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  2. Death Knight Guides

    WotLK Eat's DK DPS BiS Lists by Bestroman
    WotLK Death Knight TANK PvE Guide by Gnimo

    WotLK Comprehensive Blood Tanking by perderabo
    WotLK Blood Tank by Kiryuu
    WotLK Death Striking - A Blood Death Knight Tanking Guide by Endeavor2
    WotLK Blood DPS by xMiSHOx
    WotLK Blood DPS without death runes by Mewuvyou
    WotLK Blood DPS (Blood Reaper) by trm90
    Cata Massive Blood Tanking Guide by Carachel
    Cata Blood Tanking by Kemii

    WotLK PvP Blood ultimate build - The Immortal bastard, by LordMograine
    WotLK Blood PvP by Caylara
    Cata Blood PvP by Caylara

    WotLK Dual-Wield Frost Tank by Lynea
    WotLK Frost Death Knight DPS by Gnimo
    Cata Frost DPS by Kemii


    WotLK Unholy, the God-Tank, by Lynea
    WotLK PvE Unholy DPS. King of Anything. by Elitist Jerks and polished by Drakantas
    WotLK UNHOLY Death Knight PvE DPS Guide, by Gnimo
    Cata Unholy DPS by Zeleik

    WotLK Unholy Death Knight PvP by Justmarried
    Cata Unholy PvP by Evolocity
    Cata Unholy PvP by Turbolqk
    Cata Unholy PvP by Ceironx
    Cata Video Guide by freeone


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