1. https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/69546

    Empower Rune Weapon does not work properly. Whenever my Runes are on CD, and I activate ERW, it does NOT refresh all of my Runes. Please fix asap.

  2. An End to All Things.. quest is bugged, the ballista are instantly regenning health and can't be destroyed. Stuck in this phased version of the DK starting area and can't progress at all. Anyone know a solution?

  3. You have to get extremely close to the ballistas, it's a little weird, but that's how I got mine to work. I'm Lorderon, I know the Cata server is a little more buggy, but otherwise should be fine.

  4. Hello everyone, i noticed on dk that when we spread diseases with pestilence on dbs beasts, the damage from each tic of diseases is reduced by 90%, so basically it counts as an aoe, why the hell dots count as aoe when you spread them with pestilence on dbs ? i didnt find anything about that on bug tracker, so let me know.

  5. http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=72723

    Damage dealt by diseases is reduced 70%. It was coded precisely this way so DKs wouldn't get to essentially bypass the AoE damage reduction entirely because of Pestilence.

    If you're Unholy it's still worth saving a Blood Rune to Pestilence your diseases onto the Blood Beasts asap.

  6. thank you for the explanation, that's actually funny xD, all those years i didnt notice that 2nd part about diseases in resistant skin, thanks anyway.

  7. Anyone know if Dancing Rune Weapon is still bugged? I know it did way less damage than it was supposed to gor a while.

  8. Overall it's doing substantially more damage than it should.

  9. muy buenas , necesito ayuda me he creado un dk y ahora estoy en el nivel 60 , mi problema es que como se supone que ya he terminado todas las misiones (porque ya no me aparecen mas) no me deja salir del reino osea el sitio donde haces las misiones, he intenado de todo cuando voy a una parte del mapa no me deja seguir avanzando me estampo con una pared invisible , si alguien me pudiera ayudar me salvaria el juego jajaja
    Edited: January 14, 2019

  10. May 13, 2019  
    Wardrobe Xmog Problem
    The Problem: Item having the wrong display
    Below is two screenshots, the first of how it should like, the second is what is showing in-game

    This is the wowhead link for the item it self

  11. Hello!
    I did not find the discussion in the topic, but I would like to clarify information about the "Symbol of the capture of the runes"
    instead of increasing the treatment by 10%, it increases the leverage by only 1%. Is this a bug?

  12. Hello. I made a blood elf death knight, got to level 56, and now I'm essentially stuck in the starting area. I turned in my beginning quests, last of which was "If chaos drives, let suffering hold the reins", at Prince Valanar. I got the signet ring as a reward, but then I got no other quest. I saw a walkthrough online, and he was supposed to give me a follow up quest. When I try to talk to him, there's only a speech bubble. I can't leave the plague lands without finishing these beginning quests. If there's any solution.. it would be great.

  13. Necrosis bugged.

    It doesn't synergy with other talents/damage increase buffs. After finishing dungeon, according to Skada, Necrosis was exactly 20% of auto-attack damage, while my DK has Ebon Plaguebringer taken, so I was expecting at least 22%.

    Additionaly made two quick tests on dummy:
    1. Frost presence, only auto-attacks - as expected Nercosis made up 20% of damage.
    2. Blood presence, Ebon Plaguebringer up all the time, Bone Shield active - once again 20% from auto, while it should be something like (20+(15+2)%)+13%=26,4%.

    According to description Necrosis should behave exactly as Scourge Strike's shadow damage part, while it doesn't.

  14. Will of the Lich King quest bugged, stuck in starting area.

    Prince Valannar will not let me turn in the quest (he is also not where the quest marker says he should be, so I suspect it is an issue of the NPC being in the wrong "phase". Unable to progress class quest.

  15. I just got a lvl 55 troll mage on Icecrown. Am I not able to create a DK now on Lordaeron?

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