1. July 9, 2019  
    I read alot of guide and in google. I have retry pala 6.5 gs and has holy OS which i use only for VDW . Can you tell me if there is any specific spec for VDW and what gems to equip it . Was think for haste mostly to reach 1500 haste but you got haste from BL + judg so maybe is better only spell power or even intelect or mix between 3 , im confuse . I put Glyph of Seal of Light for more healing maybe is correct ? But when come to talents im not 100 % sure what to use .

  2. Working talent links as @CH3SO3H said
    https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#sxAzg0zsVu0tgdxZVcbx 51/5/15 - Basic 10man spec.

    https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#sxAzg0zsVu0tgdbZVcbx0h 51/2/18 - Only 2 points in Divinity for the extra crit chance

    https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#sxAzghzsVu0tgdxGzub 54/17/0 - Like other people said, you should use this for LK/sindy, but if you got this far, i dont think you need any help :P

    I recommend the 2nd one for fresh pallys/crit-starved pallys"

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