1. Soul Link is bugged.

    Just turned level 20, and soullink does not work.

    This is key to warlock pvp.

    Please let me know if im doing something wrong or is it bugged.

  2. Considering the only bug for Soul Link is for Mists of Pandaria, you're likely doing something wrong. You provide no information on how it suppose to work and how it is not working. "It not working" isn't good enough.

    Also it is against the rules to make threads about bugs on the forums, we have a bugtracker for a reason.

  3. Pretty obvious how it works and how its bugged. Shares 20% damage with imp, void, felhunter, succy, or felguard.

    Currently it is sharing 0% damage with said demons.

    Pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

    Where is the bug tracker so i can properly get this handled.

    I came from AT before the merge so sorry if i don't understand your guys rules and regulations.

  4. The bugtracker is located in the big link that says "Bugtracker".

    Make sure you have screenshots and don't just post words. That is screenshots of the ability active, screenshots of the damage before, and screenshots of the damage after.

    Considering how major of an ability it is, you wouldn't be the only one to notice it, especially since you "just hit 20". Which is why I'm doubting it is actually bugged and am saying you should look into it rather than exclaim it is. The bugtracker is full of enough false reports that distract from actual problems.

  5. Well I don't understand how I am doing something wrong but I will report it.

    You hit the spell, it applies. It does not share damage even though it is applied to both the warlock and the pet.

    I've been playing a lock for over 10 years man, so I doubt it's something I am not understanding.

    Thanks for your help though.

  6. There's nothing wrong with Soul Link for me.

    I even tested out the glyph - the damage reduction is off by less than a 0.01%, which is expected, considering the rounding up of the numbers.

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