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    [ H ] < Favourite Nightmare > End Game only

    Favourite Nightmare is a friendly/ end-game guild , created on 2014 original from Lordaeron - Horde , we have people from all over the world with a lot of experience on Wotlk and other Wow expansions (including retail TBC/Mop/Cata/WoD) . The guild is back after a break and ready for killing everything that moves again : )
    We're looking for great raiders (it implies knowing tactics, being polite and active ofc), after all we want to be sure that every member is capable to overcome our expectations at every encounter.

    Raid time and guild requirements:

    Raid time starting : 18.00 ST
    Guild Requirements:
    We require properly geared, heroic ready players (both gear and knowledge for heroic raids)
    Bane or LOD achievement
    Be ready to play underpression to accomplish raid expectations.
    English speaking and understanding
    Deadly Boss Mods[ADDON]
    Be 15minutes before raid time online
    Being smart / capable and helpful and being an active member.

    Schedule :

    Wednesday : LOD#1 + RS 25hc x3 + Random raid
    Thursday : LOD#2 + RS 25hc x2 + Random raid
    Friday : LOD#3 + RS 25hc x2 + Random raid
    Saturday : LOD#4 + RS25hc x1 ToGC 25hc #1 + Random raid
    Sunday : ICC 25hc #5 + RS 25hc x1 + Random raid
    Monday : ICC25hc #6 ToGC #2 / ToGC#3 /ToGC#4 / RS Nx2 / Bane
    Tuesday : Ulduar .

    Random Banes , VOAs , Onyxias , OS , Nax, etc
    **Schedule might change .

    Raid Progress :

    New Core Progress

    ICC 25hc 12/12 LOD on farm 9 LODs per week " Only guild on warmane / molten with these amount of lod kills per week "
    RS 25hc 4/4 on farm 11 RS 25hc per week " Only guild on warmane / molten with these amount of RS25hc kills per week "

    TOGC ( all dead ) on farm multiple runs (3-4 runs )

    Ulduar Cleared ( 1run )

    We are proud to say all raids here are 100% legit , 0 exploits , 0 bugged kills, like always since Lordaeron ..


    Accepting all classes exceptional applications

    Priest Disc H /holy H /Shadow H
    Paladin Prot H / Holy H / Retry L
    Deathknight Frostdps L / Unholy M / Tank L
    Hunter MM H
    Shaman Resto H / Elemental H
    Druid Resto L / Boomi H / Feraldps H / Feral Tank H
    Rogue Combat H / Assa L
    Warrior Fury L
    Warlock Demon H / Afli H
    Mage FFB/TTW H

    *H =High
    *M =Medium
    *L =Low

    Apply : http://favnightmare.shivtr.com/

    Our Managment

    Guild Master

    Chaotisch & Fireundead

    Guild Managment

    Profi , Stupidhunter , Tjenni , Mongster , Kukatat , Hackiechan , Zeuz , Dishwalla

    These people are available to talk to (at a convenience time to them) regarding information about the guild, and the interview after a successful application form.
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  2. May 26, 2016  
    After reset well upload some videos :) if god let us have 1 raid w/o this issues all server is having (random dcs, lag , new tacts for bosses due do unexpected bugs ) tomorrow we ll do icc 25hc ( 5th run ) and hopefully going to try RS 25hc even tho its sorta not scripted properly.. Farming is coming back again =)

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  3. May 26, 2016  
    I'm here cause chao told me to post something LUL... JK

    looking forward to seeing new people on the guild xD


  4. May 26, 2016  
    Hello From the Dark side!

    by : Anchi

  5. May 26, 2016  
    Lets hope fixes are being applied soon for VDW, Sindra and LK. We are all thirsty for some more Scourge Blood...so to say.

    PS Female players highly appreciated for apply, those already in the guild are either married or wont talk with me! :( #FatNerdFromMomsBasement

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    Don't call my name, don't call my name Alejandrooo <3

    We love you Alejandro <3 Especially I :D

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  12. May 28, 2016  
    If u ve good gear and achi and u want to kill heroics like normal welcome to our guild. i hope warmane ll fix bugs soon so we can farm Lod, Bane and Rs 25 hc

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