1. What expansion are you talking about? In WotLK that's the right behavior.

  2. I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I'd played WoW until end Cata from late Vanilla, and Holy Wrath has always damaged all targets, with a bonus effect to undead/demons.

    The tooltip has been changed in newer expansions, and I can't link external sites here, but google definitely confirms this functionality not changing throughout the patches, with it working this way in the three versions of the game I've played.

    The spell literally worked fine around a year ago (Feb-ish 2017?) and has now become broken, for whatever reason.

    *edit: It would seem the instances I'd seen to corroborate my knowledge were wrong. As to my experience, I must be misremembering? Left up for posterity.
    Edited: August 15, 2018 Reason: Am wrong

  3. There is no documentation of the spell doing damage to non-demon or non-undead targets during WotLK that predates patch 4.0.1.

    Holy Wrath dealing damage to all enemies only started occurring after 12th Oct 2010:

    No instance of the spell damaging an enemy that wasn't an undead or demon before the Cata pre-patch exists. Feel free to attempt to find one.

    Some pre-4.0.1 logs for reference:

  4. It would seem that you are correct.
    I guess I must be misremembering, as the instances I'd found proved to be incorrect...

  5. Would still like to see the Seal of Command procrates for TAIAJ + Shadowmourne fixed, has been the highest priority issue for Paladins in Wotlk for over 2 years. Seal of Command should have the same chance to proc Motes of Anger and Soul Fragments as the other seals off of the primary target. Currently it does not proc at all.

    2 years left at unconfirmed with a lot of feedback and no concrete response. Fix please, thanks.

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