1. Alchemy broken and Proffessions tab UI is broken too

    Hey, so I have [alchemy] on my priest. and today i Chose to pick the [Elixir Master]. then I changed my mind and tried to unlearn the [Elixir Master]... I clicked on the unlearn but nothing happened, the only thing that I noticed is that I could return the [Transmutation Master] Quest back and learn the [Transmutation Master] thought it might be a bit buggy. so I had the 4 Living Steel bars. I completed the quest and it said "You Have Learned a New Ability: [Transmutation Master]"... I went and tried to Transmute around 150 Gems... and i didnt get any bonus. plus, My proffessions Tab ui is totally bugged and I cannot see the Second proffession nor the Secondary proffessions. Please help. "it still says that I have [Elixir Master].

  2. and alchy trinket questitem doesnt drop again, killed like 600 tigers, got it on my two other chars after like 10-15 kills. and the healingpotion bonus from the trink [+40%) doesnt work

  3. farm trinket in HoF mostly drop from trash near 1. boss

  4. Or buy one from the vote shop, i gave up forever farming and never seeing the recipe drop so just grabbed one from the vote shop in the end.

  5. thanks but i gave up on trinket, killed 1k tigers (i know from the amount of raw tiger steak in my bags) and it really should drop kinda fast, from those tigers. Now i'm full Tyrannical+ and have no use for it anymore.. Also noticed the duration of flask isnt doubled like it supposed to be, so in all, alchy is a ****ty prof to do here.

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