a beginner shaman or at all new in the World of Warcraft, I do not advise you to start with this style of game is literally it requires more experience, insight, good knowledge of the game and encounters.

    Тhis is my first Sidnragosa 25 Normal Mode Solo Healing after Molten was reborn as Warmane. Here you will get a bigger picture how Balanced Shaman is:

    This is one of my Solo Healing Lich King 10HC near 1 year after the New Core was released:

    This is Lich King 10HC without 30% Zone Buff:

    Teamstars talks...

    Spoiler: Show
    Q: Team, tell something about your attitude to the game and how you feel it?

    A: I like to play and World of Warcraft really takes a great deal of my time when I'm not at work or with friends or as a whole when I'm busy with my real life stuff. But like everything good and this will come late.

    Q: Team, tell us why you chose exactly healer class?

    A: Ha-ha actually I love to play as supporter. The healer as such gives me countless game options and optimization, as well as a great responsibility in raids and encounters. The other option for me was DPS or Tank class. DPS is too monotonous and bored for me considering his rotation and a class as a whole does not have such a responsibility as healer. On the other hand Tank also has major responsibilities that are closely linked with proper implementation of boss tactics as moving on the boss on the map and skill for survival itself and all raid using spells, abilities and CDs. But as I said I like supporter.

    Q: Team, tell us something about your experience?

    A: See, to me it's all math. I believe that each class has a proper balance of all important to him stats and finding what makes the difference is the good player and not so good player. No such thing as the best healer or class. There are a good guild and teamplay. Each class either DPS, tank or healer is closely dependent on the entire raid. Whether you die or not depends primarily on your skills and 2nd of your colleagues. Of course I am always an optimist and a realist at the same time but do not leave anything to chance. For example items which I will use for any encounter depends on my raid group and most of all of my colleagues healers who have to deal with the task. Whether we will be 2, 3, 4, 5 healers or I will be solo, we will have discipline priest in the group or not it is crucial. While accumulating experience as a healer I found two things, the first is never fully trust your raid especially if you play with new strangers and the second is if you wipe better do everything possible to wipe yourself than just your entire raid. The worst that can happen to me is someone else to wipe me. Of course this is very much dependent RNG and who does not play, he did not know and win.

    Q: Team, Tell us something about your style of play, most important stats, how you deal with different encounters?

    A: Most I play as Balanced Shaman. Even I know that I have a good raid and good team from healers I never rely on it. I like to play anywhere that will help Resto Druid raid healing, will help with Holy Paladin tank healing or I will dispeling, I love to be smart. As Balanced Shaman Haste rating helps only in Chain Heal reduce casting time. On different fights I take such amount of Haste, which depends solely on whether I will use Chain Heal as the main spell or just to keep Tidal Waves to me. On PP and BQL for example I use 90-95% of the time Chain Heal so Haste comes here best stats for me (around 1400) also Totem of Calming Tides relic comes best for me, while the other encounters I use simple tactic with Chain Heal + Healing Wave spam which is more efficient for me because Ancestral Awakening helps me with additional AOE healing and simple don’t let me to fail. In this situations I try to keep around 1300 haste and max critical as possible. On VDW as boss healer I need something powerful to increase my healing and additional critical and haste come best for me. And because RIPTIDE and HEALING WAVE seems only useful spells here, Totem of the Surging Sea relic is best for this encounter. Leaving only 2 parts T10 (Sanctified Frost Witch's Headpiece + Sanctified Frost Witch's Tunic), I win 2 additional socket slots by Shoulders (Horrific Flesh Epaulets) and Legs (Rippling Flesh Kilt) + a lot of haste raiting by Legs (Rippling Flesh Kilt). About trinkets there is no doubt - Glowing Twilight Scale in combination with Talisman of Resurgence come the best. Briefly if I have to summarize individually for myself, Critical strike raiting comes for me as one of the best stats for Restoration Shaman which is not affected by the various encounters as Haste raiting. If I need more Haste raiting I take it but I try to keep my Critical raiting on good level.

    Q: Team, how you deal with Lich King and Halion?

    A: Lich King and Halion as the last bosses of Wrath of the Lich King are most difficult and require more focus on the fight. Lich King hits really hard and as tanks can live, they can wipe quickly too and all healers need to help and play as a team. Enrage of Shambling Horror and Soul Reaper of Lich King contribute most to this. Infest further complicates the fight. Of course it is more job to Discipline Priest, the problem is if we do not Priest. The best way to handle this is burst healing because with every tick Infest increases shadow damage, Chain Heal helps for this as always I keep the tanks on focus and can quickly react with Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave. The last phase (3rd) is really challenging because Vile Spirits and Harvest Soul and phase itself requires more movement and spreading and more dependent on the ability of tanks how they will deal with absorbing of Vile Spirits and how they will organize their survival CDs and of course survival skill of all raid. Here help comes very important abilities like Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit of Priest and Hand of Sacrifice of Paladin. On the other hand Defile and Shadow Trap require quick reaction and movement which further impedes situation. Halion is boss which requires more concentration and is equally difficult for the entire raid. If I play in Fire Realm or Shadow Realm in the final phase (3rd) is irrelevant to me. Inside I always try to take a position for minimal movement when Twilight Cutters spawn and focus for more healing on the tank or raid. Meteor Strike , Fiery Combustion and Soul Consumption are other boss abilities that continuously monitors and require fast reaction, moving and dispel. Dealing with these two bosses really requires great knowledge of battles, focus and full concentration.

    Q: Team, do you want tell other shamans something?

    A: Yea, Don’t panic. This is the worst quality what can come to one player. Always play with brains and give everything. As I like to say 30% of your game represents how you will organize the interface and UI, 30% due to good reflexes, 30% of your skill and knowledge about encounters and of course 10% luck and good RNG is always beneficial.

    NOTE - In this selection i wrote individual for myself as i don't press anyone to follow it!!!


    Spoiler: Show
    1. Add-ons - The true healer always organizes and optimizes its interface so that he could see everything that cares for each different encounter - buffs, debuffs. boss casting spells and abilities. Making the interface, keybinds or macros is the first major task of every healer. It should be appropriate to your style of play and mostly comfort.

    - Firstly this is the choice of your Raid Frame - if you choose HealBot , VuhDo, Grid or Grid2 is entirely your choice and depends on whether you prefer to play with your mouse or using of overmouse. Some of these add-ons have a very wide range of settings and plug-ins that you can tweak to achieve maximum that you need.

    - Secondly it's your Boss Frame - The most common is this Deadly Boss Mod. It is extremely important add-on that each individual player should have in its inventory of add-ons that will help guide you in every different encounter showing you all information needed for barefoot - when, what and whom the boss casts by showing raid warning. Оf course it has a wide range of settings that you can also play around.

    - Thirdly it is your choice of UI - There is a very wide choice of changing your interface add-ons. Some of them you can see here UI Add-ons or you can use Standart Blizzard UI built-in game.

    - The fourth is a some Recount Add-on - The most using are Recount Meter or Skada Damage Meter which will show you raid damage, healing, absorbs, damage taken, buffs and debuffs, dispels and etc.

    There's a picture of my UI in test mode.

    2. Macros - In this selection I will give some of the most useful macros for PvE.

    - Macro for "overmouse"

    /cast [@mouseover,help,exists] [@target,help,nodead] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [@player] your spell or ability

    - Macro for "instant cast"

    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /cast [@mouseover,help,exists] [@target,help,nodead] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [@player] your spell


    Spoiler: Show
    Here I'm gonna write about Resto Shaman and his role at Lich King 25HC encounter. While other encounters in ICC are not something special given that most of them last for no more than 4,5 minutes, Lich King fight is something that it requires more focusing, more concentration, full usage of playable capacity and at all the longest fight on Wrath of the Lich King expansion. In this selection I'll write some useful information about what is Resto Shaman's job, what are most important stats, glyphs, gameplay on this epic fight and why. In general why many people tell me "but Team, Resto Shaman is one of the easiest classes because Chain Heal is f***ing OP". Well, YES!, the things may be looks so easy and so light, but also NO! because Chain Heal is not so important or necessity to be casted non-stop, although YES!, there won't be a single fight without Chain Heal using because anyway this is your MAIN spell, but also NO! because there is the question - "Why the f**k I'm using Chain Heal at this moment?". I've seen many many Shamans who don't know how to heal properly, using Chain Heal 24/7, not having even spells like Lesser Healing Wave or Earth Shield on their Action Bars, wasting mana for nothing, racing for recount due to hard over-healing to "steal" every single point of healing meter or most ridiculous - asking for Innervate on first transition phase of Lich King's encounter even after wasted Mana Tide Totem. Most of Resto Shamans also don't know their talents, how they are working together which actually is a MUST! if you want to being good healer. For all this I'll type slightly below but first let me type a small blog on what means to be HEALER:


    Many Resto Shamans, looking at my Skada tell me: "WTF Team, You have only 3m healing done on this encounter. I can do 5m" or "WTF Team, You have only 300k absorbing by Val'anyr. I can do 1m on this fight". Ridiculous :), don't you think? Because...


    First of all you can NOT compare two different raids. This week you can do 5m healing done with 10k hps on some encounter, next week 3m healing done with 5k hps on the same encounter. When is about healing meter, there are many factors which have influence on concrete encounter - how many healers the raid is using also their skill and ability to heal, what healer's setup the raid is using, how skilled and brained are the raid members, because you understand that if raid members know the mechanics and have a good instinct of self-preservation, the total healing done would be much less compared to DPSs who are just rushing without following of the concrete tactic, what makes the healer's job more difficult => more healing. Also RNG (Random Number Generation) plays a big role when is about healing meter. There will be much difference on your healing meter at BQL fight if the boss casts you every single Pact of the Darkfallen and Swarming Shadow compared to when you don't get even single one. As a Healer, you can take the last position of the Healing meter but to have the greatest healing efficiency than rest of the Healers.


    Healing 10 or 20 raid members from 80% to 100% health will gain you more pure Healing done but preventing the Tank's death from 1% health will gain you more healing efficiency points because there is no sense to continue the fight if you lose the tank. That's why the communication between healers is very important and everyone of them has to deal with the given task corresponding to his class.

    About Val'anyr - Due to the fact that Warmane still has some problems and bugs with stacking Val'anyrs procs on different classes, there is also a big significance if Resto Shaman is the only using Val'anyr in the raid or there are 1,2,3 more healers with Val'anyrs. My experience across last my Lich King 25HC fights shows me that Resto Shaman absorbs to 3,4 times less if there is also Holy Paladin using Val'anyr compared to if Resto Shaman is only class using Val'anyr.


    It's really sadly how many healers and players at all think GTS for "King of the trinkets" and they start to explain me how they can not heal without GTS, how GTS is doing 1m healing done on LK 25HC encounter and how priceless is it for the raid... and we again reach the Recount :). And this is because most of these people use GTS just to boost some additional hps or pure healing on their Healing Meters. There are 2 ways - Or you know how to heal or you do NOT! There is no between. You can't play with mind that GTS is doing your job or GTS will do your job at some point of the fight. You have to be with mind that GTS is just one small survive CD for all raid that you can ignore at all. Remember the distant times of retail before Ruby Sanctum was implemented when people rushed through Icecrown Citadel 25HC without single GTS. Even more when you watch how 25 full BIS characters (include Halion's loot) rush through Icecrown Citadel 25HC on Warmane and they are still wiping due to bad organization or missing of knowledge of the encounter or class, bad using of CDs or missing them at all. Don't feel me wrong! - GTS is a wonderful trinket in general (I also do to use GTS), I'm just saying that GTS is NOT irreplaceable item. On some fights probably you will want to replace GTS with some more beneficial trinket due to your role and job.


    OK!... This is the main problem of most guilds on Warmane. I can specifie this mainly for Lich King 25hc encounter. Most of the Tanks are trying to rotate their survival CDs like "I will use this for first Shambling's Enrage or Frenzy, this for second" or "I'll use this for first Soul Reaper then this for second". Well, at some point this can be properly arrangement of CD's usage but the things are not so light always. Actually the Tanks are supposed to use survival CDs always when they are in danger of dying. Sometimes it can be just by normal hit by Lich King or in case of lack or inability of the Healers to over-heal the Tank at that moment (2 from 4 Healers are grabbed by Valkyres and there is already Infest). Personally I have been many times in such situations of massive AOE damage or hard damage over the Tank that I couldn't spend even one GCD for refreshing of my Water Shield. Аlthough the law reads...


    ...is true in theory, but in practice things are not so easy and correct. At moments like this the Tank is this one who has to use survival CD or to call for such one (Hand of Sacrifice, Divine Sacrifice, Guardian Spirit or Pain Suppression). Even only one Aura Mastery can be enough to prevent some additional damage. Use of such an "unforeseen" CDs sometimes can lead to missing or lack of survival CD at moments when the Tank really needs it (Shambling's Enrage/Frenzy, Soul Reaper, soaking Vile Spirits). Sometimes supported CDs by the Healers are not enough to prevent Tank from death. At some situations Healers and Tanks will need to alternate their survival CDs for some short period of time in which case the lacking of additional survival CDs is getting bigger. And here we go...


    ...instead of wasting a GCD to prevent expected high damage with the help of Hand of Sacrifice or Aura Mastery or Lay on Hands. Seriously!... I have not seen Retribution Paladin soon to use his Hand of Sacrifice and what about Aura Mastery in case of some s***y Infest. I don't even think to mention Lay on Hands. Or if they do to use, it's not in proper time or at a time when actually no one needs it. And because now on Warmane it's modern Holy Paladin to play on full haste and he is preferring to earn talents by Retribution tree just for 5% additional critical to balance the loss of critical via missing of intellect instead of earning Divine Sacrifice by Protection tree, makes me really sad. Because...


    ..and at some situations more secure. It doesn't matter if this prevention comes by Power World: Shield, Val'anyr, Divine Sacrifice, Aura Mastery, Tranquility or some single damage's prevention CD, or some personal survival CDs, these CDs make the Healer's life more easy and at some situations of massive high damage you give the Healers enough time to out-heal the raid. In fact - a lot of wipes happen cause of Tank's death or ignoring of expected damage. I have been in situations of Mage, dying by Infest, cause he is too far away from the group and Healers and without instinct of self-preservation for the use of Blink or Ice Block.

    After all that has been written so far, we should not forget that first of all we are humans who are able to make mistakes:


    The reasons for mistake can be different - bad day, tiredness, bad RNG, lag/spike, not fully focusing over the raid, at all you are new at this encounter, ... While for a DPS it can be not so fatally due to the fact that the loss of 1,2,3 Dpsers won't "damage" the raid so hard, the loss of only one Healer can be really bad at some point. The Healers have the most responsibility part of the raid and I do NOT advise you to start raid if you have some personal problems or you are not in your best form.


    Everything written here makes me come to the end of this introduction - People do NOT take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and failures and most of them just being to blame Healers or do NOT see their own mistakes. You are standing in Flames at Marrowgar encounter? - no one is required to over-heal you. You are eating spirit at LDW encounter and at that moment dying by Frostbolt Volley? - no one is guilty for your inability to kite spirits or your inability to stand on correct position to prevent damage by the spirits. You are Shadow Priest with Necrotic Plague who is waiting behind the Shambling for dispel by a healer? - No one by the healers is required to dispel you. You are Mage with Fiery Combustion waiting for dispel at the wall by a healer? - No one by the healers is required to dispel you. There are really many many examples that I can give you.


    Before I begin with the essence of this selection, let me classify the different spells and abilities of Resto Shaman like I will write some tentative values on base how Spell Power is scaling with them. This of course is intended with 30%'s ICC buff!

    Like a constant I'll take average value of Spell Power = 4500: (that includes all raid buffs and procs and that actually must be the value of total minimum for Resto Shaman).
    Actually most of the highest gear scored Shamans have near 5000 Spell Power - a bigger part of it is due to Warlock's pet.

    1. Lesser Healing Wave:
    1.1. Normal:
    - Hit ~ 8500
    - Crit ~ 12700
    1.2. Glyphed/on targer affected by Earth Shield:
    - Hit ~ 10200
    - Crit ~ 15500

    2. Earth Shield (with Improved Earth Shield talent):
    2.1. Non Glyphed:
    - Hit ~ 4300
    - Crit ~ 6450
    2.2. Glyphed:
    - Hit ~ 5150
    - Crit ~ 7700

    3. Healing Wave:
    - Hit ~ 21000
    - Crit ~ 33000

    4. Chain Heal (on initiate target):
    4.1. Normal:
    - Hit ~ 12400
    - Crit ~ 18200
    4.2. On target affected by Riptide:
    - Hit ~ 15500
    - Crit ~ 22800

    5. Riptide (direct healing):
    - Hit ~ 5100
    - Crit ~ 7400

    6. Healing Stream Totem (per tick):
    6.1. Non Glyphed:
    - Hit ~ 1200
    6.2. Glyphed:
    - Hit ~ 1500

    The Information bellow has written on base the use of standart raid composition by 2 Tanks and 4 Healers!


    When we speak about Lich King 25HC, the first thing that pops up in my mind is "Let the thunder begins" :). And indeed, the whole WoW's universe will remember The Lich King as one of the most striking bosses in history of WoW when we speak about damage over the Tanks. Just as Holy Paladin, one and actually the bigger part of Resto Shaman's gameplay is intended to Tank's healing because at fight like Lich King, the raid can NOT expect from Holy Paladin to deal alone with this hard task. NOT AT ALL!


    1. Earth - Stoneskin Totem (stacking with Devotion Aura of Paladin)
    2. Fire - Flametongue Totem/Frost Resistance Totem (if there is missing Frost Resistance Aura by Paladin)
    3. Water - Healing Stream Totem/Mana Tide Totem (on CD)
    4. Air - Wrath of Air Totem

    Before to continue with Glyphs, let me make an overview of Lich King fight. We can split the fight into 3 parts:

    1. One of the massive AOE damage - intended to both Transition phases (phase 1.5 and 2.5) and several entering into Frostmourne Chamber
    2. One of the massive damage over the Tanks - intended to 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase (intended to almost whole fight at all)
    3. One of short period of AOE damage - intended to timers of Infest by Lich King (on each 23 secs/only phase 1 and 2)


    At given point some of the parts begin to overlap which actually makes the Lich King's fight more difficult for the Healers and here is the question of Resto Shaman - "What kind of glyphs I'm supposed to use?"
    Here we can speak about eHPS (effective hps per spell) which is distributed for total healing/over-healing done also contributed to most damage taken raid recipient per raid member.
    Imagine it like some mathematical ratio:

    total damage taken for Main Tank : Retribution Paladin = 5m:700k ~ 7:1 (just example).

    Of course this ratio is not constant or same for each different fight. Factors that affect its value I mentioned at the beginning of this selection.
    Resto Shaman as Main Tank's healer is supposed to use appropriate for his job glyphs in the face of:

    1. Glyph of Earth Shield
    2. Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave
    3. Glyph of Chain Heal

    OK, why exactly these Glyphs? - Because there is no worth to use Glyphs of Healing Stream Totem, Earthliving or Healing Wave. Above I wrote about the difference between Healing efficiency and Healing done.
    Glyphs of Healing Stream Totem and Earthliving will gain you just some small boost on Recount during Transition Phase and Frostmourne Chamber that actually is not big deal for the raid due to the fact that Healing Stream Totem is healing only the Party group (the Healer's group), NOT whole raid. Also during these 2 parts of the fight Lich King is not even on the stage that makes a feeling of relax for the Healers. At all Glyphs of Healing Stream Totem and Earthliving has really low eHPS compared to Glyphs of Earth Shield and Lesser Healing Wave which will boost your most used spells at Lich King encounter. Glyph of Healing Wave is just a personal glyph for Resto Shaman that is giving 0 eHPS for the raid.


    1. Haste (near 1300 for 1s casting time of Lesser Healing Wave)
    2. Spell Power (as much as you can)
    3. MP5S (as much as you can or untill you are comfortable with it)

    - The only spell that is greatest affected by Haste Raiting is Chain Heal. The higher value of Haste Raiting is just no worth for fight like Lich King NOT only because of non-full AOE fight but also more haste always is equal to more mana wasting and also sacrifice of more important stats like Spell Power and MP5S. Even more when the fight requires a lot of movement. Most of the effective healing done by Chain Heal comes through Transition phase and Frostmourne Chamber. While at BQL encounter (which doesn't require so much movement at all) Haste Raiting is irreplaceable force due to the use of Chain Heal over 90% of the time, at Lich King, at some point Chain Heal will be used just to keep Tidal Waves up on you.
    - Spell Power is Resto Shaman's main trump for Lich King fight. Once we have our Lesser Healing Wave glyphed, We must continue with boosting of that spell for potentially replacing of our Healing Wave as main Tank healing spell. Also more Spell Power will boost Chain Heal efficiency through Transition phase and Frostmourne Chamber phase.
    - The pure MP5S is the best stats for mana return at Lich King 25HC fight. Considering that Lich King fight is with 3,4 times longer duration than rest of the fights in ICC 25hc, the pure MP5S will act better than Critical Strike Raiting.

    Example: Adding of 200 mp5s more is equal to 31200 mana return for 13 minutes fight which is actually 90% of the full Shaman's mana capacity.


    Considering everything written, also looking at spells values (above), Lesser Healing Wave shows many positive aspects in its use compared to Healing Wave:

    1. Better eHPS due to less over-healing for single spell
    2. Less mana costly
    3. Great healing in combination with proc by Earth Shield (Understand it as a little less than Healing Wave)
    4. Don't need to care about missing of Tidal Waves on you due to its 1s casting time.
    5. Tidal Waves on you increases its chance of critical hit by 25%, in which case of higher damage taken, Ancestral Awakening would proc on the Main Tank.

    As far as Healing Wave is concerned, I do not see the need to use it on Main Tank except when he is gonna drop below 20% health. In the opposite case Healing Wave just will bring to some amount of over-heal => lower eHPS and in some cases of critical hit - near 100% over-healing by Ancestral Awakening.
    NOTE: Don't feel me wrong! - When it comes to saving the Tanks, the hard over-healing style comes always the best! even more when the Main Tank is in situation of Soul Reaper.

    Don't forget! - Resto Shaman is not alone in this fight. Most of the time, you will just support Holy Paladin.


    I already mentioned for all positive aspects of Lesser Healing Wave and Earth Shield and what a great role they have at Lich King. Sometimes one Lesser Healing can be enough just to give enough time of Holy Paladin to fully up the Main Tank by preventing Tank's death by one additional Lich King's hit.

    For the good Healer is very important to have very good knowledge about Lich King's fight and also knowledge of correct timers of Lich King's ability like when he is casting Necrotic Plague, when he is casting Infest, when he is casting Shadow Trap, when he is casting Defile, when he is casting Soul Reaper, when he is summoning Valkyres. Because of that, the good Healer always is building his UI in comfortable style for him, trying to tracking and monitoring all of the Lich King's abilities. Good Healer has to have very good sense and intuition over the fight.


    At the beginning of the fight, the raid is splitted between 3 parts: one of Main Tank + Melees, one of Ranges + Healers and one of Off Tank. Resto Shaman in most cases is intended to be in the Range's group. At the start of the encounter you can put Totems in the middle with which the raid will be able to make full use of Totem's range in the future movеment for Shadow Traps. Never forget to use your Totemic Recall spell when you are intended to re-put your Totems. In this way you will gain some additional mana. During the Phase 1, you will face massive damage over Tanks by Lich King and Shamblings + periodical casting of Infest + periodical casting of Necrotic Plague. Keep your Earth Shield on the Main Tank like keep an eye for its refreshing on 1 stack. Contrary to the general opinion, I think Discipline Priest should be announced about dispelling of Necrotic Plague, just because 1 GCD for him is equal to 1 less shielded member, but a GCD for Holy Paladin or Restoration Shaman can be fatal for the Tanks at some point. Keep a spam on Main Tank via Lesser Healing Wave and alternate your Riptide across Main and Off Tank. Be sure you have tracking Lich King's casting bar for Infest. Be sure you are prepared to cast Chain Heal(s) while Lich King is casting Infest. But why? - Cause you want to burst Infest ASAP. In most cases one Chain Heal casted on Main Tank is enough. Also while Lich King is casting his non-instant abilities, he is not able to attack, and there is a big chanse for the Main Tank to receive some higher hit as soon as the boss finishes with the cast (Infest or Defile). In this case you will want to synchronize this damage with your healing spell. One of the things that Resto Shaman has to acquire is his ability to know how to burst Infest in big need. At some situations because of inability of rest of the Healers to help with Infest can bring to several used of Chain Heals while Infest is outhealed, sometimes you may have to alternate Chain Heal with Healing Waves if the situation is critical. In such cases Tidal Force CD can be really usefull for additional healing by Ancentral Awakening. Here I don't speak about following of some rotation. Healers do NOT have rotations at all. All is about priority of the spells by given situation. When there is no Infest, Resto Shaman's job is only intended to heal both Tanks via Earth Shield, Riptide, Lesser Healing Wave and Healing Wave (in big need). Natures Swifthess CD is wonderful spell for preventing member's death which also required fast brain and reactions for its usage. And although healing of Off-Tank will be more intended to Holy Paladin via Beacon of Light, it is mandatory to keep an eye on his health. With the duration of the 1st Phase and stacking of Necrotic Plague, Lich King will gain stacks by Necrotic Siphon that increase his melee attack. In which case you have to be even more focused over over-healing of Main Tank. Most of the Resto Shamans do the mistake to keep spamming Chain Heal non-stop on the Main Tank which is completely wrong due to its slowest casting time compared to all spells in Resto Shaman's inventory and huge over-healing compared to full efficiency of Chain Heal. At some point you have to cast some Chain Heal on Main Tank to gain Tidal Waves up on you in case your Riptide is on CD and in such cases as Soul Reaper is already applied on Main Tank just to prepare yourself for the huge damage in next moment. But the use of Chain Heal 24/7 on the Main Tank is a huge loss of healing's efficiency.
    During Transition phase, Ranges and Healers have to spread to prevent stacking shadow damage by Pain and Suffering while Meeles are intended to spread as good as they can behind the Raging Spirits. If there exists Shambling Horrors from Phase 1, Off Tank is required to move them away from the raid untill Necrotic Plague kills them. In this case you have to switch your Earth Shield to Off Tank. Re-put your Totems and start with spamming of Chain Heal across the raid, like keep an eye over Off Tank's health and also Shambling's health because once they drop to 20% hp, they will go into Frenzy mode. At the first transition, your mostly prioritet must be Off Tank's survival untill all of the Shamblings are dead. One possible option is to alternate your Chain Heal across the raid with Healing Wave(s) over the Off Tank, the second one - completely stopping with AOE healing and starting with hard overhealing over Off Tank via Riptide, Lesser Healing Wave and Healing Wave. All depends on situation. After Shambling Horrors are already dead, the Transition phase being in something very similar to BQL fight (you have Ranges and Healers spreaded and some area spot for Melees behind the boss - in this case Raging Spirits). Alternate Riptide across the Melees and Chain Heal across the raid like be more focused over the Melees because they are intended to receive more stacks by Pain and Suffering due to their inability to spread so well as Ranges. In case of hard AOE damage over the Melees you can just cast Chain Heal on the target affected by Riptide that will increase potential amount of the spell by 25%.
    In general 2nd and 3rd Phases do not differ much from the 1st phase when we talk about Resto Shaman's gameplay. Although again Lesser Healing Wave and Earth Shield will play a bigger role here, Soul Reaper will make the things even more difficult. Sometimes Lich King will cast Soul Reaper at same time with Defile, sometimes at same time with Ifest, sometimes at same time with Valkyres and you have to be prepared with Tidal Waves up on you.
    During Frostmourne Chamber's phase Resto Shaman will be great limited in throwing of healing spells due to the short periodic movements around the room. At once when you get teleported into Frostmourne Chamber put your Totems in the middle and start to move according your Raid Leader's call. In periods when you are immobile try to cast 1,2 Chain Heals and in periods while moving try to use Riptide on the member on lowest health. And again in bigger need you can use Chain Heal on target affected by Riptide for more healing's efficiency.


    Spoiler: Show
    Like a game of Blizzard, World of Warcraft follows their motto "easy to learn, difficult to master" As i tried to show in this guide, the shaman reveals countless ways to play are closely dependent on your guild, encounter, how you feel this class. Sometimes it seems easier hardest and shaman is no exception to this rule. Contrary to general opinion, I can say that the true healer never fully trust the rest of the healers in the raid and never left anything to chance, but on the contrary, always trying to take things under his control. Of course you can not become a true good for one week or one month. You have to test different ways to play, to experiment in different fights. This guide just I have given you some direction for the class but everything depends on yourself.

    Thank you for your attention. Feel free to ask, comment and give ideas.
    Edited: March 4, 2019

  2. At least your bags are neat Team x'D
    Mine look like this: http://prntscr.com/aeerbw


    -Tana C: <3

  3. At least your bags are neat Team x'D
    Mine look like this: http://prntscr.com/aeerbw


    -Tana C: <3
    Hahah mate. I think it's your turn to fix it. :)

  4. Hahah mate. I think it's your turn to fix it. :)
    Hahaha, I'll give you dkp to do it for me x'D

  5. Hahaha, I'll give you dkp to do it for me x'D
    Hm... i'll think about it <3

  6. GG, wait till I gear my shamy too to practise that. Nice guide,make one for holy pala too :))

  7. GG, wait till I gear my shamy too to practise that. Nice guide,make one for holy pala too :))
    Some day.... :) <3

  8. GJ, mate!

    Good to see your new and well formated guide. It was great and hard job to make all these linked words. Now it's easy to read and use.

    Anyway, half of your guide is completely focused on talents and Glyps like to Funky's one, which is important, but mediocore. You can add to this guide a lot of new stuff, which was discussed on forum posts, mostly oriented on shaman's versatility play style.

  9. GJ, mate!

    Good to see your new and well formated guide. It was great and hard job to make all these linked words. Now it's easy to read and use.

    Anyway, half of your guide is completely focused on talents and Glyps like to Funky's one, which is important, but mediocore. You can add to this guide a lot of new stuff, which was discussed on forum posts, mostly oriented on shaman's versatility play style.
    Thank you mate :) I really think about continuing my guide where to focus more on the different methods and encounters, but probably it will happen next week.

  10. GJ, mate!

    Good to see your new and well formated guide. It was great and hard job to make all these linked words. Now it's easy to read and use.

    Anyway, half of your guide is completely focused on talents and Glyps like to Funky's one, which is important, but mediocore. You can add to this guide a lot of new stuff, which was discussed on forum posts, mostly oriented on shaman's versatility play style.
    its not mediocre to swap out items depending on a fight. if your all about min maxing it will make a significant difference.

    not a bad guide just skimmed through it, looks like mine lol.

    the only thing i can say is idk why you mentioned healing grace at all other than it should be avoided. if you are pulling threat as a healer you have bigger issues than your talent choices.

  11. the only thing i can say is idk why you mentioned healing grace at all other than it should be avoided. if you are pulling threat as a healer you have bigger issues than your talent choices.
    Just in the game I've seen many shamans who have no idea what actually makes Healing Grace and Healing Focus just ppl don't make the difference between threat and pushback suffered. Many of them don't have Healing Focus but Healing Grace for PvE. Here I wanted to go over these two talents but yes you are right, Healing Grace is useless PvE talent for no one situation and personally I've never took. Generally very difficult to make a flexible or versatility guide for healer. It's not like you do for DPS class where you in particular can give tactics, tips or way of playing for every individual boss because as DPS you are not so much depended from group or raid. Yes, I can write specifically about my style of play on each different boss and write in detail how I play, when I use my CDs or abilities or generally how my brain works on each encounter, but it means that I impose my opinion and this is the best way in which to react, but this is not true. The true guide for a healer should be directed to absolutely every category of players whether new or old, good or bad and need to focus on the most important things for a healer talents, spells, abilities and how they work together, whether in the raid of 25 people full BiS or raid of 25 people 4, 5k gs.
    For example i said that I use solace + talisman as tirnkets on VDW but this is my way to manage with this situation. I expect soon someone to start and argue about it and boom this topic from calm discussion will turn into savage dispute and this is because people do not read carefully and are quick to comment without having read even the end of the sentence. I am sure that you understand me :)
    Edited: March 15, 2016

  12. oh i understand.

    lets just put this out there now though. shamans are one class that really shine with gear swaps. why do i know this is true? shamans have that ability to be good tank healers as well as raid healers unlike all other healers who are generally good at just one thing. so shamans swapping gear for specific fights means even more so to this class than other healing classes.

    even at low ends of gear healing grace is really pointless. or can be supplemented with a grounding totem if you do happen to pull agro.

    other than its nice to see someone who actually knows how to play a shaman and actually knows their talents... jesus if i see another elemental weapons/ healing grace shaman today im going to freak out. seriously people just dont take the time to read this class at all and learn anything.

  13. Is there a reason you are not considering http://wotlk.openwow.com/item=50458 as a relic? It's the best one out there for experienced shamans, imo.

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