Let's get a guild going for the snow belt yo

  2. I live in Anchorage, AK playing on Outland. Originally from Ada, OK.

    Any of you west coasters that play late (10pm-1am Pacific Time) wanna make a guild?

  3. Tacoma, WA (about 30 miles south of Seattle, right near where that Amtrak train derailed this past Monday)

    I have only met maybe 2 Americans, but on my most watched Warmane video (about 60k views) the metrics show about 14% of the views from America so I know you guys are out there!

    Sorry but my work schedule favors me raiding with my German and Scandanvia brothers in warcraft.

  4. ohio here east of cincy..milford area

  5. Alabama here. So far, we have 3 of us playing in my town.
    GNs: Amaryn, Suo, and Kopeland
    Icecrown Alliance

  6. Massachusetts here! sorry to bring back a dead post, been on the server for a week :)

  7. Texas here seems like there is quite a bit of ppl from the lone star state that was here. Maybe not anymore of course

  8. North Cackalacky

    Edited: April 27, 2018

  9. 2 Weeks Ago  

    For those that don't get it... Texas

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