1. [Official] Mage Bug Discussion Thread

    [Official] Mage Bug Discussion Thread

    Perhaps the biggest drawback to playing on a private server is that things don't always work like they're supposed to. We understand that bugs are a popular and necessary topic of discussion, but the forums often get too cluttered with bug-related threads that, according to the forum rules, shouldn't even be there in the first place.

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  2. Fireball does less damage than it should on Elwynn Kobolds.

    I am a level 5 Human Mage!
    I noticed while questing in Elwyn Forest that my Fireball did less damage than my Frostbolt, on the Kobolds of Fargodeep Mine.

    The tool tip for the Fireball states: 14 - 22 Fire damage, and the Frostbolt tool tip states: 18 - 20.
    This seems to work fines on other mobs, but on the Kobolds, my Fireball do between 8 and 15 damage, while the Frostbolt seem to act normal, and thus does more damage than the Fireball.
    Can this be confirmed by anyone?

    Best reg

  3. May 13, 2016  
    i just started to play on my mage named :Hotass and idk why i bug and i start to fly while i'm not on mount , it goes to normal after i log off so idk if its a class bug or another bug but it happened only on this mage, pls answer because i don't want to be baned for flyhack or something

  4. May 27, 2016  
    Fire mage damage in pvp is not as it should. But how would anyone would go on reporting this? I tried and was turned down.

  5. I play fire mage and ive noticed some weird moments on my Ice Barrier. Normally on selfbuff i can absorb around 160k dmg without procs, and it goes up to 290k on full procs & buffs. But sometimes it shows less than 70k. Is it just a visual bug or..? Has anyone experienced the same cases?
    Edited: September 24, 2016

  6. I have no idea why nobody put this out yet, but, Ice Block should prevent you from taking ANY damage, as far as I know. Well on multiple occasions, I did take damage while being in Ice Block, specificaly once on Marrowgar fight in ICC while in his Bone Storm ability, and once on Blood Prince Council fight when Taldaram casted conjure empowered flame on me, while in ice block I still took damage from it and barely survived. It seems that some AOE boss abilities still do damage while Ice Blocked, like mentioned Bone Storm and Empowered Flame.

  7. I've noticed the same thong on another server and I think that they have some fire resistance. I can't speak for sure but that seems like a good explanation and i've been told the same from few people.

  8. Tier 9 aka: Khadgar's Regalia set 2/5 bonus is not working at all. WOTLK, Icecrown realm.

  9. Tier 9 aka: Khadgar's Regalia set 2/5 bonus is not working at all. WOTLK, Icecrown realm.
    i just noticed that too , weird shhitt.

  10. Is Tier 9: Khadgar's Regalia, 2/5 set bonus EVER gona be fixed?
    Its completely broken for more than 1 month now...

  11. Is Tier 9: Khadgar's Regalia, 2/5 set bonus EVER gona be fixed?
    Its completely broken for more than 1 month now...
    Does work, bonus is just automatically applied when you put the gear on so you don't see your crit increase when you refresh Molten Armor. But if you math out the Crit Rating gain from the Spirit you see it's the right amount.

    Unless you were talking about keeping the bonus even after taking the gear off, in which case the fix is probably intentional.

  12. U are right, i didnt notice that, tought it worked like before that u got the extra stats after u recasted it.

    What about this?

    Bottom Comment.

    "Note that you can buff Molten Armor with T9 equip and then swap out the T9 pieces and retain the extra 15%. This was also doable on Retail WoW as well and was never announced to be intentional or a bug."

    First two links i got on google...


    "When you cast a spell/buff/anything, the damage/spellpower/whatever is determined from the time your cast finishes."

    "Fixed in 4.0.1. 2 set is now just 5% more damage."

    I know that u can make it work ur own way like u just did now, but if u are trying to make most of the things retail like i dont see why would u skip stuff like this and custom script it. It worked like that till 4.0.1. lol, why would u modify it and script it otherwise... Its nothing game changing and 1.5% crit wont make a HUGE diference. If u have any scource to prove me wrong, pls do post it, i rly want to let go of this topic one way or another. :D
    Edited: January 10, 2017

  13. There are posts indicating that got patched in 3.3.5.

    And honestly, even if that wasn't true, that doesn't change that this was clearly an unintended bug. Why change something that's working perfectly here just because it was working imperfectly on Blizzard? "Blizz-like" ceases to be any kind of gold-standard if an implication of that becomes that we should reproduce even the bugs Blizzard's version of the game had.

  14. I am beyond certain that the patch didn`t happen before 4.x.

    In any case, it is not for any of us to decide whether Mage 2T9 swap should be abolished - it was there during all of 3.3; it missing here on Molten is a bug, plain and simple.

    If I may quote Sirlin:
    A bug that gives players a small advantage does not warrant a ban. In fact, it’s common. Many players don’t even realize they are using bugs, but instead view them as “advanced tactics.” Even bugs that have a huge effect on gameplay are usually not warranted to be banned. The game may change with the new tactic, but games are resilient and there tend to be countermeasures (sometimes other bugs) to almost everything.
    A note to game developers: fix your bugs after release if you have the opportunity to do so. But beware that players enjoy the feeling of wielding “unfair” tactics, and taking that away from them can be a mistake if the “unfair” tactic isn’t powerful enough to single-handedly win tournaments.
    (from http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/what-should-be-banned)

  15. @DarkenedHue
    I have to disagree with u on this one for couple of reasons...

    "This was also doable on Retail WoW as well and was never announced to be intentional or a bug."
    This is considered to be a bug only cos some ppl think it is.
    I doubt that blizzard wouldnt find a way to "fix" this if it was a bug, or simply script it the way mods did here on Warmane and make it active only while u have 2t9 on u...

    "When you cast a spell/buff/anything, the damage/spellpower/whatever is determined from the time your cast finishes."
    This is probably the reason why they didnt do anything about it, if it was an unintentional bug. Spells take whatever u have at the moment u cast them, scripting molten armor interacting with 2t9 otherwise would be basicly breaking the game mechanic as it was intended and customly scripting it cos of the way how u feel about it.

    "Fixed in 4.0.1. 2 set is now just 5% more damage."
    As u see, its not "fixed" like ppl did it on Warmane. They completely changed it. The main reason how i see it, why it was changed, its eather cos they changed how Molten Armor worked completely, or simply cos in 4.x u had way more spirit than in WotLK and this would be some insane crit boost.

    There is a perfect example for this...
    Spell Deflection: "You have a chance equal to your Parry chance of taking 15-30-45% less damage from a direct damage spell."
    People here tought its useless mainly cos it said Direct Damage Spell.
    Everyone tought its working only on spells such as Frost Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Fire Ball, nothing like Arcane Explotion, Blizzard, Huricane, and so on... Basicly ppl tought AoE dmg is not effected by it... That is wrong.

    "Direct Damage, or DD, usually refers to any type of magic spell (or a component of a spell) whose direct effect is to cause burst damage (hitpoint loss) to one or multiple targets."

    So basicly any DMG that hits u in raids, exept DoT dmg, will have a chance to be reduced by that amount.
    I tested this and it works as intended but there are couple of guides and comments that suggest this talent is **** even tho it works on almost everything.

    Same goes for mage 2t9, there is no prof that it was a bug, there is just a feeling that players have and that it shouldnt be there, but, there is a prof that it was present on retail and that ppl used it, without beeing punished in any way.
    Again, spells get whatever buff u have when the cast finishes, i dont see any reason why molten armor combined with 2t9 would be diferent.
    There are soooo many bad texts in talents, spells, anything in game that can be questionable and scripted diferently cos ppl might think it should work a diferent way. If u want to go that way and report bugs like that, that is something that shouldnt happen on server that is trying to be "blizzlike".

    I dont play my mage a lot, one of the reason is cos i enjoy melee classes more, one of the reasons is cos 2t9 isnt working... Again its nothing game breaking, 1.5% more crit tops, but still makes me feel like something is not working with the class that kills a desire of playing it. And also, that little advantage does make it more fun as Selaya said, and i rly dont see why would u take that from ppl playing that class. I know mages are great as they are atm, but still, that does not give u the right to do what u want with it.

    I have nothing against staff and i think they are doing a GREAT job in the past couple of months, especialy on WotLK servers, that is the main reason why im here cos they fixed such huge stuff, and not fixing this and leaving it as it is, is just blowing my mind...

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