1. Dale Earnhardt came to me in a dream and said Robbey, you've got to put Mountain Dew in your Yee-Haw Chew; I said Dale is that even possible?; He said trust me Robbey; Put the "Dew" in the Chew; I said I'll believe anything that comes out of that beautiful mustache of your's Dale Earnhardt. -Robbery
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  2. Starting from now, I am the new Guild Leader of Chemical as well as FATALITY so I will start working more on the guild and its advertising.

    For now, I only have that recent video on my Rogue, but I hope you will like it :) It gives a great example of what Chemical is capable of.
    Thank you!


  3. Chemical is still active and still looking for new members!!

    Here's a video of a Chemical premade annihilating the Horde.

    Thanks to everyone that participated to this BG! Hope to see you all very soon!!

  4. Original Post has been updated, Guild Invitations are now open!
    Edited: December 3, 2017

  5. We are still recruiting! We also have a discord https://discord.gg/ZTs7r7S

  6. Hello,

    Chemical's rules will change a lot very soon. Since we can't edit this thread, the changes will be written here in the comments. First, please welcome our new Guild Master : Bakura! With his extremely vast knowledge in PvP and his big experiences in arenas, Bakura will lead Chemical in a different way than it used to be ; with more PvE, more Arenas and, of course, different requirements to join the guild.

    As I said, all the changes will be posted in this thread, but we can assure you that Chemical isn't going down at the moment. We will still help Bakura with our experience as guild leaders, so everything should be fine for him.

    Thank you for your time, see you on the battlefield!

    P.S : You can still ask to Officers to get an invitation, the recruitments are not closed.

  7. Is there any chance Chemical will be queueing any rated bgs now that they have a new guild master? I have a team of solid souls ready to play and have fun!

  8. @Twoeasy I've already been the GM of Chemical before and I transformed it into a pure arena guild. I believe that Neltharion needs a more diverse guild this time, especially in the Alliance, so yes we do plan to do RBGs. Chemical's goal now is to get as many active players as possible (those who fulfil our requirements) and we will be looking mainly in doing Arenas, PvP Events (with prizes for the winners), Premades and PvE.
    Neltharion is lacking a lot of players right now so I'm not sure if Chemical will ever be as active as it used to be, but we're totally looking for that achievement.

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