1. May 30, 2016  
    Thoughts on this build? http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#jcEM...MbssZhg0x0MZ0g
    I don't know if virulence is needed for a mostly melee spec, and I opted out of the RP talents in blood since I haven't found myself RP starved at all, albeit I'm still leveling. And I really like the idea of icy talons on a blood tank, huge attack speed bonus on a hard hitting 2h weapon, I've always preferred fast weapons for sword and board tanks and I don't see the problem with speccing to speed up a ton on a 2h tank. Imp BP is moveable and I would have no problem losing that and subbing one point from might of mograine to get DRM if I thought I needed the versatility for quick rune taps/VB.

  2. May 30, 2016  
    Things you want - Hysteria, Mark of Blood is really nice too
    Things you don't need - Subversion, Improved BP

  3. May 31, 2016  
    Things you want - Hysteria, Mark of Blood is really nice too
    Things you don't need - Subversion, Improved BP
    Why hysteria for tanking?

  4. May 31, 2016  
    Why hysteria for tanking?
    It's one of the best DPS cooldowns and increases your raid support as a tank. There's also not much to take in the blood tree to reach the needed talent points for WotN - all the left over talents only affect your personal DPS.

  5. You didn't mentioned the best enchants for each gear part in this guide...
    Can someone link me the enchants so I know where to find them?

  6. after reading thousand pages and topics still didn't know which build is good for tank especially on low gs for rhf...
    all i found is that dk is nothing and everything at a same time...
    really need advise for low (4-5)gs tanking build.

  7. after reading thousand pages and topics still didn't know which build is good for tank especially on low gs for rhf...
    all i found is that dk is nothing and everything at a same time...
    really need advise for low (4-5)gs tanking build.
    Go 2h Frost and grab Howling Blast for area threat. Frost is the sturdiest of the specs when your gear is low and unoptimized.

    A spec like this would be ok.

    For nuke threat, Deathchill -> Howling Blast works great. Make great use of Pestilence and Death and Decay as well. Icy Touch is huge single-target threat, doesn't matter which spec you are.

  8. I have to disagre with Mercy on this one. Death and Decay threat is so bad, that even healers can take aggro off u...
    As far as for Howling Blast spec goes, its not bad but i dont think it will help too much.

    My version of HB spec: http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#j0EMoIZhxxxAMckczbuzio note: u can use 2/5 Black Ice and 3/3 Frigid Dreadplate if u think more avoidance is needed, but i think the main problem is aggro.
    Glyphs: Dark Command, Howling Blast, Frost Strike

    I would suggest u to get this spec: http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#j0ER...xxxVMIk0zbuzZM , and to ask for a CC on the third mob (sheep, trap,...). Or simple ask ur grp not to mindlessly AoE cos they might die.
    Glyphs: Dark Command, Frost Strike, for third get eather Rune Tap or Hungering Cold glyph.

    U need to switch trough mobs a lot, using "Show Enemy Name Plates" will help, start with IT on 2 mobs and taunt with 2 Blood Strikes on the third one (if noone CCed it) followed with some Plague Strikes and Frost Strikes on the mobs that u might lose aggro while waiting for frost rune to be rdy so u can do more ITs.
    When mobs are about to die, try using Death Strike on them so u can convert frost and unholy rune to Death so u can use More Icy Touches on the next pack of mobs. Also, Death runes that u get after using Blood Strike should be consumed for more Icy Touches aswell.
    Use Death and Decay ONLY if u have 5+ adds to deal with. U are ****ed anyway when this happens but u atleast tryed. Unless u prepared good and u have 6 Death Runes. In that case spam IT on as many as u can, each.
    Overall, u just need to switch mobs and spam Icy Touch on as many as posible, never do 2x Icy Touches on 1 mob if u have tank more. Only use it if u did IT on each one of them, and use it on the first one u did IT at the start, so u dont lose aggro. I know its a pain in the ***, but thats what u gota do... DKs here are simply not good at aoe tanking.
    One more thing, if u get in VoA or if u are tanking a Boss, since u have low gear score u might have to hold aggro off a BIS dps. If that ever happens use this rotation on start of a fight: IT > IT > BT > IT > ERW > IT > PS > BS IT > PS > IT > and keep spamming as much IT as u can, aslong as u are main tanking. When u are offtanking try to prepare urself with Death Strikes and Blood Strikes so u have 6/6 Death Runes when u have to Taunt and main tank again. Dark Command > 6x IT and u wont have any aggro problems. As an offtank dont try to deal any kind of dmg. DK tank dmg sucks a lot. So best thing u can do is prepare urself for main tanking at any time.


    Spec for tanking bosses (VoA, ToC, ICC, RS, ...): http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#j0ERqI0IcbobsZhxbxmMIz
    Glyphs: Dark Command, Vampiric Blood, Disease (Disease for more Death Strikes when u need extra self healing)

    Itemisation for DK tank: Cap hit at 264, *Cap expertise at 26, get as much Stamina and Armor as u can get.
    *Go for expertise ONLY if u have Glorenzelg, or any weapon with expertise on it, get couple of 10exp15stamina gems, or 1 more expertise item, or both.
    Edited: December 23, 2016

  9. @taralej Just wanted to ask why no spell deflection.

    Has anyone tried dual wield tanking for blood. I thought if I could pick up 3% hit from nerves of cold steel then I could wear armor legs instead of painful death. Do you lose out on a lot of threat? The loss in str which will lose parry should be balanced out by the parry amt in the armor legs.

    PS. Or you could get Sanc Legs and Gunship Shoulders.
    Edited: January 15, 2017 Reason: added info

  10. One more time.
    Icy Touch is ur main aggro scource. It makes more threat as all ur other abilities combined.
    It doesnt matter if u have two handed weapon or dual wielding, u wont lose aggro ever, if u spam enough Icy Touches that is...
    If u go with a build that uses Two Hander u will have maybe a bit higher threat but its not needed.
    If u go with a build that uses One Handers and Dual Wield u will have more avoidance and u can get some extra armor pieces instead of Hit gear.

  11. Actually I was planning on getting Glyph of Disease and refreshing dots with pestilence. I have no wish to spam icy touch throughout a fight. I want to alternate between DS and HS as and when I need em. Good to know dual wielding is giving more avoidance.

  12. So what is the conclusion after all debating and etc? What is the best spec for DK tanking given you are in a competent guild envirionment with rogues totting and hunters mding u and everything because I am new to blood tanking and my friend just gave me his bis tank blood DK and I'm having a hard time deciding on a spec? And the old openwow links seem to be broken. Thank you in advance

  13. http://talentcalc.deffender.eu/death...00000000000000
    Avoidance spec. Depending on if u use Two Handed wep or not, put one point from Bloody Strikes to THW Specialisation or the other way arround.

    Double buff spec. Same goes for Black Ice and Nerves of Cold Steel, if u use 1h weps and u lack hit get NoCS, if u use THW go BI or extra range i guess...

  14. May 3, 2017  
    @taralej Just wanted to ask why no spell deflection.
    Because it's an awful talent. You have a 15-20% chance of taking 30% less damage from a direct damage spell. How many bosses are there in ICC that spam you with an uninterruptable direct damage spell? Yes, zero.

    People asked me for a new link for my spec, so here it is.

    Clarifications: Butchery is a very weak RP-generating talent. Subversion is low-budget for a tank and there are better aggro talents. I don't take Scent of Blood because the only thing you'll ever spend runic power on is Rune Strike. You really really don't need runic power for anything else. Spell Deflection is bad and mostly useless. Bloodworms are very bad. Improved Blood Presence is the worst DK talent in existence. Dancing Rune Weapon is solely for DPSing - it has an aggro table of its own and it grants you no defensive stats. Anticipation, Toughness and Imp IT are a must. Morbidity is the one talent which actually allows Blood to off-tank when needed. The reason I pick Epidemic is because otherwise your diseases would be over before your second rune cycle, screwing your rotation.

    Glyphs are Dark Command, Vampiric Blood, and either Death Strike or Rune Strike, depending on whether you spam DS or not.

    Why not Frigid Dreadplate? Because 3% avoidance just isn't worth all the talent points you're going to waste in order to reach it. If you decide to go for this build anyway, then glyph of Rune Strike would be far better than Death Strike due to the 20% haste from Icy Talons.
    Edited: May 3, 2017

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