1. i can't copy 3.3.5a in my talents because you need lvl 5 icy talon to get improve icy talon ... what i see in google you can make 2 icy talon and then you can improve it but mine you need 5 points icytalon -_-

  2. Death grip won't work in melee range against players. it comes up with an error saying the target is too close. This has been a bug for an extremely long time, ever since Molten merged with AT.
    Jesus, Molten used to be x10 better at bug fixing than Warmane.

  3. https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/20081

    Confirmed by hundreds of Death Knights, still not fixed.

    Deal breaker for PvP.

  4. Welcome to Warmane. They probably will not ever fix it honestly. This bug made me quit playing Dk cold turkey in pvp.

  5. Relating to Unholy DKs:

    - The Ghoul appears to be doing too little damage atm: https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/62837

    It's missing too much and not critting enough. Its base damage is probably a bit under-tuned too.

    - Scourge Strike's shadow damage on the other hand is hitting a little too hard: https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/55786.

    This is a much older bug report. Most notably, Scourge Strike isn't meant to double-dip off the ICC aura. The EJ guide's explanation of how the double-dipping works doesn't seem completely correct for 3.3.5.

    The EJ guide said:
    Bone Shield, Desolation, Two-Handed Weapon Specialization, Blood Presence, Ferocious Inspiration, Sanctified Retribution, and Arcane Empowerment are all buffs and/or talents which are double dipped.
    Thorough log analysis suggests that the 3% damage increase from Ferocious Inspiration, Sanctified Retribution, and Arcane Empowerment play no role in the double-dipping. The main buffs that contribute towards building it are:

    Multiplicative: Ebon Plaguebringer (+13%), Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (+4%)
    Additive: Blood Presence (15%), Desolation (5%), Black Ice (10%), Bone Shield (2%)

    Would be good if someone who knew what they were doing could double-check the findings from the logs.
    Edited: February 26, 2018

  6. if you want to talk about scourge strike then look more about spell, not only shadow part and you will see it that dmg is ****ed up aka nerf crit% for ss is so ****ing low that it like never crit. or just look http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=371158

  7. There isn't enough compelling evidence that anything is actually bugged pertaining to the crit chance.

    Looking at a recent log from TFK: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...r2/details/16/

    Over the course of an entire ICC 25hc run, the Unholy DK had:
    - 486 melee crits out of 1105 total melee hits, for a total auto attack crit rate of 43.9%.
    - 148 Scourge Strike crits out of 294 total hits, for a crit rate of 50.3%.
    - 150 Death Coil crits out of 385 total hits, for a crit rate of 38.9%.

    This suggests the spell crit chance isn't applying to SS, and that Vicious Strikes is applying correctly to SS.

    This was literally just the first log I saw. You're going to need stronger evidence that something is bugged about the crit rate.

  8. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5024&e=5801

    Look at SS crit on LK only.
    Taking into account whole ICC run is not relyable since u dont know what happened and when...

    There is def something odd about SS crit chance and i dont know what.

  9. Cutting down the sample size of Scourge Strikes from almost 300 to just under 60 isn't going to do.

    The crit depression and presence of crit vulnerability debuffs on any enemy the DK happened to be attacking would've affected both the Autos and the Scourge Strikes the same way anyway.

    I'd Scourge Strike the level 83 dummy several hundred times or something and then use that sample to determine if anything funky was going on, and then I'd repeat that all over again to confirm that the results of the first sample weren't a fluke.

  10. My point was that u shouldnt look at the Trash Scourge Strikes, mainly look for bosses like Rotface, Festergut and Deathbringer i guess, where all buffs and debuffs are present almost constantly 99% of the fights, while on trash someone might be afk or u could be attacking the wrong target...

    And from my point of view, even on LK, SS shouldnt crit 45% only while melee did 44.5% of overall crits.
    SS will mostly be cast on targets with all debuffs while melee can sometimes miss 3% crit chance if Ret paladin is a bit too late on the target and there is no Ele shami...

    Im not Denying any of ghe reports u posted, nor the double dipping that shouldnt happen, all im saying, while u are reporting SS bugs, try to look at crit aswell.
    Edited: February 26, 2018

  11. If you're attacking a trash mob without the 3% crit debuff on it, both SS and Auto Attacks are affected to the same degree.

    If you're attacking trash mobs without the 5% melee crit buff near you, both SS and Auto Attacks are also affected to the same degree.

    Nevertheless, skimming over his crit rates on Marrow, LDW, PP, Fester, DBS, and BQL suggests the crit chances are about what they should be in relation to each other. Rotface stands out as an outlier but the sample size of Scourge Strikes there was only 17.

  12. Most of other spells on all classes have almost exact % when it comes to crit, 2-3% more or less...
    When it comes to SS its eather close to what it should be or a lot less.
    Thats atleast my expirience with it over the past year...

  13. i will just say it again, for all night in icc i never passed 28% crit and in raid i am at 56% crit passive + talents that is over 60% and in several try's on lk i had under 10% crit so yea SS crit is so much fine

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