1. so how would the frozen character enabling/disabling work exactly? like a website feature available to Icecrown similar to the upcoming character trading system for character storage?

    We'll be actually performing first tests later today on the old content porting. There's no estimate on when the update will come. Once it's tested, we will have a better idea on when it'll happen.
    figured the 1-2 week estimate was a rough guesstimate, today's test will tell if it's 1 week or 3 before the update goes live, but still <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Awesome news, thanks Warmane! :)
    Got a couple of questions:
    Since our achievements will not be taken away, we will still get the same amount of points, right?
    Also, our points wont be reset?
    I remember someone saying the gold cap to transfer to the new server will be like 20k, same as in the past, is that true?
    Will i be able to move characters from my secondary account to my main one? (just wondering on this one, since ive heard about character selling in the future)
    I guess thats it for now.
    Once again, thanks for the great work!

  3. what will happen to Realm first achivements? you guys should remove all the Light of Dawn achivements since only few Guilds can kill LK25HC now and its a new realm.

  4. No. They are making a merge, not a wipe! :D
    Thank you, but I would like to hear the answer from Warmane Staff to confirm.

  5. Fantastic news! Can't wait for this.

  6. Realm first achievements will not be removed from the players that earned it. Nor will any other achievements, or any progress.

  7. So... Achievements will remain the same? Check.
    No level requirements for transfers ? Check.
    Gold cap on characters ? Not answered.
    And how will this name 'reservation' actually work? You create a new character with your desired name before the actual transfer happen?

  8. What about the people who have level 60-70 twinks as their mains, aren't they able to reserve names too?

  9. How will the vendors work with all the gear? Could I access The Rag vendors with a character I had from Deathwing?

  10. This merge gonna change lordaeron server?

  11. Will this new realm be 1x like lordaeron with all of the core enhancements or will the rates be changed?

  12. How will the reserving of a character name ,actually work. Will it be an option in the account setting or... Can you tell more about it?

  13. How will the vendors work with all the gear? Could I access The Rag vendors with a character I had from Deathwing?
    You wont have Ragnaros and DW anymore.. Only one realm Icecrown.. And everything will be there

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